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Re: “It’s Time for Mark Davis to Sell

Mark Davis is doing this on purpose. Why else would you trade your best player (Mack) literally the day before the start of the season? He's breaking it down as a big F-U to the fans of Oakland and the East Bay so he can rebuild in Vegas to new adoring fans. As a long-suffering Raiders fan (from before LA!) I've had enough. I'd defect to the Chargers, but since they bolted for LA I lost respect for them as well. As a Raiders fan I can't in good conscience root for the Chiefs or Broncos, and I think the Patriots are the spawn of Satan's little known brother Billy. So I guess it's the Saints from now on...

Posted by Larry Silvey on 10/30/2018 at 3:28 PM

Re: “It’s Time for Mark Davis to Sell

Mark Davis is a perfect example of what happens when a cokehead inherits an NFL franchise from his Dad. This team is headed for bankruptcy under his leadership. Perhaps that is the real plan for NFL owners to get the Davis family out of the NFL - Give him all the rope he needs to hang himself.

Posted by Bill McKinley on 10/30/2018 at 12:47 PM

Re: “It’s Time for Mark Davis to Sell

This article is absolutely spot on. Mark Davis is a textbook example of a guy possessing the dangerous combination of arrogance and stupidity. I was especially nostalgic last Sunday. The combination of this obvious train wreck of an organization and the clueless lack of respect for the City of Oakland by Davis has moved me to a position of total apathy. At this point, if the Raiders are playing, I don't care any more. I was nostalgic because I have been a fan since my dad took me to my first football game at the Oakland Municipal Stadium (Laney College site) in 1963.The Raiders played the San Diego Chargers. The Raiders star running back (Clem Daniels) at the time was a friend of the family and that day was the beginning of my total devotion to the Silver and Black. My adolescence was brightened by many Sundays with dad at the Coliseum watching the Raiders play football games that have gone down in NFL history. I was at all of the great championship games against the Steelers, Chiefs, Jets and Dolphins in the late 60's and 70's. When Al Davis moved the team in 1985, I went to at least one game in LA every year. When they came back to Oakland in 1995, I bought a PSL and went to every home game until they lost the Super Bowl in 2002. Since that time, the Raiders have been in free fall. Al Davis sadly became detached from reality as he aged and eventually passed. Unfortunately, Mark Davis was given the reigns despite not ever being a part of the organizational operation. He has shown absolutely no evidence that he is capable of running an NFL franchise successfully. A smart man realizes when he is over his head. Davis is not that. Instead, he doubles down on stupidity. Gruden is showing us why his record, post Super Bowl win in 2002, with Tony Dungy's team. is underwhelming. Unlike his fiery style of leadership in his first stint as Raiders coach, the new Gruden seems comfortable and resigned to losing. The fire is clearly not there anymore. I guess $100 million tends to change a man's perspective. The same can be said for this team. At the end of the day, you can't expect to have good things happen to you when you live foul. Mark Davis and his shiny new adventure in Vegas is clearly foul and will never be a success. As I said previously, at this point I don't care about the Raiders anymore. Davis and Gruden can both go pound sand, Vegas is a great place for that endeavor.

Posted by GPatton on 10/30/2018 at 7:18 AM

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