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Re: “Alameda Adds Just-Cause Protections for Section 8 Renters

While I support some tenant protections and due process, I also think that taking away a property owners basic civil rights to own and operate an apartment complex (within the law) will result in the exact scenerio outlined in the above comment. Landlords will simply walk away from creating any new units

Posted by Jeff Wayne on 09/17/2019 at 7:17 AM

Re: “Illegal Vapes are Killing People. Blame the 'Legal Market'

Car smoke kills more than cigarettes.
Cigarettes kill more than vaporizors.

Posted by commonterry on 09/16/2019 at 7:04 PM

Re: “Thursday's Briefing: Significant Skinner, Bonta bills pass the Legislature; Kaplan says don't buy Warriors tickets

Be Grounded like Greta
Fly in the jet set on destruction with Trump.

End the racist oil war of terror…

Posted by commonterry on 09/16/2019 at 7:02 PM

Re: “Illegal Vapes are Killing People. Blame the 'Legal Market'

Prohibition is what is allowing this and nothing else! Bathtub gin was dangerous also!

Posted by Steve Tuck on 09/14/2019 at 10:40 AM

Re: “Dredging the Carquinez to Accommodate Oil

Thank you Jean Tepperman for once again exposing a public action going in the exact opposite direction to saving civilization as we know it from the Climate Crisis.

Posted by tangolindygirl on 09/13/2019 at 1:20 PM

Re: “Thursday's Briefing: Significant Skinner, Bonta bills pass the Legislature; Kaplan says don't buy Warriors tickets

DId hell just freeze? I agree with Ms Kaplan! How did that happen?

Posted by Bruce Ferrell on 09/12/2019 at 9:20 PM

Re: “Dredging the Carquinez to Accommodate Oil

Stop eating food.
Stop breathing.
Stop using cars or busses or electricity.
Because of fish? Because of carbon dioxide?
Come-on, don't be stupid!

Every year, the spring runoff brings far more sediment to the bay than this dredging will cause. These environmentalists would kill us all off to reduce population if they could get people behind it. "It's for the fish!"

OK, let's have volunteers to off yourself....I'm waiting!

Posted by Diane Scott on 09/12/2019 at 2:20 PM

Re: “Alameda Adds Just-Cause Protections for Section 8 Renters

In Alameda the "do-gooders" have done it again. While claiming to help the little guy, they end up hurting all little guys. Why? Because their overly vexatious eviction rules will discourage future construction of new housing, or the improvement of old housing. A normal landlord or investor would run away from purchasing or building in an area with vexatious rental laws. The "do-gooders" will develop a fixed class of renters with a low rent apartment, and who plan to stay there forever. As a result, those units are effectively taken off of the housing market forever. Fewer units available leads to an increase in the rent of the few units available to new tenants. This is basic Economics 1, but the "do-gooders" claim to be intelligent and educated, when they are not in reality. Then, when the "do-gooders" cause the number of available units to decrease, they call for the construction of public housing. When the public housing becomes crime ridden and infested, they call for some other form of government interference. Their desire for more government leads to expensive, difficult bureaucracy that raises everyone's cost in the long run. When will they ever learn?

Posted by Jerry Udinksy on 09/12/2019 at 9:27 AM

Re: “The Ripplers at the Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

Always a great show. The Premium Wine Stage is a great spot & the Ripplers wont disappoint. Awesome festival here in our backyard!

Posted by Greg Guzaitis on 09/11/2019 at 7:22 AM

Re: “Finding the Lost American JazzBook

The genre of jazz songs is revived by The Lost American Jazzbook. It's about time!

Posted by SIL on 09/10/2019 at 8:37 AM

Re: “The Trouble With Cannabis Vapes

Just maybe state and local govts should have gone slower legalizing marijuana. No one reads the warning signs at the dispensaries that say the products have not been tested for safety or effectiveness any more than tobacco users read the warnings on tobacco packages.

Posted by Len Raphael on 09/08/2019 at 11:12 AM

Re: “Married and Formerly Married Gay/Bi Men's Support Group

I have had the same problem xperiances

Posted by Eastbay Frustrated on 09/08/2019 at 8:02 AM

Re: “Caffeine vs THC: The Double Standards of Addiction

I'm a addict I attend AA and CA I really want to start my 12 steps to recovery after all I'm 68 days clean and sober. BUT no one will take me through the steps until I stop smoking weed only Bush not skunk so totally natural I might add, even though in a hour and a half meeting they will drink 2/3/4 cups of coffee!!!! I'm so confused as they are both conciderd as addictive drugs. How can this be right? Thanks for reading,

Posted by on 09/07/2019 at 5:41 PM

Re: “City of Emeryville to Sue Wareham

I seem everyone should best gun safe the court decision

Posted by Laracraft Lara on 09/07/2019 at 10:42 AM

Re: “Yes, I'm a Dominatrix

If anyone knows a Domme/Mistress willing to take me under their legs please please let me know 669-206-7381. R.L

Posted by Licsubmit on 09/07/2019 at 3:51 AM

Re: “Friday's Briefing: Ghost Ship verdict yields an acquittal and mistrial; Lebron James backs Skinner’s NCAA bill

Despite the consistent posturing of local politicians and prosecutors, several recent high profile legal cases illustrate for me that in the bay area, when cases go to a jury, they usually get it right. The examples are the Zarate case in SF, where an illegal immigrant was over charged and ultimately acquitted of murder and the Ghost Ship trial yesterday. For some reason, the Alameda County district attorney (Nancy O'malley) failed to hold the owner of the Ghost Ship warehouse property or the City of Oakland liable in any way for the death of 36 artists in this tragic fire. Instead, she pulled out all stops to charge the property manager and his assistant for the deaths and tried to put them away for life. What she should have done was to charge them with criminal negligence, which requires a lower level of proof to get a conviction. Upon review of the facts in the case, the jury obviously saw that the wrong people were on trial and that the charges were a reach from a legal perspective. The owner of the property is ultimately responsible for all activities occurring upon his or her property. Secondly, the City of Oakland and it's representatives had been at the Ghost Ship site and in the building on many occasions in the years prior to the fire. In fact, members of the Fire Department had actually attended some of the illegal parties held there. Despite constructive knowledge of the many life safety issues related to the use and occupancy of the warehouse, at no time did the City of Oakland issue the owner a list of violations and directions to correct or cease to occupy the property. The primary power granted to local agencies by the State is the duty to insure public safety. The fact that nobody in the Fire Department, Police Department or Planning and Building Department put the owner on notice and prevented this tragedy from happening is just plain negligence. I don't know what Mayor Schaaf and O'malley have in common, but both failed the public miserably in this case. For Schaaf to issue a public statement after the jury verdict congratulating city employees for their professionalism is not only tone deaf, but outright disgusting. It once again illustrates the lack of leadership in the City of Oakland. I only hope that the aggrieved relatives of those killed in this tragedy can find some relief in the civil cases, because the criminal cases were totally bungled by incompetence at the highest levels.

Posted by GPatton on 09/06/2019 at 3:44 PM

Re: “The Trouble With Cannabis Vapes

Wow!!! Acute lethal lung disease sounds, well, kind of bad. We won't know for 20 years what the long-term chronic problems will be. These are hugely popular products with teens, who want a no smell high at home or school. Maybe we should put down the pot a minute; instead of inventing new ingestion routes and waiting for new diseases and disorders. This industry is experimenting on teens; we wouldn't let big pharma act this way.

Posted by Ann Nomura on 09/05/2019 at 8:43 PM

Re: “The Trouble With Cannabis Vapes

It's the Vitamin E oil in Cannabis extracts. Says the FDA today:

Posted by sylvio on 09/05/2019 at 12:57 PM

Re: “The Trouble With Cannabis Vapes

i live in Holland/NL...i haven't heard of any of this happening here yet...but i will DEF keep both ears open...thanks a bunch...

Posted by Isaac Mizrahi on 09/05/2019 at 10:49 AM

Re: “The Trouble With Cannabis Vapes

My question too. I use a volcano and / or a Crafty. They just use straight plant matter with hot air going through. Perhaps an express follow up

Posted by Chester Henry III on 09/05/2019 at 10:23 AM

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