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Re: “A Guide to Oakland's Ballot Measures

Thanks for this article! Definitely helped with my research.

Posted by Beau Hagen on 10/22/2018 at 2:28 PM

Re: “Why Warriors Fans Love and Hate LeBron James

here is a funny story

Posted by Feloney Breaks on 10/22/2018 at 1:31 PM

Re: “Island Gone Wild

Utter nonsense. This article reads like propaganda from the local real estate Mafia. Has it occurred to you that if Trish can't manage to get along with anyone on city council that *she* might be the problem? Trish, as a school board member, insisted on shutting down half of the grade schools, consolidating into one mega grade school at the edge of town to which everyone would have to commute at rush-hour, resulting in dangerous gridlock. Fortunately, all of the other school board members listened to parents and teachers to get a parcel tax passed and so grade schools are open. A lot of people voted for Trish because she is "fun to drink with". I personally don't hug much less vote for anyone who drives drunk regularly. She has conformed to the white patriarchy by valuing money above human lives. We have no limit on rent increases in Alameda. At the same time, as an increase in minimum wage was vetoed, valuable direct service providers are expected to Bart from far away locations where rent is still viable. We are losing employees. It is a matter of endless greed versus human need. Elders are dying on the streets every week due to being evicted for profit. Alameda is the only city in the bay area that does not have Just Cause renter protections. This is because white-collar thugs like Don Lindsey (who lost his realtors license for spending security deposits) and California Apartment Association hired lying, aggressive signature collectors to overturn it. The police department refused to investigate them despite hundreds of complaints. Complaints against the city council members who are "progressive" (humans possessing empathy, politicians who are not sociopaths solely concerned with finance), were also instigated by greedy, racist local realtors/property managers. Thousands of hard-working residents have been evicted for profit in the last five years, before any statistics were kept. Unhoused elder former Alamedans are sent to Oakland to live and die in tents and tool sheds. The bay area is one of the worlds worst human rights violators when it comes to housing, as will be discussed tomorrow at the United Nations press conference at Oakland City Hall. I expect to see East Bay Express reporter Darwin Bond Graham there because he has been in the field following the truth of this epidemic and reporting facts, not repeating hearsay from the monied class.

Posted by Tristen Schmidt on 10/22/2018 at 7:43 AM

Re: “The Express' November 2018 Endorsement Guide

Heavy Sigh.
While I am disappointed at the No Endorsement by the East Bay Express in the Assembly District race between Buffy Wicks and Jovanka Beckles, I am not at all surprised. You see, throughout this campaign the EBX editorial staff has found itself on a contradictory path from the journalistic side of the publication. I laud and appreciate the work of the journalists at the EBX, like Darwin BondGraham who brought to light the massive sums of money that are being raised by the Wicks campaign… ...and more importantly, who that money is being raised from, and to whom Wicks is beholden. The Assembly 15 race is one of the most expensive in the state of California.
Now, turning to the failings of the Editorial department of the EBX, the editorial staff seems to believe that it passes for responsible to extend the exaggerated and unfounded smears of the Wicks campaign during the editorial staffs explanation of why they issued no endorsement. For a fairer and fuller telling of what actually happened, I would refer EBX readers to the website…
Finally, this goes out to the Wicks campaign: the vast of the majority of the candidates who ran during the primary are endorsing Jovanka Beckles. Do you have any sense of how alienating, and corrosive to public engagement your BIG DOLLAR methods are to local campaigns? While youre very quick to point out your candidates national bonafides, what about the lack of regard you display in not taking into consideration the slew of very well-qualified candidates who were much more familiar with local issues than you ever could be given your background. Were lucky here in California. We have the Secretary of States Office along with FPPC and Maplight to inform us as to the source a candidates donations. And by extension, to whom, said candidate is ultimately beholden. With even the briefest of perusals, youll see the barcodes plastered on Buffy Wicks on full display for all to see.

Posted by Douglas Ricketson on 10/22/2018 at 7:31 AM

Re: “The Express' November 2018 Endorsement Guide

I too am shocked by the EBX endorsement of Schaaf for Oakland Mayor. Saied lays it out very well, not to mention her threatening to sue striking City worker's unions last December. EBX you can and should do better!

Posted by Ali Schwarz on 10/21/2018 at 3:04 AM

Re: “No Punches Thrown in Oakland Council District 6

District 6 is in desperate need for improvement. Limited grocery options, no banks, illegal dumping..... I gave Brooks a chance. I am going with Loren Taylor this time. East Bay Express missed the boat when excluding him in their printed voters guide.

Posted by Justin Robinson on 10/20/2018 at 6:40 PM

Re: “Richmond at a Crossroads

Are Melvin Willis's accusations about Butt and Pt. Molate development true? How to find out? E Whipple

Posted by EWhip on 10/20/2018 at 2:53 PM

Re: “Taking Sides in Oakland Council District 2

I was in some of those meetings with developers and the coalition fighting for community benefits. First of all, this city's Planning Dept under this administration has offered up valuable variances without asking for anything in return, which would still have been the case under the CMs from D2 Guillen and D3 McElhaney, except for the fact that these community groups put up their own money to file appeals and then pushed those CMs to demand some affordable housing and ground floor spaces at reasonable rents to local businesses. These CMs did not negotiate for the community but they did sit back and let others do it. Maybe they pressed for something privately but I did not see it.

What people are asking for is just basic advocacy. If developers are getting benefits they otherwise wouldn't get, CMs and the Planning Department need to make some policy provisions that the existing residents and business people also see some benefits.

So compare this current council to say, Mary Moore, who used to be the D2 CM. Even in the days when Oakland was not hot, she would've advocated for our needs, not just served as a referee. We have a right to expect more, especially under conditions that are so dire for many long term residents. Ultimately as one of the only cities' without inclusionary zoning in the area, measures must be put in place to require some level of community benefits. It's a form of democracy that seems to be completing lacking with this administration, including this city council.

Posted by Pamela Drake on 10/20/2018 at 12:18 PM

Re: “The Express' November 2018 Endorsement Guide

As a Richmond resident, I've seen Beckles in action and I can say the "highly inaccurate allegations" regarding her heckling fellow council member Pimple and Mayor Butt during a contentious city council meeting was one I witnessed first hand. and yes she did block me on FB when my comment irked her so that's true too. As for the space-based mind control thing, I wasn't there for that but it is well documented…

Posted by INC on 10/19/2018 at 9:36 PM

Re: “Taking Sides in Oakland Council District 2

Negotiating with developers in hopes they'll "give up something" is a lot like negotiating with thieves in hopes they'll give back some of the loot. The goal of developers and other business interests is to maximize owner profits. It's City Council's job to represent the community's interests in opposition to the profit-seekers'.
Why don't we build truly affordable and livable public housing on our public land? In Vienna, 62% of the residents live in "social housing" owned by the city (HuffPost, 7/19/18). Looks good to me!
Emily Wheeler, District 2 resident

Posted by Emily Wheeler on 10/19/2018 at 8:27 PM

Re: “The Fight Over Rent Control


Posted by Paul Merr on 10/19/2018 at 4:03 PM

Re: “No Punches Thrown in Oakland Council District 6

I'm going with Taylor!!!

I just hope he has the gonads that others failed to have in the past!!!

Posted by Paul Merr on 10/19/2018 at 3:37 PM

Re: “Role Reversals in the Oakland Mayor's Race

Mr Riles : >>Kat Brooks is Preference Number One!> Brooks, who has never held public office before, has said that one of her top priorities will be better job training for Oaklanders, and especially workers of color.<<

Oakland does NOT need any politician that courts one specific group over another!!! Plus any candidates looking to cut OPD overtime is CLUELESS!!!
Oakland is emerging from decades of crime from particular areas of the city. We all know it, to be the TRUTH!!! Oakland needs leadership that will stop pandering to crime & those individuals that are not willing to put in an effort to improve their lives!!! This mentality of PLEASE take care of me ... has had it's day in Oakland!!! These people are adults and they need to act like adults!!! Get the hell out of the streets!!!

Oakland needs a leader that will aggressively address homelessness!!! In a humane way. That does NOT mean just handing out MONEY!!!

Oakland should be partnering with other cites across American that have affordable housing. Not everyone can afford to live in Oakland nor the Bay Area for that matter. I'm sorry but many will have to leave with the cities help in order to have a more productive life. A chance to have their own home in a stable environment vs a crime area like many parts of E.O. Right now there is a home in New Castle, PA at auction for $13,500, 3 bd, 2bth. A low crime area.
Oakland should help a homeless person relocate and acquire that home to start a new life. Partnering with other cities can change the entire Bay Area and help other communities in America that need new people. The city could do like the VA does ... not fund the home purchase but guarantee payment to a bank. Thus virtually no money from the city, unless there is a default, house note of maybe $250/mth.

Foothill Square is for sale for $34 million. New Castle has a 14 acre vacant mall site for sale @ $3 million, with 1300 parking spaces!!! A 200 room vacant hospital on 6 acres zoned for homeless shelter $350,000!!!! They will work with the City of Oakland for lower taxes!!! This is not the only city in America that needs new people and has many vacant affordable homes & businesses!!! Many homeless have SKILLS!!! They just need a fresh start in life!!! Not a hand out that will end ... putting them back on the streets!!!

It's time to realize affordability of the Bay Area will NOT stop increasing!!! Many will need to leave. At least the city can help them in that transition rather than just throwing money away that ends up in the hands of landlords etc and nothing really changes. Gentrification is here to stay and we might as well accept that fact!!!

I live in E.O. , born in Oakland 1947. Our family has been here for more than 100 yr's!!! I am a Black man ... Oakland's Blacks have no long term claim to Oakland!!! Family members came out of a need for a better life. That now is what many of the homeless need a better and more affordable life outside of the Bay area.

Posted by Paul Merr on 10/19/2018 at 3:17 PM

Re: “The Express' November 2018 Endorsement Guide

Maybe we would have a better choice of candidates now if Buffy hadnt surfed past the primaries on a huge wave of outside money. A year ago most of us didnt know who Buffy Wicks was, but she bought name recognition by repeatedly stuffing our mailboxes with big glossy mailers. I voted for Dan Kalb in the primary because I knew his track record on the Oakland City Council, but theres no way he or or any other candidate with local political roots could afford to throw money around in the AD 15 primary like Buffy.

Ive received another five mailers since the primary, so I googled the coalition that admits to paying for them. I found out that the money actually came from the California Dental Association PAC, Edvoice for Kids PAC, California Medical Association Independent Expenditures Committee, Govern for California Action Committee, and a guy from Belvedere with $45,000 to spare for AD 15. In the last six weeks of the campaign, this group donated a total of $540,000…

Thats a half million dollars plus the $700,000 spent by Buffys campaign committeeall for a State Assembly race. I cant see this as a progressive way to get elected or as way to strengthen overall progressive political life in AD 15.

Personally, Im going with Jovanka Beckles because I know something concrete about her strengths and weakness from the time shes invested serving on the Richmond City Council. But however you decide to cast your vote, please be aware of how much big money has thrown its weight around in this election.

Posted by Brenda Carter 1 on 10/19/2018 at 1:42 PM

Re: “A Guide to Berkeley's Ballot Measures

You know proponents of spending measures will ALWAYS try and low-ball the price. Berkeley's mayor is doing the same thing here, for an honest assessment of Measure O:

Posted by BetterBerkeley on 10/19/2018 at 9:34 AM

Re: “The Express' November 2018 Endorsement Guide

What about Alameda County assessor? No endorsement?

Posted by Mulligan Smith on 10/18/2018 at 10:05 PM

Re: “Live, Fast, Die Old

NO! The natural thing is NOT to "die at 40".
For all paleos(cavemen) at age 15, they lived an average into their 60s(SIXTIES). and thats just an average, so many lived into 70s-80s.
there was never an era when large percentages of humans were dying in their 30s or 40s.
A perfect example of logical fallacy using "life expectancy at age ZERO)"

Posted by Dan Meyers on 10/18/2018 at 8:30 PM

Re: “Live, Fast, Die Old

NO! the natural thing thru human history is NOT to die at 40.
For all paleos ("cavemen") who made it to 15, all of them lived an average into their 60s, NOT 40!
This guy's conclusion is a logical fallacy and a perfect example of how NOT to draw conclusions from life expectancies at age 0.

Posted by Dan Meyers on 10/18/2018 at 8:21 PM

Re: “The Express' November 2018 Endorsement Guide

Your mayoral endorsement failed to note the scope of the displacement crisis facing Oakland, while giving the mayor credit for things she had little or no part in, and failing to mention she's over-promised and under-delivered in the past on the issue of affordable housing. Just the fact that OPD is still under the NSA should be more of a pressing issue. Also, there appears to be a reticence for the EBX to endorse an African-American candidate for mayor or Council. The same argument used to endorse Schaaf--she's an incumbent---was curiously not extended to Desley Brooks, who does have a track record of looking out for her District. All of which translates to, the Editorial Board of the Express is just fine with gentrification continuing at its current rate, and doesn't have serious concern or alarm at police misconduct or communities of color who face the most grave risk of displacement.

Posted by Eric Arnold on 10/18/2018 at 5:04 PM

Re: “The Express' November 2018 Endorsement Guide

I am well aware of the adage never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. But to allow your flawed endorsement for the mayor of Oakland to go unchallenged would be irresponsible.

First of all, you chose to offer endorsement interviews to only three candidates from a pool of ten in a city with Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) that allows voters to select up to three candidates. This deliberate subversion of RCV is a disservice to your readers. Period. At least Mr. Borenstein, editor of Mercury, had the decency to invite all candidates.

At the interview with Mr. Borenstein, I was able to point out the fiscal ineptitude of allowing the annual unbudgeted OPD overtime of $30M amounting to over $100M over the past four years to continue. I spoke about the number of other priorities in Oakland (e.g., homelessness, illegal dumping, gentrification). I shared with him that I am the only candidate with an MBA who has been in charge of large-scale and complex enterprises equivalent to the size of Oakland. His paper doesnt espouse to be progressive, fair, or unbiased. You do, and yet I was given no such opportunity.

(I would be remiss not to acknowledge the thorough, objective, inclusive and transparent process in the Oakland Posts endorsement process. Their panel was balanced, broad, and diverse. Their questions were direct, relevant, and thoughtful. Every candidate was treated with respect. Kudos to Oakland Post.)

Second, you credit Libby with the false narrative that crime has gone down in the last four years. In fact, Oakland has remained virtually unchanged, from 73 violent crime incidents in 2015 to 73.28 in 2017. Source: citys website….

Third, you defend her 17k/17k plan with the projection to solve our housing crisis by 2024 and yet acknowledge her utter failure to date. You wrote that you are disappointed at the slow pace of affordable-housing construction. The 17k/17k is nothing but a bogus promise to solve the housing crisis by 2024. In fact, according to her own report dated September 19, 2018, only 41 individuals have transitioned into temporary or permanent housing over the past nine months, thereby putting us on a 50-year timeline to house our current homeless population.

Finally, you attribute reduction in police shootings and use of force cases to her administration. But this statistic has been called into serious question (C.f.,…). More tellingly, OPD is no closer to exiting the Federal Oversight that we have been under for the past fifteen years; you failed to mention her opposition to the integrity of the Police Commission (demanding 3 of 7 commissioners to be appointed directly by her); OPDs willful violation of Sanctuary City ordinance by assisting the ICE raid in August of 2017 and defending the chiefs false statements in this matter as documented by your own reporter.

It is interesting that you use Cat Brooks lack of experience in running a large enterprise the size of Oakland to disqualify her, and yet you endorsed Libby four years ago as she lacked the exact same experience. Unlike our current President, you dont get to have it both ways.

EBX, you owe it to the people of Oakland to acknowledge the shortcomings of your endorsement process.

Posted by Saied4Oakland on 10/18/2018 at 4:12 PM

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