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Re: “City Emails: Many Dublin Residents Think Undocumented Immigrants Are 'Felons' Who Will Turn Their Town Into a 'Cesspool'

I live in Dublin and please don't think all of us think this way. I'm Chinese-American and philosophically an anarchist feminist (yes, I'm a loony far-lefty so you know what I'm going to say next); yes, we far-left anarchists do exist in Dublin (or maybe I'm the only one that exists) and our opinions in Dublin are very diverse. I had no idea that this was going on and just found out about this by doing a search on my city to see if there were anymore racist things happening (there was a racist graffiti that read "stop the Asian invasion of the city in Dublin" back in 2010 with a white nationalist "national-anarchist" symbol which I didn't know about until years later by doing a casual search on flickr).

As a Chinese-American, I'm particularly sensitive to this sanctuary issue because I know how we were seen as the "yellow peril" (and evidently still are by some white nationalists in Dublin) and were excluded from entering America for 60 years via the Chinese Exclusion Act enacted in the 1880s; Chinese women weren't even legally allowed to come here until the 1940s. They were smuggled in the US or sold into prostitution or indentured servitude where many didn't live that long. It was the only way they could come here. If there are any Chinese voicing support for some explicit (or implicit) anti-sanctuary policy, we need to remember our own history and how we were once excluded and how some of our own people had come here illegally in the past. Donaldina Cameron, a Christian Caucasian woman, sheltered undocumented Chinese girls who came here illegally in San Francisco Chinatown during 1900-1934. Donaldina never once asked to check their immigration status.

EVERYONE is welcome here, no matter your race, economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or immigration status. I've lived here for 16 years and love this city so much and value our diversity and acceptance of others. I personally haven't witnessed much discrimination in Dublin aside from several isolated incidences (maybe 3-5 incidences in person?) and am very disappointed to see such thinly veiled bigotry aimed specifically toward Hispanics. One's immigration status or race does not make an individual dangerous. We need to stop scapegoating and committing logical fallacies (occam's razor, overgeneralizing, correlation does not imply causation) because we want easy answers to complex issues. By the way, well said, Gary Patton; those are facts.

Posted by He Zhen on 05/26/2017 at 5:58 PM

Re: “Parents, Teachers, and Students at Oakland Charter School Accuse Leadership of Mismanagement

Hey Vanessa Ly,

I am not sure if you attend the School Board Meeting on 5/16/2017, but I am attaching the link below so that you can take a look, the Board announced Dr. Perry to come back and reinstated his position as Head of the School. The superintendent has been telling other people that Dr. Perry is sick or he needs to re-apply for the position, she told a lot of people that she doesn't want him to leave. She is lying. This video is the truth!!! Don't listen to her. The OUSD funded the school with textbooks, school supplies, field trips, and more. There are many other Charter Schools that got the funds, but they utilize it really well. They provided a lot of activities for students to learn and a lot of field trips. Regarding of the lunch, I want to let you know that, my son school lunch had a fly in it!!! The fly was dead!!!! Look at your lunch before you eat.

Posted by Fran Lau on 05/26/2017 at 4:36 PM

Re: “Best Of The East Bay Finalists Are Here! Find Out Who Got Nominated!

Best food and drink/ Bicycle coffee

Posted by Rodrime Uno Cinco Seis on 05/26/2017 at 12:46 PM

Re: “'Homeless Lives Matter Too??': People Sleeping On Oakland's Streets Still Waiting For Government Response To Growing East Bay Crisis

Its such a Beautiful article...
post by

Posted by Daily News By Emma on 05/26/2017 at 12:24 PM

Re: “Oakland Expends Considerable Money and Person-Power Displacing Homeless Residents, According to City Records

Have you ever walked or biked to Montclair? I have. Wanna know why there are no camps there? Try it for yourself. It will become painfully clear why there are no camps.

It's not about there being more enforcement for any reason... It's just too hard to do, so the camps are in the flat lands or West Oakland, deep East Oakland and around the Lake.

It's not a "class" thing, just plain human practicality.

Posted by Bruce Ferrell on 05/26/2017 at 11:52 AM

Re: “'Homeless Lives Matter Too??': People Sleeping On Oakland's Streets Still Waiting For Government Response To Growing East Bay Crisis

A well written an informative article; listing active suggestions and estimates of costs. This type of reporting informs and educates.

Thank you!

Posted by Bruce Ferrell on 05/26/2017 at 11:43 AM

Re: “Video: Oakland's Homeless Residents Are Targets of Arson Attacks

"Homeless Residents Are Targets of Arson Attacks" - your headline is one-sided. The reported incidents indicate that homeless residents engage in arson attacks, too. It is common to see angry disputes at the camps, and apparently some of them escalate.

Posted by Charlie Pine on 05/26/2017 at 11:41 AM

Re: “New Data Shows Significant Rise In Homelessness In Alameda County, According to Biennial 'Point In Time' Count

Is the data available online? Could you please provide a link in addition to the summary? Thank you in advance.

Posted by Tommy Katz on 05/26/2017 at 11:15 AM

Re: “Video: Oakland's Homeless Residents Are Targets of Arson Attacks

There are personal beefs and random attacks, just like with people with homes. The recent fires that have killed people in buildings have also been swept aside instead of real prevention strategies like empowering residents to flag and monitor threats. These fires aren't solving any disputes, so conflict management must be addressed.

Posted by Natasha Haxe on 05/26/2017 at 9:29 AM

Re: “Oakland’s Eastlake Music Festival at Lake Merritt

This juvenile, divisive paragraph makes me want to skip Oakland's festival and drive over the bridge to Dolores, where people can hang out without pretentious journalists judging their identity.

Posted by Sergei Ramirez on 05/26/2017 at 9:25 AM

Re: “Video: Oakland's Homeless Residents Are Targets of Arson Attacks

Thank you for this article and the footage. I work with a organization that works directly with these encampments, and it is disheartening to know people would intentionally destroy peoples lives and attempt to kill them. I would be really nice to see the police investigate this more.

Posted by Ryan Dal Porto on 05/26/2017 at 7:10 AM

Re: “Parents, Teachers, and Students at Oakland Charter School Accuse Leadership of Mismanagement

Looks like the AIMS school administration and board have adopted the same secret decision making that OUSD administration and board have practiced for years.

We've tried small schools and charter schools. Even the few high performing charters like AIMS seem to self destruct and devolve into money grabs. We tried a state takeover that left us with same problems plus weakened school board and transparency.

With Vos in power, we wouldn't want a Fed overseer for local schools (even if there was such a thing).

The only consistently "good" thing about the Oakland public/charter school system is that it keeps the cost of housing down as parents leave if they can when their kids reach shool age.

Posted by Len Raphael on 05/25/2017 at 10:18 PM

Re: “Parents, Teachers, and Students at Oakland Charter School Accuse Leadership of Mismanagement

Hey, my school is that one! So here is what happened, my school's superintendent and principal were in the office of the principal, Dr. Perry, and the superintendent, Ms. Wood Cadiz. A few seconds later, Ma. Cadiz started to ask questions and fired him!!! She has been lying to us students stating that he was very very sick!!! SHE IS AN EXCUSE!!!!!!!! WE NEED MORE FIELD TRIPS!!! WE NEED BETTER ACHOOL LUNCHES, WE NEED SUPPLIES AND BOOKS!!!!!!!! I MEAN, COME ON!!!! IM ONLY A 6TH GRADER!!!!

Posted by Vanessa Ly on 05/25/2017 at 9:48 PM

Re: “Parents, Teachers, and Students at Oakland Charter School Accuse Leadership of Mismanagement

Actually Earnest, if you investigate this particular charter school, you'll find it has danced on the edge of losing it's accreditation for a number of years. When charter schools in general show good results, they do it by expelling or other wise encouraging "problem" students to go elsewhere (cherry picking the students).

Their stats look better but they are NOT what they appear to be.

Posted by Bruce Ferrell on 05/25/2017 at 9:07 PM

Re: “How City Hall Crushed Occupy Oakland

Unfortunately Occupy had high ideals and no means or method for defending them from the "by any and all means" contingent who leaped to the fore front and stayed there with help all too willing help of the unthinking press (and community). Nor was it able to coherently express those ideals to a wider audience, leaving only the circus to speak for them.

We should keep in mind, ideals are terrific... Ideas and concrete plans are better.

Posted by Bruce Ferrell on 05/25/2017 at 9:00 PM

Re: “Video: Oakland's Homeless Residents Are Targets of Arson Attacks

Despicable... And not surprising. Oakland "handles it's own business" and doesn't snitch.

There is no such thing as "inside the system" here anymore... It just got worse after Occupy Oakland.

By the way, did anyone else notice that human trafficking is being investigated by county law enforcement in connection with the street corner fruit vendors?

Maybe if we step up there will be hope.

Posted by Bruce Ferrell on 05/25/2017 at 8:48 PM

Re: “How City Hall Crushed Occupy Oakland

I'm a life long Oakland resident and home owner/taxpayer.Occuppy is a subversive org. i do not want any of my tax dollars either to support or police it .Go f***off go and go protest some where else maybe Berkeley.
If you the City Of Oakland approve of this subvdrsive org then you betray the trust of the tax payers

Posted by Jim Zigenis on 05/25/2017 at 7:36 PM

Re: “Where Vegans and Meat-Eaters Happily Coexist

Great article. My fiance is vegan and I love all food! We just moved to the Bay Area and are excited to check these places out. We cook a lot at home and it is NICE to relax a little and enjoy the passionate cooking style of others. Thanks for the article!

Posted by davidmossjr on 05/25/2017 at 7:07 PM

Re: “Oakland’s Eastlake Music Festival at Lake Merritt

Agreed. Two reminders in one paragraph that your beloved city is going to shit. Thanks, Ebx.

Posted by Matt S on 05/25/2017 at 6:25 PM

Re: “Parents, Teachers, and Students at Oakland Charter School Accuse Leadership of Mismanagement

Charter schools are businesses. Local public schools are not. That is the problem with charters. They should not exist. Period. They are a shadow system that only drains resources.

Posted by Eetma A-zole on 05/25/2017 at 3:41 PM

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