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Issue Archive for the Week of Oct 17-23, 2001

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  • Playing God

    Albert Ghiorso and his colleagues at Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory have been constructing new elements since 1948. They've had many spectacular successes—and helped give birth to the nuclear age. Occasionally, however, things don't work out
  • The Cathedral Debate

    Locals propose an expanded lakeside park rather than a new 170-foot-tall church
  • Seven Days

    West Berkeley blues; Richmond campaign mud; surfing championship goes on
  • Letters

    "Apparently, we have a higher opinion of the Bay Area public than does the East Bay Express."

Arts & Culture


  • Reel War

    The Army and Hollywood join hands to wage virtual, bloodless battles

Food & Drink


  • The Son Also Rises

    Reanimating the Afro-Beat genre that his father Fela made famous, Femi Kuti is ready for the world
  • Cold Play

    Mysterious and ooky: Heart of Snow
  • Planet Clair

    In the ten years that Gina Arnold wrote for this paper, no one received more hate mail.
  • Hearsay

    The Avalanches; Blueline Medic; Billie Holiday; Various Artists

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