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Issue Archive for the Week of Sep 12-18, 2001

News & Opinion

  • The Unsolved Mysteries of Judi Bari

    For more than a decade, the investigation into the car bombing of environmental activist Judi Bari has been the East Bay's most compelling whodunit. Now the entire tangled case is going to court.
  • All Gods Children

    When terrorists breed hatred among us, they've already won the war
  • Seven Days

    No parade for Oakland; IHOP for Emeryville; Fight over Berkeley ferry
  • Letters

    A Salute to the Heroes; When Words Collide; Correction

Arts & Culture

  • Time Has Come

    The Whole World's Watching


  • The Other Kurosawa

    Neo Eiga; Dead or Alive
  • Feel His Pain

    Billy Bob has a simple plan: to sing about life and lovin' his wife

Food & Drink


  • Ballad of the Second Fiddle

    Scott Kannberg's post-Pavement project, Preston School of Industry, outshines any solo Malkmus material -- but he ain't exactly making new friends
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  • Planet Clair

    In the long line of punk-rock stories about bands and promoters who didn't believe in contracts and are now paying the price comes a doozy about an East Bay label and those San Diego Shrinky Dinks, blink-182
  • Metronome Diary

    In its eleven releases, Absolutely Kosher has managed to put out a consistently impressive roster that veers all over the map.
  • Hearsay

    Groove Armada; Lexicon; Halfway to Gone; The Derailers

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