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Issue Archive for the Week of Jan 30-Feb 5, 2002

News & Opinion

  • An Architect's View

    The Gaia Building looms like a loud-voiced bully in a polite salon. Despite its frenzied efforts, it absolutely doesn't fit in.
  • One Child at a Time

    Oakland police focus on child prostitution, but convincing girls to leave pimps is hard.
  • News & Notes

    Four area coordinators, three important words, two maligned paintings, one budding politician
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Arts & Culture

  • Cool Ranch

    Let's face it -- right now we need mariachi music
  • Dancing in the Light

    Dance Books That Actually Capture Modern Dance
  • Sound! Boot! Eek!

    East Bay DJ night Soundboutique doesn't follow no leaders
  • Publisher's Row

    All the news that fits about print
  • East Bay Bookshelf

    A Look at What We're Buying this Month
  • Express Reviews

    Book briefs for the month of February
  • Lear Without Tears

    Every Inch is a lot like Lear, except that the women are kind, nobody goes insane, it ends well, and nobody, strictly speaking, gets his or her eyes put out.


Food & Drink

  • The Kitchen Sink

    Ham I Am


  • Free Rick Stevens

    Back in the '60s, he helped put Oakland soul on the map. Then came the murder conviction.
  • File Shearing

    After whacking Napster, the majors created their own digital download alternatives. Guess what? They're pretty sucky.
  • Various Artists

    Caught in the Webb: A Tribute to the Legendary Webb Pierce ( Audium)

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