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Issue Archive for the Week of Dec 19-25, 2001

News & Opinion

  • It was a dark and stormy month...

    From cyberspace, National Novel Writing Month looked like a real organization. From inside Chris Baty's apartment, it looked like a bunch of thin people in bad sweaters, bent over their laptops, cranked up on Frito-Lay products and Red Bull energy drink.
  • Escape from Alameda Point

    As developers contemplate a built-out Naval Air Station, their thoughts turn to fanciful new modes of transportation.
  • News and Notes

    Should EBMUD expand near Danville? Will Duby's church survive? Did Mario Savio have a daughter?

Arts & Culture

  • It Takes a Clown

    Developing a clown character is "an alchemy," says "unashamed" jester Jaff Raz.
  • You Got to Move

    Cynthia Pepper's Footage Dance Film Footage bounds into the Fine Arts Cinema


  • Talkin Tolkien

    Who has the right to write about the lord of the Ring's fictional tongues?

Food & Drink

  • Real Chefs

    Confection Perfection


  • Planet Clair

    East Bay Hip-hop collective Anticon does its own thing
  • 'Tweenland

    So what exactly is Radio Disney all about?
  • The Metronome Diary

    Girl George still has postcards from a young Chrissie Hynde asking her to call her soon.
  • 25 Suaves/Oneida

    Street People (Bulb Records)
  • Various Artists

    Anti-NY (Gomma)
  • Ghostface Killah

    Bulletproof Wallets (Sony/Epic)

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