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Issue Archive for the Week of Aug 21-27, 2002

News & Opinion

  • One Stop Capital Flop

    You'd think the loss of six million dollars would teach Oakland to stop making ill-advised business loans. You'd think.
  • Letters for the week of August 21-28, 2002

    Ken Estes as concerned professional; Ken Estes as corrupter of youth; Ken Estes as revolutionary hero; Ken Estes as plain ol' crime victim.
  • News & Notes

    Are Piedmont schools worth two hundred grand? Chaconas doesn't think so; Daily Cal keeps its digs; and ANG staff begs for more.
  • Teacher, There's a Fly in My Arugula

    Berkeley Unified School District, parent critics charge, is flunking in its effort to put healthy foods in campus cafeterias.
  • What Lies Beneath

    DuPont concocted Sierra-Crete to turn waste into revenue, but in the process it created a much larger problem for itself.
  • Hey! What About Us?

    As BART prepares its SFO debut, the Oakland Airport's advantages aren't so obvious anymore.

Arts & Culture

  • Working the Grime Sublime

    "Liberation Drive-In" wages a funk-punk-hip-hop campaign to shape Oakland's image -- on the streets, naturally.
  • Wag the Dogma

    Believe it or not: "Propaganda Film Night" at CSUH Contra Costa.


Food & Drink

  • Foie Gras Follies

    Eat the rich instead.
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

    Whipping up a gourmet meal from your corner mini-mart is easier than you think.


  • Rhapsody in Blue Denim

    The high-lonesome twangfest of Dave Gleason's Wasted Days.
  • Slang-Spitter

    After having his fa sheezy stolen, E-40 prepares to fa shizzle.
  • Death and Tattoos

    Clair stock tip: Invest in funerals and tattoo removal.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of August 21-28, 2002

    "Joy Division hip-hop," a country-Western family tradition, Eastern European women vocalists, and Oakland funk with Texas roots.
  • Linda Thompson

    Fashionably Late
  • Various Artists

    Scratch Attack Vol. 1
  • Barry Adamson

    The King of Nothing Hill
  • Lone Pigeon

    Concubine Rice

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