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Issue Archive for the Week of May 11-17, 2001

News & Opinion

  • Trail of Toxins

    Native Americans now can reclaim their sacred objects from universities and museums. But these objects may be deadly.
  • Purgatory Lost

    The dilemma: should I try to be the Madonna or just feel chastised by her? The answer: both.
  • Involuntary Simplicity

    I call landlords madly until Gabe starts to throw things or shout into the phone.
  • Metro Desk

    Changes at El Cerrito Plaza mirror changes in the city's Main Street image.

Arts & Culture

  • Queen of Hearts

    Safer Sex with a FTM person


  • The Product

    Heath Ledger's in no rush to be a star. Why's everyone else in such a hurry?

Food & Drink

  • Sites for Hungry Bellies

    Need a recipe for woodchuck? Start surfing.


  • Voices on Fire

    An evening of women's music, polished and raw
  • Union, Si!

    Thinking Fellers' blend of beauty and butt-ugly is perfect for full-moon trips on 880 in a hot-wired ice cream truck with no brakes.
  • Swing Is the Thing

    Donald Harrison Jr. may be the most interesting, most accessible, and most adventurous jazz musician in the country right now.
  • Hearsay

    Our reviewers give you the low-down on new and notable recordings

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