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Re: “Dirty Old Women

Five stars for the Octopus, which has a nice selection of craft beers for $5 or $6, plus sandwiches.

Posted by Susan Kuchinskas on 04/24/2015 at 4:51 PM

Re: “The Flamin' Groovies

highly doubtful Roy Loney will be jumping on stage. Current lineup is Cyril Jordan, Chris Wilson, George Alexander and Victor Penalosa and the band are performing the entire "Shake Some Action" album for it's 40th anniversary. Shake Some Action as well as many other songs on that album were written by Jordan/Wilson!

Posted by Lori Christian on 04/15/2015 at 3:26 PM

Re: “Record Store Day

Thank you for the awesome props!

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Posted by Tracy Parker on 04/15/2015 at 11:49 AM

Re: “Radiant, healthy skin - from the inside out!

This event is taking place at Julie's Coffee & Tea Garden
1223 Park St, Alameda, California 94501
More info at…

Posted by Kirsten Cowan on 04/13/2015 at 9:01 AM

Re: “Morning Iyengar Yoga

This class is suspended for a few months, there is no 7 am class at Adeline now. 4/7/15

Posted by R Rooney on 04/07/2015 at 10:00 AM

Re: “Women's Bellyfit Flow Series

April 4 is starting at 9am. all other dates are 10am.

Posted by Nancy Trunzo on 04/03/2015 at 12:06 PM

Re: “Zeek Sheck

Thanks Tracy. The time should be correct now.

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Posted by Sam Lefebvre on 04/01/2015 at 3:05 PM

Re: “Zeek Sheck

Ah! Thank you for the awesome write-up! We hope to see lots of faces out that afternoon! Just wanted to make a correction to the starts at 4pm and will most likely be done by about 6:30. Make sure to come by at 4 to make the most of the show! Thank you!!!

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Posted by Tracy Parker on 04/01/2015 at 2:59 PM

Re: “Left Bass Dance Party: A Fundraiser for The BlackOUT Collective

Thank you for the Love EBE! BlackOUT only supports Black Brunch actions. They are autonomous and a group of young people in Oakland brainstormed the idea with us and organized the first few themselves. We support them. Can't wait to party with yall!

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Posted by Cely Belle on 03/18/2015 at 7:30 PM


Posted by Londi Gamedze on 03/18/2015 at 5:46 PM
Posted by Haze Streete on 03/18/2015 at 1:00 PM

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Posted by Editor on 03/15/2015 at 10:29 AM

Re: “Behind Enemy Lines with Marthe Cohn

What a rare opportunity to learn from someone like Marthe Cohn. How she dealt with personal danger on a minute-to-minute basis. What compelled her to do this? What sustained her level of motivation and love for people and her country?

Posted by Sarah Lin on 03/10/2015 at 8:56 PM

Re: “Where It's At & The Legionnaire Saloon 2-Year Anniversary Party

Thank you for that sweet review, Sam! We are super stoked on Saturday's party and hope everyone who needs a little soul in their lives will come out to join us! Cheers!

Posted by Tracy Parker on 03/05/2015 at 10:50 PM

Re: “Battle of the Bands

Tablues a group of gray beards who really do blues the tried n true old fashioned kick booty way. Can't sit still.

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Posted by Deb Devany on 02/24/2015 at 6:58 AM

Re: “Battle of the Bands

Fun fun fun for all ages!

Posted by Deb Devany on 02/24/2015 at 6:55 AM

Re: “Artists; Women

I love Pamela Merory Dernham's work!

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Posted by Edward Auslender on 02/22/2015 at 10:17 AM

Re: “Artists; Women

Great opening night on Thursday. Huge variety of mediums made it especially interesting. Really loved the wire sculptures of Pamela Merory Dernham!

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Posted by Sharon Bleviss on 02/21/2015 at 6:48 PM

This comment was removed because it violates our policy against anonymous comments. It will be reposted if the commenter chooses to use his or her real name.

Posted by Editor on 02/14/2015 at 7:41 PM

Re: “The Technites Past and Present Talent Showcase

The show unites performers who got their start at Oakland Tech - from 1943 to present! Song, Dance, Theater, Poetry, Taiko AND MORE! Not just for Tech alums - a show for Everyone! And a fundraiser for Boost, The Peer Tutoring Program.

You will be so happy you came! Tickets available at Brown Paper Tickets

Posted by Terry Cullinane on 02/04/2015 at 12:48 PM

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