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Re: “Oakland’s Professional Polluters

Another business started by an immigrant. Way to go, Californians.

Posted by Erik Kengaard on 01/17/2019 at 1:10 PM

Re: “Oakland’s Professional Polluters

This illegal dumping must be stopped. It should not be as difficult to prosecute or for citizens to report as it has been. Obviously large scale dumping is more serious but multiple instances of smaller scale dumping both mounts up and amounts to the same polluting crime sooner or later. Glad this slime ball was caught.

Posted by Francesca M. Austin on 01/17/2019 at 9:44 AM

Re: “Oakland’s Professional Polluters

Thanks to EBX for this great article on this sleazy gentleman.

Posted by Ernest Montague on 01/17/2019 at 7:10 AM

Re: “The Killer Inside Me

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Posted by todd caroline on 01/15/2019 at 1:52 PM

Re: “Can Building Housing Lower Rents?

"You can't compare the two cities. Don't forget about rent control which changes everything. Building more only invites more people to move to one of the most popular cities in the world. The prices will never go down, only up."

And that is why Japan's population has been steadily in decline for many years.. because of the building. LOL.

Posted by Liat Zavodivker on 01/14/2019 at 11:32 AM

Re: “Tia Katrina Taruc Canlas Holds Domestic Abusers Accountable

This article completely misses the underlying divorce cases. Ms. Berg was represented by Bradford Baugh who is currently named in 10 Bar complaints and an antirust suit at the California State Bar. Court files and 1099s show that Mr. Berg was forced to pay over $249,000 for Mr. Baugh's fees, and to pay for fees to have a criminal lawyer as she testified as a witness. The article does not mention that in 2010, two years before Ms. Berg made her claims, that she was 5150 , and had been arrested and prosecuted for abusing Mr. Berg. This was about the time she retained Mr. Baugh. Ms. Berg also spent hours with the DA's office giving testimony that was simply not credible and that appeared to be incited by the investigator. When it was discovered the consent to have a child was forged, that is when the criminal case was dismissed.

Ms. Scott filed her request for protection in a family law case without a lawyer and had her custody case before Judge James Towery, the former Chief Trial Council at the State Bar. James Towery was also married to a prosecutor known for giving 49ers a free pass. And James Towery, his court reporter and his bailiff Deputy Oliveri all gave McDonald a free pass and treated him like a celebrity, not a father in a custody case charged with domestic violence. I observed Judge Towery treating Ms. Scott with distain, even ordering her to travel across the country with her infant and breastfeed the child at night so that Mr. McDonald could have the child for his Thanksgiving holiday.

Mr. McDonald's family lawyers are the bottom feeders of the county. Elise Mitchell is a shameless stalker who used the press and Bar complaints against opposing counsel to advance her career. Elise Mitchell even tried to chill Ms. Scott right to speak out against domestic violence involving 49ers.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney never even gave Ms. Scott an interview until 2 years after the incident. District Attorney Jeff Rosen is as corrupt as Mark Peterson was in Contra Costa. District Attorneys who use their office for pollical and personal gains, fail victims of domestic violence.

Ms. Canlas was referred to Ms. Scott's case by me. I repeatedly asked her who Ms. Berg had in a family law case and Ms. Canlas said she did not know. Isn't that something she should have known , or investigaged, before taking on Elena's civil case? It was those family lawyers (Bradford Baugh, Valerie Houghton, and Sharon Roper) who used false claims of domestic violence, and the drafting of documents that were forged, in an abuse of process. Yes, Elena was right, she never should have filed the criminal charges, because real victims like Kendra Scott will continue to not be believed as long as Mr. Baugh is allowed to continue telling his clients to lie about domestic violence so he can earn more in attorney fee awards.

Sadly, DDA Allison Filo had the opportunity to investigate Bradford Baugh, Sharon Roper and Valerie Houghton in 2013, and she failed, allowing these predatory lawyers to continue to harm, rob and destroy families struggling through divorce cases, and issues with domestic violence.

Posted by FamilyCourtWatcher on 01/13/2019 at 7:05 PM

Re: “Oakland's Lost Year of Police Accountability

And now I read the writer along with other staff has been laid off. Bummer. Also, this was an opinion piece by a staff writer. I am not sure why I thought this was a letter to the editor.

Posted by Jackie Buxton on 01/12/2019 at 1:12 PM

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