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Comment Archives: stories: News & Opinion: The Oakland Zone

Re: “Get Your Money, Murray

"By todays standards, it was fairly mild stuff"

Bruce Maxwell ordered food delivered then, while drunk, pointed a gun in the face of the woman who delivered it. That is not mild stuff by any standards. It is abhorrent and I am glad he's gone.

He proceeded to slash ,219/.300/.281 in AAA last year, so in addition, he sucks. Love the anthem stance though.

Posted by Yojimbo on 01/16/2019 at 5:55 PM

Re: “Get Your Money, Murray

I too applaud Kyler Murray for playing the leverage game to his maximum advantage. Far too often it is the MLB and NFL owners who have the players over a barrel in contract negotiations. I have no personal preference for which sport he should pursue. The kid should do what will make him happy. There is no doubt that baseball offers a longer and healthier career. However, there is no guarantee he will make it to the majors to make the big money. See Michael Jordan and Tim Tebow. A quarterback signed in the first round normally receives a big pay check right away and some guaranteed money. With all that being said, A's fans should not fooled by all the media attention around Kyler Murray. From a baseball tool perspective, he is not Bo Jackson or even Deon Sanders. Murray at maybe 5-10, will at best be a .300 hitting 2nd baseman who can steal bases and score runs. He will not be hitting the ball 500 feet and driving in 125 runs a year. For that reason, I don't think the A's should spend any more money on Murray. Players like him are not one of a kind. What they should be doing is addressing the starting pitching problem. After signing Kris Davis to a one year contract reflective of his talent and production, starting pitching is their biggest weakness. I agree that losing Lucroy at the catching position will be a down grade this year. He provided a solid every day presence behind the plate. Given the transient nature of the starting pitching staff, a solid veteran catcher is a must for a team like the A's. At the end of the day, in my opinion, Billy Beane should be replaced. He is not the guy with the vision and influence with other teams to get the A's to the next level. If the goal is to be competitive every year and go home early in September, he has clearly shown that he can do that. If the A's want to beat teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and Astro's in the playoffs, they need to spend more money to build up the talent on the roster. In addition, hire a bright young gun in that general manager position who can wheel and deal with teams with undiscovered talent. The Billy Ball days brought no championships and are way over.

Posted by GPatton on 01/16/2019 at 4:07 PM

Re: “A’s Swing for the Fences at Howard Terminal

Time for 25% of all those new condos to belong to the currently homeless. I don't see why the top floors wouldn't do. Building monuments to materialistic inequality is irritating and backwards. We demand that housing the homeless be a priority and will monkey wrench any plans that do not include the homeless. I fully support verticality and the parking can be worked out. See New York City or any other large City. It's funny how the Yuppy Nimby anti-verticality people act like it has never been done SUCCESSFULLY before. Homeless are the first priority though as they are who are most in need.

Posted by Frank Snapp on 12/06/2018 at 9:04 AM

Re: “A’s Swing for the Fences at Howard Terminal

What he said.

The transportation issues alone are likely overwhelming. Put the money into the Coliseum site, both sides of the freeway.

Posted by Mike Bradley on 12/03/2018 at 10:02 AM

Re: “A’s Swing for the Fences at Howard Terminal

I've been saying for decades now that the A's should move to the waterfront, just like the Giants did in SF. Jack London Square and the environs will be transformed, the stadium will be beautiful, and fans will love to go see the A's...that is, if Billy Beane will stop compulsively getting rid of players every week or so!

Posted by Marcy Sheiner on 11/29/2018 at 8:50 PM

Re: “A’s Swing for the Fences at Howard Terminal

Modern American culture is under relentless sensory assault promulgated by the takeover of social media in our lives. We are in a continual pursuit of the next huge viral thing. That thing can be a so called "video personality" with a big ass, a sports star like Zion Williams at Duke or even a new baseball stadium. Williams was being touted as the next Lebron james after less than 10 games as a college freshman. Only last week when he and Duke were humbled by a loss to Gonzaga and the emergence of a player named Hachimura, with obviously better basketball skills than Williams, did people begin to pump the brakes. The same can be said for the new A's jewel ballpark. Dave Kaval and the A's have hit it big out of the box. This project proposes to develop not one, but both the Howard Terminal and the Coliseum sites. The architectural renderings are both impressive and forward thinking in accounting for the rise in water levels in the bay and providing tech offices, open space and affordable housing. The local politicians all gathered together for the news conference and could barely contain themselves. However, instead of jumping on the bandwagon just yet, I urge the public to pump your collective brakes until the A's come forward with some details. First of all, how do you get there? The new A's baseball stadium has NO parking. There is no parking within a mile and a half of the Howard Terminal site. Kaval projects that they will build gondolas over I-880 and the railroad tracks to bring 6,000 fans per game to the stadium. In addition, a new pedestrian bridge will be needed for the hearty souls who have to walk. These are not inexpensive infrastructure projects to accomplish. The permitting process alone from Cal Trans and the Railroad companies to traverse their right of ways could take years. Patrons were recently stuck in the air at Knowland Park Zoo when the gondola up to the restaurant malfunctioned. What great memories fans could get from being stuck over I-880 on the way to an A's game. This is supposed to be a privately financed stadium, but the infrastructure alone to get people there will be very expensive. In concept, development proposed at the Coliseum would subsidize the ballpark costs. However, last time I checked, public open space and parks do not generate a lot of revenue. Kaval and the A's present a pretty picture, but there are no numbers, not even rough estimates of what the bottom line costs will be for this project. My initial skepticism was not made better by the last minute announcement of the community meeting to discuss the project today, November 29th. That is one day after the first big media public announcement. If your neighbor needs a permit to build a fence that is too tall, the City gives you a 10 day notice. Hey Kaval, how much public input do you really expect with a 1 day notice? Let me be clear, I am an A's fan who is still pissed with Jerry Brown for killing the A's Fox theater ballpark project in Uptown. I want a new park that works for everyone. However, I don't want MLB's desire for the waterfront ballpark TV money shot to drive the project. It is selection of the right site, not the design that should be the priority in making the decision. The best site needs to be superior from a fiscal, regional transportation and economic development perspective. A good architect can design an attractive stadium anywhere. Based on past performance, I am not convinced that the local politicians are astute enough to understand the distinction.

Posted by GPatton on 11/29/2018 at 5:06 PM

Re: “It’s Time for Mark Davis to Sell

Mark Davis is doing this on purpose. Why else would you trade your best player (Mack) literally the day before the start of the season? He's breaking it down as a big F-U to the fans of Oakland and the East Bay so he can rebuild in Vegas to new adoring fans. As a long-suffering Raiders fan (from before LA!) I've had enough. I'd defect to the Chargers, but since they bolted for LA I lost respect for them as well. As a Raiders fan I can't in good conscience root for the Chiefs or Broncos, and I think the Patriots are the spawn of Satan's little known brother Billy. So I guess it's the Saints from now on...

Posted by Larry Silvey on 10/30/2018 at 3:28 PM

Re: “It’s Time for Mark Davis to Sell

Mark Davis is a perfect example of what happens when a cokehead inherits an NFL franchise from his Dad. This team is headed for bankruptcy under his leadership. Perhaps that is the real plan for NFL owners to get the Davis family out of the NFL - Give him all the rope he needs to hang himself.

Posted by Bill McKinley on 10/30/2018 at 12:47 PM

Re: “It’s Time for Mark Davis to Sell

This article is absolutely spot on. Mark Davis is a textbook example of a guy possessing the dangerous combination of arrogance and stupidity. I was especially nostalgic last Sunday. The combination of this obvious train wreck of an organization and the clueless lack of respect for the City of Oakland by Davis has moved me to a position of total apathy. At this point, if the Raiders are playing, I don't care any more. I was nostalgic because I have been a fan since my dad took me to my first football game at the Oakland Municipal Stadium (Laney College site) in 1963.The Raiders played the San Diego Chargers. The Raiders star running back (Clem Daniels) at the time was a friend of the family and that day was the beginning of my total devotion to the Silver and Black. My adolescence was brightened by many Sundays with dad at the Coliseum watching the Raiders play football games that have gone down in NFL history. I was at all of the great championship games against the Steelers, Chiefs, Jets and Dolphins in the late 60's and 70's. When Al Davis moved the team in 1985, I went to at least one game in LA every year. When they came back to Oakland in 1995, I bought a PSL and went to every home game until they lost the Super Bowl in 2002. Since that time, the Raiders have been in free fall. Al Davis sadly became detached from reality as he aged and eventually passed. Unfortunately, Mark Davis was given the reigns despite not ever being a part of the organizational operation. He has shown absolutely no evidence that he is capable of running an NFL franchise successfully. A smart man realizes when he is over his head. Davis is not that. Instead, he doubles down on stupidity. Gruden is showing us why his record, post Super Bowl win in 2002, with Tony Dungy's team. is underwhelming. Unlike his fiery style of leadership in his first stint as Raiders coach, the new Gruden seems comfortable and resigned to losing. The fire is clearly not there anymore. I guess $100 million tends to change a man's perspective. The same can be said for this team. At the end of the day, you can't expect to have good things happen to you when you live foul. Mark Davis and his shiny new adventure in Vegas is clearly foul and will never be a success. As I said previously, at this point I don't care about the Raiders anymore. Davis and Gruden can both go pound sand, Vegas is a great place for that endeavor.

Posted by GPatton on 10/30/2018 at 7:18 AM

Re: “A’s Wild Card Loss Leads to Offseason Questions

I agree, the A's have the most important off-season of their 50 year history. In no short order, they need to:

1. Solidify their biggest star (Khris Davis) before he enters free agency.
2. Announce to their fanbase a solid, well-thought-out plan for a new ballpark.
3. Try to shore up their starting rotation with a few solid arms.
4. Find a new plan for an A's radio flagship.

It IS time for Fisher to step it up, financially. We all know this is a business, and none of us expect management to spend like drunken sailors. However, money will help make the stadium a reality. The money required to keep Davis part of the fold will bolster confidence w/their fanbase. A decent starting rotation allows the A's to remain competitive in the AL. A bold approach in building/partnering with a new flagship radio station helps to bolster and grow the A's fan community.

The A's now have the right "faces" and community-first attitude, but Ownership has to now deliver on the promises that they've made to me and the rest of the fanbase. This offseason will tell me all I need to know about the genuineness of their overtures.

Posted by Damon M on 10/09/2018 at 11:34 AM

Re: “A’s Wild Card Loss Leads to Offseason Questions

Thanks for the thoughtful reply, GPatton. I agree with a big part of what you wrote.

Posted by Chris De Benedetti on 10/09/2018 at 8:23 AM

Re: “A’s Wild Card Loss Leads to Offseason Questions

Thanks, Gil! I appreciate it, man.

Posted by Chris De Benedetti on 10/09/2018 at 8:22 AM

Re: “A’s Wild Card Loss Leads to Offseason Questions

I am a long time A's fan who, like many, was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by what I saw from the team this year. Their ability to close out games after the 7th inning, depth of the roster and the strength of the bullpen were notable. More than that, consistent play every day over a long period of time and the community focus from the front office were impressive. However, your premise that the playoff loss in NY changed everything for the off season is not accurate and over dramatic. Every single point presented in your article was true before one single pitch was thrown at Yankee stadium and still true after the loss. Obviously, when you go into a one game playoff game with a relay team of relief pitchers and no quality starters, you have a problem. When you have the lowest payroll in baseball and you are playing a team (Yankees) with one of the highest, you have a problem. Knowledgeable fans knew that to expect anything else than what happened in NY was a stretch. Kris Davis, based on the numbers (HR's and RBI's) is the premier power hitter in baseball over the last 3 years and needs to be paid accordingly. How can the A's pay Jed Lowery 7 million a year and not pay Davis? The answer is that they can't, especially when you have a young (cheap) player like Barreto ready to play second base every day. The A's must find a couple of quality starting pitchers if they are serious about competing with the Astros in the AL west.That will cost money, but they have no choice if they want to take advantage of a core young group (Simien,Chapman, Canha, Chapman, Laureano, Martini) who look ready to go to the next level and solid vets like Davis, Lucroy and Piscotty. The new ballpark process will be what it will be and they will make a decision when it's time. Fans have to be happy with the commitment by A's ownership to Oakland, especially after enduring years of Lew Wolff and Mark Davis. Let's not even talk about the Warriors being lured to the Land of Oz (SF). All of the A's challenges were true when the 2018 regular season ended and a one game playoff loss in NY changed nothing. There is still work to do!

Posted by GPatton on 10/09/2018 at 5:49 AM

Re: “A’s Wild Card Loss Leads to Offseason Questions

Great piece CDB, as always, I look forward to the next one.

Posted by Gil Batzri on 10/08/2018 at 9:28 PM

Re: “A’s-Yankees Wild Card Could Be a Classic

I respectfully disagree. For about a century, this was agreed-upon baseball history. Then, more than 110 years later, a new version is asserted about a minute, arcane detail? Sorry, sounds like an attempt by the Yankees to revise history that dares to say the baseball planets don't all revolve around them. All due respect.

Enjoy the playoffs!

Posted by Chris De Benedetti on 10/02/2018 at 6:02 AM

Re: “A’s-Yankees Wild Card Could Be a Classic

"The Baltimore Orioles were an original AL team, too, but the franchise relocated to New York City two years later and were renamed the New York Highlanders."

That's debatable, actually. and some other sources have removed the 1901-1902 Orioles from Yankees History, arguing that the original Orioles were a franchise that disbanded, and a new franchise reassigned to replace them.

Posted by Graeme Cree on 10/01/2018 at 9:06 PM

Re: “Oakland Should Sue the NFL and Mark Davis

The raiders should sue for name and logo. to send message to oakland donate here.

Posted by Daniel L Williams on 09/24/2018 at 10:38 PM

Re: “A’s’ ‘Bullpenning’ Might Be a Bit Much

To conclude that the use of bullpen pitchers when quality starters are not available is somehow divisive to a team is a reach. First of all, if you have ever played on a baseball team at the college level or above, you know that pitchers are already a separate group from the rest of the team in many respects, much like kickers in football. Pitchers do not hit and do not play every day. They have training and game preparation routines that are very different from every day position players. As a result, they as a group, have rightfully earned a reputation for being quirky since the beginning of organized baseball. Secondly, as coach Herman Edwards says, you play to win the game. If using the bullpen instead of marginal starters wins games, most everyday players will not have a problem. Starting pitchers may take issue with that approach because it restricts their ability to generate statistics to support increased compensation at contract time. If there is a divide it is between the pitchers themselves.The approach is increasingly being used in modern baseball because the number of quality starters throughout the game is limited. Those who are dominant are compensated greatly. Those who are not, are not and should themselves consider taking a path to the bullpen.

Posted by GPatton on 09/11/2018 at 5:31 PM

Re: “Gruden’s Honeymoon Is Already Over

GRUDEN is to coaching what Trump is to politicians. He is tireless self-promoter and has a small man complex. Biggest waste of 100 mil ever.

Posted by jack 1128 on 09/10/2018 at 5:57 PM

Re: “Why Hasn’t Oakland Sued the NFL Yet?

Well, let OAK just waste mo money on a lawsuit that is destined to fail. The Raiders are gone. Use the dough to repave crappy streets. I bet 1/2 the whiners don't even live in OAK. sure notice pavement changes turn much better as one leaves OAK for Berk. The Bay Area only needs one prof team for eaach sport. Be grateful for that. Count our blessings! But let's get rid if Shaft, a total, inexperienced failure owned by corporate property developers.
John Iverse, berkeley

Posted by John Tango Iversen on 09/07/2018 at 3:04 AM

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