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Issue Archive for the Week of Jul 25-31, 2001

News & Opinion

  • Seven Days

    Bad Air; Bad Blood; Back Field in Motion
  • Letters

    It is important to listen to autistic children. They have much wisdom.

Arts & Culture

  • Oh, Brother!

    Orphans is My Fair Lady acted out in some parallel universe


  • Blood Brother

    As fatalistic and deadpan as ever, Takeshi Kitano brings his trademark style to America
  • It Happens

    Ohmigod! Five seasons in, South Park's the funniest show on TV.

Food & Drink

  • Nizza La Bella

    Beautiful Chemistry


  • Clearing the Field

    Kool Keith's Collaborator Motion Man Flows Solo
  • Lessons to Learn & Sing

    Like a fly that insists on bashing itself on a screen door over and over, Echo and the Bunnymen are back
  • James Ruskin

    Into Submission
  • Ardavan Kamkar

    Over the Wind, Astraken Cafe ECM
  • Various artists

    Down from the Mountain
  • De facto

    Megaton Shotblast
  • Planet Clair

    Reality Check

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