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Re: “Davis in Desperate Gambler Mode

Great article, hit everything right on. Some great follow up comments too. Customers fuel businesses, not buildings, and the cry poor, blame everyone else Raiders are gonna be as poor as they claim if the Vegas deal happens. While fans here fought to get this team back, and are fighting to keep them, nobody in Vegas cares. People in Vegas wont pay those prices, and as soon as there is more supply than demand PSLs are done. They wont sell in Vegas, LA, San Diego, and sure as hell not in Oakland. 250million, right, no way. The only people on Vegas that are for this deal are the fake fans the Raiders create and the Vegas good ole boys who are getting paid.
The Greatness of the Raiders is way in the past and the people who made it are gone.

Posted by Cliff Goldberg on 01/03/2018 at 6:52 AM

Re: “Davis in Desperate Gambler Mode

Try lang Davis impersonating generals mark Milley and MG James just #markmilley0

Posted by Sue N George on 01/03/2018 at 1:49 AM

Re: “Oakland Police Chief's Troubles Resemble Those of Her Past

Excellent investigative reporting. We need a lot more of this kind of work if Oakland is ever to dig itself out of its deep hole of dysfunction. City hall is highly resistant to change or progress of any sort.

What I have questioned regarding the replacement for Sean Whent is why someone with no local knowledge of Oakland's violent crime scenes or of OPD culture was brought in.

I should point out that I was for many years involved with community groups in Oakland pushing both police reform and violent crime reduction. Unpopular former Mayor Ron Dellums was far more progressive in many ways than Libby Schaaf in encouraging these reforms.

The learning curve for someone like Anne Kirkpatrick, and I mean anyone from out-of-town, will be almost impossibly steep and very long-term. It is very unlikely Kirkpatrick or someone like her will stick around long enough to really "get" what goes on here.

Needless to say OPD has some very intelligent and competent senior cops. I don't understand why one of them, with insight into the mysteries of Oakland crime and Oakland policing, could not have become a new chief.

I also wonder whether the problems with Sean Whent could not have been handled with some finesse and his work continued, which I think had some
merit despite mishandling of the recent scandal.

Posted by Hobart Johnson on 01/02/2018 at 9:00 PM

Re: “Wholesale Pot Prices Plummet

Perhaps a group of craft growers could form an association and operate under an umbrella of sorts, pooling expenses and profits. Craft weed is superior, let's face it, so why not have the "Tiffany" of California pot?

Posted by djchrys on 01/02/2018 at 7:04 PM

Re: “Oakland Counseling Guru Accused of Sexual Assault

By all accounts, Steve Bearman was a charming and charismatic leader.
Charm and charisma are qualities people flock to for good reason yet if they aren't accompanied by humility and awe/delight in others the spiritualized ego will use and abuse. The energy of vengeance wants to send him to a prison where the inmates would show him the raw brutality of rape sans sacred substances which he turned into poison fueling his activities. My compassion feels sad he missed the divinity of the feminine, in himself and others.
Blessings to all those who were abused under the watchful gaze of a man lost from himself.

Posted by fogbridgesky on 01/02/2018 at 6:29 PM

Re: “Davis in Desperate Gambler Mode

Wow. EB Express, nice writing. What a contrast to slogans.

Posted by Rick94114 on 01/02/2018 at 6:07 PM

Re: “Davis in Desperate Gambler Mode

What a truthful article. Anyone can see Davis for the desperate pauper he is. Del Rio may not have been the best coach and he certainly made some bad decisions but he deserved better treatment than to be fired right after the game. I give Del Rio all the respect for standing at the podium and announcing his own firing with so much dignity and respect. I hope Davis loses the team and the entire stadium deal falls apart. As a long time fan in Oakland I say good riddance to him. Hopefully sometime in the near future we will get another team and a great owner as well

Posted by Nadin333 on 01/02/2018 at 4:26 PM

Re: “Davis in Desperate Gambler Mode

The Vegas move was never about the Raiders or Raider fans. It was about Jerry Jones' desire to get daily fantasy legalized in Nevada, Sheldon Adelson was opposed to this so he had to go. What the casinos want is snowbirds from all other NFL cities to flock to Vegas for three or our day stays to watch their team play the Raiders. So simply put Davis sold out the team his father built as a tourist attraction. Oakland should force them out as soon as possible, making way for the A's (who are staying) to get a stadium done at the coliseum site. What is sad is a once proud fan base reduced to another publicity stunt to keep butts in the seats in Oakland and sell insane PSLs in Vegas. That's all this Gruden nonsense is, desperation to keep the cash flowing from an owner without the sense to run a hot dog cart. The sooner we see the backside of this bozo the better. Lets just hope it doesn't cost Vegas residents fire fighter, teacher, and other public good jobs. The delusional sheep see green grass a realist should see the lights of coming train. NFL owners do not care about cities or people just money. Don't think for one second they will help Nevada at all if this goes south. They will take their ball to the next city willing to sell out its residents This former sheep is woke and over the who scam

Posted by tonyt94044 on 01/02/2018 at 3:49 PM

Re: “Davis in Desperate Gambler Mode

This franchise is doomed under Mark Davis. At the end of the day, his dad gifted him a football franchise, but never prepared him to be successful. He knows nothing about football, but of more concern is that he knows nothing about the business of football. He can hire people like McKenzie for the backroom organizational duties and coaches like Del Rio or Gruden to run the team on the field. What he can't do is to stumble through the complex business world of modern NFL ownership finances. At the end of the day, compared to the rest of the NFL owners, Davis is poor. His only income of note is from the Raiders. That puts him in a desperate cash flow position when he has to compete with other well capitalized franchises. His actions are clearly those of a man who is both over his head and desperate. His actions of the last three years indicate his desperation. Despite what he said, he never, ever made a sincere effort to make something work in Oakland. No plan of action, no budget, no drawings, no nothing. He spent all of his time whoring around America looking for the best and biggest handout available. Thanks to his partner in crime, greedy Jerry Jones, he fooled other league owners with a phantom plan in Vegas, a city that cannot possibly support the team without a massive influx of visitors. He cannot bring a losing team to town and ever expect to get off the ground. After giving Del Rio a new contract this year, Davis undercut Del Rio's authority by bringing in Marshawn Lynch and giving him a do anything you want card. The team never disciplined Lynch even one time after several on the field and sideline antics that should have been addressed. But Lynch's existence is nothing but Davis throwing a bone to the Oakland fans until he can sneak out of town like the rat that he is. The fact that he never made a public statement after he fired Del Rio is typical. Davis is low budget, low intelligence and low class. When compared to the modern corporate world of billion dollar NFL franchises, Davis is the last remnant of the corner grocery store owner from the 70's. The people of Oakland should be glad to get rid of this clown and I can only wonder why they would continue to send him money. The best case scenario is that Steph Curry and a Black ownership group buy the N. Carolina
Panthers after their lease expires in 2018. The can then move to Oakland and become the Oakland (Black) Panthers. Power to the people!

Posted by Gary Patton on 01/02/2018 at 3:18 PM

Re: “Wholesale Pot Prices Plummet

While market distortions introduced by legalization are certainly a challenge, unrestricted adult use really is what we want to see, in all its many guises and with all of its foreseen and unforeseen effects.
Pot farmers consume land & water, produce certain by-products (fertilizer run off, etc.), and have a product that is consumed by humans, many for a medical reason. All of these things properly come under the regulatory gaze of government, and that will require funding. Hence taxes.
With that said, legislators eager for new tax revenues and mindful of the pent-up demand for legal weed are likely to overplay their hand. This and the other uncertainties of such a large shift in public policy will likely take some time to be worked through. But the difficulties of living freely are still vastly preferable to living in a prison, or in a society anxious to put you in prison.
My advice is take a chill pill from your local dispensary or retail shop, and know that things are already better, and will get more so by and by.

Posted by NOLa-Green on 01/02/2018 at 1:41 PM

Re: “Wholesale Pot Prices Plummet

It could go exactly the way craft beer has gone. INBEV giants and the like buy up the small craft brewers. Wholesale farming corporations could approach these small guys just to eliminate/ consolidate competition.....

Posted by Dan Richardson on 01/02/2018 at 11:35 AM

Re: “Oakland Counseling Guru Accused of Sexual Assault

Apparently not, "by all accounts." What a lead-in. Is there an editor in the house?
Berman, rot in jail. Justice, throw away the key. He can have all the sexy time he wants in the big house.
There are billions of us. Whatever "good" he may done...We don't need him loose ever again. Recidivism is as real as rain.
Florid Wiley, you sitting in a heap of denial. Didn't 99% "love" ill Bill Cosby?Wait for it... yes.
And, he, Berman, is yet another poster boy for drug control. There he is, recruiting at Berman's Burning Man. Focking criminal azzhole, diminishing the reputations of responsible users, and those of the chemicals, too, at least at the expense of the general public's perceptions. Ghrr.
Most importantly, protect the victims.
And finally, don't be sexist, Feminists. Its not about gender per se, but abuse of power.

Posted by Vista del cielo on 01/01/2018 at 2:43 AM

Re: “Oakland Nonprofit Tries to Stop Abusive Men by Getting at the Root Cause of Violence

Keep up the good work. I feel this is A positive step forward. Men need other men. For examples of control discipline and self worth. A good strong male role model. Is what every young man. Need in they life. I'm A author. Who wrote A book. On dating abusive men and women. Secrets Lies & Shame. The release date soon. Kionea L Dunson

Posted by kdunson76 on 12/31/2017 at 11:59 AM

Re: “Architect Eugene Tssui Might Be the Most Interesting Man in the East Bay

While I am impressed by Tssui's aesthetic vision, these all encompassing massive projects like the Ultima Tower are more suited to our current unsustainable political and economic system or Utopian fantasies like Star Trek rather than to any real future in which we should all have a stake.

The Ultima Tower suggests top down and centralized control, showing great disregard for the lives and needs of the people living in place now. Such projects would displace and disrupt and destroy the lives of huge numbers of people UNLESS an additional massive project simultaneously accommodated them during construction was also funded, and yet this would also disrupt other people and so on.

Far more interesting is architecture which is designed to be built, financed, maintained and operated from the bottom up rather than the top down.

Take a project like the Ultima Tower but consider it only public infrastructure, and design it to allow smaller scale building and development enterprises which constantly remake the city within it. Consider the current model of a highrise and subvert it to the form of a public street arranged vertically, each unit within it analogous to a separate parcel on a city street capable of being developed independently, the building providing all the infrastructure (like cranes, public utilities etc...) which are needed for a small enterprise to develop the parcel.

Then take the next step and consider the construction process and how you organize that to happen over a time frame which does not require an entire city to be wiped out and rebuilt in 25 years but instead can grow and evolve into such a tower over perhaps one or more centuries. Bringing the city into an arcology which resembles an ever evolving community structure more like a coral reef of many species living side by side rather than that of a community insect like ants or termites who all serve one individual.

You'd need public banking and worker owned and operated enterprises following charters written to keep us all on task for such a long term project while allowing the people doing the work to continuously adapt to the problems of their present. Our current model of development - private finance and crony capitalism for an election cycle or two - can not sustain this because it serves short term private interest rather than long term public interest.

And these huge projects as envisioned here would be controlled by the immensely wealthy/powerful. In addition their implementation does not consider the people of the present, nor of the future, but only that of the people who would be living within it upon the building's completion. I could be wrong but the Ultima Tower as presented in this article does not appear to be designed to evolve with its population or to adapt itself to accommodate the existing population during its construction. It is rather a fixed and lifeless thing like a work of art rather than like a city or living system which is in the constant flux of life. Again for a biological model, a coral reef is a better one than a termite mound because you have to consider the human systems within the structure rather than simply the physical qualities of the finished product.

In otherwords, while Tssui's work is indeed visually beautiful I don't see anything visionary about them. These are works of art in need of a patron which is more or less the model of market rate housing development except for projects like this the architect necessarily has more project control than the developer. I don't see that as particularly visionary, but rather as a doubling down on old ideas which are proven failures. His work is beautiful, but this is the work of a virtuouso rather than a visionary.

If I have mischaracterized his purpose I appologize. BUT the writer of the article has presented Tssui's work in this light, and that is what I am reacting to.

Posted by Aaron Parr on 12/30/2017 at 7:22 AM

Re: “Oakland Counseling Guru Accused of Sexual Assault

I dated Steve for 11 months and was never a part of Interchange. I stopped seeing him a few months before the lawsuit was filed. With me, Steve wasn't the narcissistic sociopath this article and lawsuit make him out to be. On the contrary, he was a wonderful lover, had a solid grasp of appropriate boundaries, was upfront about his new age lifestyle and found healthy ways to explore sex on psychedelics.

-- When I was exploring the idea of joining in Interchange, Steve told me explicitly that we could date or I could enroll. Not both.

--Steve was very upfront about his nontraditional views about relationships and sexual health practices (ie. he didn't believe in relationships or condoms). It came up on our first date, we didn't decide to sleep together until almost a full month later.

--The sex parties mentioned in the article were very specifically for exploring psychedelic sex. The dosages were flexible and it wasn't a problem for me to ask for substantially less than the 'mild' amounts.

--Steve and I did a small handful of psychedelic experiments on our own and if I wasn't there mentally, he backed off sexually. Unlike 100% of my other boyfriends, he took care to respect my boundaries when I couldn't speak up for myself. It made him a really safe person for me to explore with.

Of course, I have no idea what went on between Steve and the Jane Zoes that have come forward. My experience is just one of many and I hope that sharing it helps round out this ongoing conversation.

Posted by girlfriend#3641 on 12/29/2017 at 9:40 PM

Re: “Tia Katrina Taruc Canlas Holds Domestic Abusers Accountable

She is now defending an admitted abuser, Yousef Wally, in exactly this sort of tort action seeking to hold Mr. Wally accountable for his domestic violence.

Posted by Jason Cabot on 12/29/2017 at 4:53 PM

Re: “Wholesale Pot Prices Plummet

I'm a fan of nationally legalizing recreational cannabis. I'm also a fan of the black market, mainly due to the onerous taxation schemes. Voters must continue to refine existing laws, demanding a less burdensome tax structure and exempting craft growers from some of the licensing requirements. But when recreational cannabis is legal nationally, the market will look vastly different than it does today.

Daniel Williams
Bonita Springs, FL

Posted by Daniel Williams on 12/29/2017 at 3:16 PM

Re: “Far Right's Rise Brings Racist Vandalism to the East Bay

"You must be reading fake news, lady. Let's see some proof."

I know. I too have been kinda shocked. But I know of three cases around Berkeley where the culprit was actually identified by authorities. One incident involved hanging black bodies in effigy from Sather Gate, one involved a kid vandalizing several store windows on Solano Ave. and writing "KKK" and other vulgarities, and a notice in the Berkeley High library announcing a planned lynching on the BHS campus. And it appears to be a national phenomenon.

Posted by ann poster on 12/28/2017 at 5:41 PM

Re: “Wholesale Pot Prices Plummet

"huh... $10 to $19.... per gram"

$80 a ounce... $2.85 per gram... just over the border in Medford Oregon.…

Wait until full production farms get going... The stuff will be as cheap as kale.
The party is over... Look for state taxes to keep the retail price up, while the wholesale market crashes.

Posted by Dan de'Data on 12/28/2017 at 12:37 PM

Re: “East Bay Cities Struggled as the Unsheltered Crisis Deepened

When it is a public health crisis, the city should have jurisdiction to supersede the public's Nimby outcry and build/provide cost effective affordable housing through the use of available land and properties, or to enter into agreements with housing developers to address the crisis and manage the city's resources. The city has an obligation to maintain public order and public safety, and dealing with homelessness through permanent affordable housing falls into that category.

Posted by lwest on 12/28/2017 at 10:37 AM

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