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Comment Archives: stories: Blogs: Cannabis

Re: “Major Pot Company Hit With Six Counts of Securities Fraud

This company is the epitome of a penny stock scam. I have been watching these jokers for more than three years, and the behavior of Bruce Perlowin and his cronies is disgusting. What a shame to see them seek ill-gotten gains by hijacking the theme of hemp legalization rather than building a real company.

Posted by Alan Brochstein on 06/25/2016 at 4:51 AM

Re: “Major Pot Company Hit With Six Counts of Securities Fraud

HEMP is not POT! This is not used like cannabis. The gov't may have classified it in the same category but more states are legalizing as it is used for materials used in clothing and fibers as a food additive. As to the breaking of SEC rules that is yet to be proven i a court of law.

Posted by Norman Baraz on 06/24/2016 at 5:03 PM

Re: “Major Pot Company Hit With Six Counts of Securities Fraud

Back ... seems the scam is really people trying to bring down.pot companies. Using shares to purchase or cut deals is pretty smart. Wait five years and then open your mouth

Posted by fuvkyou on 06/24/2016 at 10:05 AM

Re: “Snoop Dogg, Too $hort Endorse California Marijuana Legalization in New Video

All personal attacks yet not one word from either of you about. Dr. Lyman, the. Taxation scam or the radical limiting of our ability to grow or even poses more Herb than just a token. There is no way Bob Marley or any legit cannabis hero would support a corporate friendly take-over like this one. I worked hard on getting Prop 215 passed 20 years ago and will not allow this to gut the mosst progressive Cannabis law in the country. "If YOU can't grow it, it isn't "legal" ~Jack Herer

Posted by Patrick Moore on 06/20/2016 at 4:14 PM

Re: “Major Cannabis Conference Brings Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom to Oakland

Everyone wake up and smell the cannabis! No state or city can legalize a controlled substance as long as federal law (CSA) says we can't! The higharchy of law has been the same for hundreds of years of now and it cannot be turned upside down simply so states and cities can try and cash in on our use and choice of medicine! State law cannot preempt federal law and local municipalities cannot preempt state law either! The state and cities know the only way they can TAX and "profiteer" from us is if our business activities are illegal! Putting the cart before the horse (state law ahead of federal) does NOT protect anyone or any organization, in fact everyone involved stands the risk of federal prosecution and 10 years to life in prison! If the state and cities thought they weren't putting themselves and their employees at risk they'd be doing it themselves! Instead they want us to put our necks on the line while collect revenue from our unlawful doings, NO state or city will come to our rescue when the DEA or DOJ comes knocking down your door! We must understand why these corporate profiteers and government lawmakers are trying to turn this all around on us and take over our livelihood by changing the laws now after almost twenty years of doing nothing but lying to us! It's all about the MONEY folks and if they think we're stupid and ignorant enough to simply stand bye and let this travesty of truth and justice occur then they've got another thing coming! Until such time as Uncle Sam says it legal to "profit" and "sell" a controlled substance then it simply cannot be! No other business or commodity would ever allow the taxation rate and exorbitant fees the governments of California and other states are trying to fleece us into! Shame on Gavin and ALL the others who are trying to make us a ship of fools and expect us to act like lemmings following each other off a cliff leading to our own doom! We MUST and CAN rise above this smear campaign of so-called legalization and fight for our right to produce or own medicine for our own personal needs! California has purposefully been misleading and misguiding us for years so they could collect money from us all the time knowing they've lead us down the wrong path in order to do so! If we join together we can STOP this wrong doing and keep our medicine to ourselves legally without overwhelming taxation and free from prosecution! Dispensaries are illegal entities usually for-profit entities holding themselves out to be lawful "collectives" or "cooperatives" which do NOT make "sales" or "profit" from the controlled substance we all know as marijuana or cannabis! We simply need to fully know and understand the laws we have now and follow them before they try and turn them upside down as well! Let's form the largest association of medical marijuana patients the world has ever seen and keep our way of life and our livelihoods to ourselves and keep corporations and governments out of our pockets! Join me in this fight (Dave Armstrong vs the State of California) and help keep "collectives" and "cooperatives" alive and well for many years to come or at least until federal law says it's okay!

Dave Armstrong
Founder & Managing Member of MediMarts
A Closed-Loop California Collective

Posted by Dave Armstrong on 06/18/2016 at 7:03 AM

Re: “Expert: You Don't Have to Be a State Resident to Get Medical Marijuana In California Right Now

Does anyone no where I can get my card with my Texas DL only anyone knows of a clinic and that will still give me recommendation I'm in Cali in the bakerfield area for a week thanks

Posted by Guero Benavides on 06/18/2016 at 2:58 AM

Re: “ACLU California Announces Support of Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure

The AUMA is a disaster. And, people are mistaken in the claims it will "let you grow your own", when it will really permit local governments to flat out ban outdoor grows, and will permit "reasonable regulation" of your indoor grow (and we all know what THAT will mean - besides, most folks cannot grow indoors for many reasons).

This thing is a huge conglomeration of give-aways of power to storefronts and big farms, as well as litigation-ready employment for cops and lawyers. We can't let the crappy be the enemy of the decent law we know is out there. The trick seems to be convincing some moneybag like Parker to back something worthwhile, and to convince the "pro pot lobby" to demonstrate a modicum of selectivity with their endorsements.

The incremental "is it ANY better than what we have now?" (somewhat subjective, I might add) is threadbare at best, and probably harmful.

We are not beggars. Demographics are shifting fast. We don't need to settle
for a crap sandwich.…………

Posted by Harry Bellafonte on 06/17/2016 at 1:40 PM

Re: “Microsoft Becomes Biggest Company To Enter Cannabis Game

Big monopoly corporate interest in pot seems to me to be an indicator of social and economic exploitation of poor public policy.

Current corporate benefit from the the war on drugs include the corporate prison system and the corporations which supply arms and ammo to our military, our militarized police and foreign militaries involved with much of the wholesale murder that goes on south of the border.

Pot is easy to grow almost everywhere. It's an enjoyable recreational drug for many people and a useful drug for many others. It's not proven to be especially harmful, unlike alcohol.

Pot should simply be decriminalized, period. Corporate or justice system or militaristic involvement is purely destructive.

Posted by Hobart Johnson on 06/17/2016 at 9:00 AM

Re: “Snoop Dogg, Too $hort Endorse California Marijuana Legalization in New Video

I agree Miles, people like Patrick are despicable human beings and an embarrassment to the cannabis reform movement.

Posted by Ben Cowen on 06/14/2016 at 11:12 AM

Re: “Snoop Dogg, Too $hort Endorse California Marijuana Legalization in New Video

Patrick Moore: That a collaborator with the cops, corporate prisons, and rehab fraudsters—the *only* organized opponents to legalization, other than the “215” profiteers you’re rep’ing so shrilly and none too convincingly—would have the astounding disrespect and hypocrisy to utter the phrase “One Love” just might be merely amusing, if it wasn’t so blatantly cynical and, given the context, altogether despicable, because what you’re about has *nothing* to do with love, at least for others; may the ghost of Bob Marley, as well as all of those whose lives have been destroyed by the duplicity of mercenary, self-serving wastes of carbon like you and your “activist” cronies, haunt your foul crooked path for the rest of your miserable loser days, and for all eternity in the darkest depths of the hell that awaits you.

Yes, for god’s sake, *please* do not shoot yourself in the foot; do us all a major kindness, and instead aim for that dense, septic mass of flesh on the end of your neck.

Posted by Miles Monroe on 06/13/2016 at 1:21 PM

Re: “Snoop Dogg, Too $hort Endorse California Marijuana Legalization in New Video

This AUMA is a scam designed by Dr Donald Lyman to hyper-regulate and overly control our beloved California Cannabis community. We will not fall for another fake legalization effort in California, we may be stoned but we are not stupid. We know Sean Parker's agenda is to have his own Canna NAPSTER and wildly profit off of our hard earned branding "Best Herb In The World " here in Cali. This bill will destroy our hard earned Prop 215 rights and place the 99% under the gun. Zero taxes go to the general they go into "enforcemenr " of AUMA. That's nearly a billion extra dollars annually in California's anti-pot policing to make sure we never have 7 plants or 30 grams. ..really cool with that Snopp? And not a penny to schools and roads, just cops and Canna-Rehabs. The only way we can lose our Prop 215 rights is with another Weed Initiative voted on by the People, let's not shoot ourselves in the foot just to make Parker and crew happy. PHM One Love

Posted by Patrick Moore on 06/12/2016 at 12:18 PM

Re: “Expert: You Don't Have to Be a State Resident to Get Medical Marijuana In California Right Now

Thought-provoking commentary . Incidentally , if your company is wanting a a form , my family filled out and esigned a sample version here ""

Posted by Rosena Hoffpauir on 06/11/2016 at 5:21 PM

Re: “Snoop Dogg, Too $hort Endorse California Marijuana Legalization in New Video

Why did he say he can't vote? In California. Individuals convicted of a felony are ineligible to vote while incarcerated and on parole. Voting rights are automatically restored upon completion of parole, and people on probation can vote. Ex-offenders should re-register to vote.

Posted by Carla Rosales on 06/09/2016 at 6:32 PM

Re: “The Richest One Percent Moves to Kill Medical Marijuana in Florida — Again

The 1% could care less about medical marijuana. What they care about is their stocks in big pharma and mind control. Mmj decreases the need for prescribed drugs and helps people think for themselves. If they truly cared about public Heath they'd spend their millions on improving current health care and have an open mind about alternate care that is effective, mmj is effective. It's the age of information and lies fall apart with a quick search on Google. I don't know why they even try to lie and show how corrupt they are. Foolish if you ask me.

Posted by Shaun McDonald on 06/02/2016 at 12:05 PM

Re: “'Cannabis Damages DNA' Claim Debunked By Leading Researcher Ethan Russo

Much appreciated, we're trying to debunk all the myths they keep throwing at us to scare the public into submission to big pharma

Posted by Melissa Costin on 06/01/2016 at 7:12 PM

Re: “'Cannabis Damages DNA' Claim Debunked By Leading Researcher Ethan Russo

Does this mean Reece and Hulse will have to return their 'joint' Reefer Madness, Harry Anslinger Off-the-Planet Award?

Posted by Gordon Rowland on 06/01/2016 at 6:45 PM

Re: “'Cannabis Damages DNA' Claim Debunked By Leading Researcher Ethan Russo

Meanwhile... here in Australia - where all Cannabis is illegal, Cannabis Law reform is taking a major step backwards - Recently the government announced they were legalising Cannabis and Cannabis products for medicinal use - on showing the benefit that many have achieved on the "illegal oils" using "crude" Cannabis . This was quickly followed up in late 2015 and in 2016, with new Bills and new laws changing the definition of Cannabis to include synthetics, GMO, and single Cannabinoids vs Real Cannabis. The means all reference to medicinal Cannabis and Medicinal Cannabis products have no Cannabis. Making Medicinal Cannabis different to Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes. Also in some of these new bills thought non Cannabis related hidden USA type "rider clauses" were added that recently introduced new laws against Cannabis patients, caregivers, and growers, making books, magazines, emails, and websites punishable by up to 10 years for sharing an email, selling a joint punishable by up to 25 years if done near a school (1/3 mile) even if out of school hours and even if to an adult. The press is also controlled by the government so as the Government is not advertising this, the media is not given the sound bites so are not reporting on it either. Prey for us in Australia - more or on twitter @mr_internet

Posted by This Week in Weed TV on 06/01/2016 at 5:43 PM

Re: “'Cannabis Damages DNA' Claim Debunked By Leading Researcher Ethan Russo

Thank you for reporting on this very poorly written paper. When I originally reviewed the press release, I was of course concerned. The idea that the use of Cannabis could have a significant effect on future generations is certainly worthy of pause.

However, after review of the full text of the paper, I am must agree that as has been reported well here, this author has done no actual experimental research. Rather this author has been a very selective student of other researchers work and products, and has cherry picked information to support a very wobbly hypothesis.

The reality of epigenetics is that everything that humans are exposed to in terms of experience and environment, can potentially effect future generations. This idea is certainly profound. It speaks to the reality that all human experience is part of the evolutionary story.

However publishing a paper on the effects of one compound and claiming that it's effects are somehow capable of disproportionately effecting future generations, without substantial epidemiological data that contrasts such effects to other environmental exposures, is very poor science indeed.

Posted by John Prue on 05/31/2016 at 5:54 PM

Re: “California Pot Legalization Debated During Historic Joint Session

I've visited the retail marijuana stores in WA and CO, and know from my experience that it being legal in every context is best. Recently in CA I had to buy weed from strangers, and finally had to bring weed from out of state. I'm sure other people have had similar experiences. Prohibition is dangerous socially for both residents and non-residents.

Posted by Blue Bee on 05/30/2016 at 7:37 PM

Re: “Critics Blast U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag for Berkeley Patients Group Harassment

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Posted by Sushilkr Saini on 05/29/2016 at 11:00 PM

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