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Comment Archives: stories: Arts & Culture: Sex

Re: “Do What Feels Good

Another male here.. 36yo.. And straight...

I USED to think that the whole nipple-pleasure thing was total BS - not only for males, but for females too.. I thought it was just a matter of 'kinkiness' that gave people enough pleasure to be able to reach full-blown ejaculatory orgasms(for males).

NOW - I'm a total believer that at least it's possible to feel PLEASURE via nipple stimulation... Whereas before, I knew nipples were sensitive because they would get irritated by my shirts rubbing them when they stuck out.

Well, I was bored and horny, so I started looking into the whole nipple-pleasure-orgasm thing a couple days ago.. In VERY SCANT posts during my initial Google reasearch attempts, I got the impression that if you weren't born with this possibility, then it seemed to be able to be learned.
The best possibility seemed to be with devices that put light suction on the nips - in order to get blood vessels toward the surface... So I found out about nipple cups -- a pair was ~$18 US from NFW. But before getting them and thinking I was surely going to be wasting my money if I got those right away, I decided to look around the house for something that could cause some suction on the nips. I was able to find a baby's 'eye dropper' that had a rubber suction area at the end in which I was able to pull off.
I tried putting it on for about 5-10 minutes for each nip (since I din't fully understand what I was doing at the time, and didn't want to injure myself). While checking nip sensitivity afterwards, I noticed they seemed a tad more sensitive, but not at all pleasureable.... So, I decided to just VERY lightly 'play' with with them - more like just touching them VERY lightly to see what kind of sensations they could feel. It just felt like usual for a fair while, but ending with some ever-so-slight tingling sensations near the end when I decided to give it a rest(~ 5 minutes later).

A few hours later, my arm accidentally brushed past my one of my nips. And lemme tell ya - it was INTENSE!! Like a holy effing s*** kind of intensity! I brought up my other arm to try the other nipple in the same way --- at which time waves and waves of a pleasureable feeling overtook me, even after I stopped!! They just kept on coming - I couldn't belive it! :-O
They were so intense that I had to lay down and just enjoy it, because walking simply wasn't much of an option at that point. ;-)

I'm not sure sure If I'd classify that experience as a [dry] orgasm or what - it was just really wierd and incredibly enjoyable. Besides, to me, for 36 years the only orgasm I have know of is the one that comes from below the belt. Another stange thing was that afterwards, I felt like I could stand to plaesure hundreds of women with raw, unadultared, animalistic enthusiasm and still be begging for more women to pleasure while in that state!!
Yet another funny thing was that I didn't start getting hard until AFTER this ordeal.

Needless to say, not only do I think it's possible now to achieve pleasure/orgasm via the nips, I'd be willing to bet that ANYONE, female or male would be able to learn how to do so!
As this article says, it could all just be a matter of training the brain to recognize that these nipple sensations are sexual.

Can't wait for my Supple cups to get here, now!!!

But for anyone who has always thought it was impossible to feel any pleasure from the nips(such as my past self) unless you were born that way, I strongly urge you to reconsider. And I'm just beginning to to understand and train the nipple-brain-genitals connection. I hope this trend continues!

Posted by dogger on 10/14/2010 at 7:28 AM

Re: “Do What Feels Good

First off, I'm a male of the human species. Although I can't boast about ever having a full-blown orgasm from nipple stimulation alone, I can say that 'playing with' my nipples probably gives me just as much sheer pleasure as any other form of physical contact. When I masturbate, more often than not - I also play with my nipples. Usually I do this by using the thumb and middle finger of my 'other' hand to lightly rub my nips in a circular manner.

And aside from the purely sexual aspect, 'mild' nipple play seems to energize my whole 'self'. For example, during particularly tiresome times at my work, I can often revive myself to some degree with a simple 'tweak' of my nipples. It can be done very discretely (I've figured it out) so that no one else has a clue.


Posted by M. Gallaher on 08/19/2009 at 12:21 AM

Re: “Do What Feels Good

I am a 46 year old male with orgasmic nipples.Best thing that ever happened to me.I always felt a pleasure sensation when having an orgasm.
about 12 years ago i really zoomed in on my nipples and concentrated intensely on where the sensations from the nipples go to.
I can reach a full blown orgasm from just nipple stimulation. But the best part is i am now multi orgasmic in the dry catagory(no ejaculation) until i want to finish off with an ejaculation. I am able to ride this wave for as long as i want, hours on end.The only problem is, all the contractions are very demanding on the system.
My nipples are so sexual responsive that the contractions start within seconds of stimulation.It runs down my abdominal muscles through my back
and thighs and the anal muscles.I do believe strongly that 90% of all people can achieve this including men. The big problem is to many people have hang up
about exploring their bodies to the fullest, escpecially men. Most men are so afraid of being labelled gay that they believe exploring nipples and anus
will make them gay, and what will my wife think if she knows i like my nipples stimulated during sex?
I have buried those hangups, remember you only live once make the best of it.

Posted by Anton Steyn on 07/02/2009 at 2:39 AM

Re: “Do What Feels Good

Nipple orgasm is very possible. I can rub my nipples for a short time and get extremely excited, have t worl real hard from orgasm. I like t take pics of my huge natural breast and send the pics to my friend, the mor pics I sent the more aroused I become. I rub them and try really had no to orgasm, finally my clit feels like something is pulling on it, it pulls harder and harder, try to ignore, until it just orgamses, it builds slowly and if you try to prevent orgasm, it goes on and on, much longer than if you actually touch yourself down there. It just "GRABS" your clit as I rub both nipples at the same time. Sometimes I watch my niples as they get bigger abigger and grow with excitment as I rub them. After a really long intence orgasm, I cant keep my hands off my nipples, but at this pint I like the stimulation a littler harder, sometimes I pinch my oversized aroulas, and after some more rubbing and teasing of my own nipples, I orgasm again, of course even more intence. Some nights I rub my nipples for four hours. I have many nipless bra, that make me very excited---and then I go shopping with it on and my nipples pock threw the bra when anyone looks at them, this makes my pussy, just drip with excitement. I am late 30's and I hate men for the most part, so I dont even date and am celabate. I have very large breast, with very large nipples that actually point tward he groud, rather that point up, so all the blood flow is directed into my nipples. I can gently rub them for a few seconds and be instantly insanely turned on. I can't think of anything more exciting than having a man tocuh them, rub them and tease them--toobad men are such selfish lyng assholes! Sometimes I do this while I watch the host of one of the shows on Discovery channel who makes me really hot.

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Posted by Anonymous on 07/21/2007 at 2:39 AM

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