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Issue Archive for the Week of Aug 28-Sep 3, 2002

News & Opinion

  • The New University Underclass

    As a three-day walkout threatens to shut down UC Berkeley, the nation is awakening to a brand-new crisis in higher education: the plight of the temporary professor.
  • News & Notes

    Coming soon to Alameda: Robocop; Pittsburg, the next Bhopal?; Still time to get a used car before Xmas; Who'll pay for the Riders?
  • Don't Stand So Close to Me

    As a veteran Oakland fire lieutenant faces molestation charges, the OFD's past willingness to hire ex-cons has come back to haunt it.

Arts & Culture

  • Mo' Drama

    Felonious brings Beatbox to the Black Box.
  • Beginners' Luck

    When first-time novelists net gigantic advances, does their work stand a chance of living up to the hype?
  • E'ville Ways

    Poker, ponies, and players: Old-time Emeryville was a delightful cesspool of vice.
  • Long Walk, Best-Selling Pier

    Little did Ann Packer know that the ten years she spent writing her novel would lead to Good Morning America.
  • Future Tense

    Author predicted -- fictionally -- large-scale terrorist attack in New York City.
  • Wild Life

    Having already scored onstage and onscreen, Alan Cumming tries his hand at writing fiction.
  • East Bay Best-Sellers

    Lists this month's top-selling books as reported by independent bookstores in the East Bay.


Food & Drink


  • Tha Smart Bomb

    Def Jux's Mr. Lif trades Beantown for Oaktown.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of August 28-September 3, 2002

    A sensitive songwriter's homecoming, an R&B bash in downtown Oakland, mobile jazz, two Latin trios, and a symphony subset in the city.
  • Various Artists


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