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Re: “Court-Appointed Monitor Who Oversees Oakland Police Department Could Have Blocked Controversial Promotions — but He Didn’t.

A couple things occur to me;

1.) The young lady we refer to as Celeste Guape has been consistently referred to as a teen... Does this simply that she was 18 or 19? Or was she younger?

If the former, it seems that an attempt at emotional button pressing is being employed to make her seem both younger and to absolve her of any responsibility in the situation while inflaming an already intolerable situation within the OPD. If the later, then the situation is far worse. It then becomes, at a minimum, statutory rape.

EBX, the young ladies lawyer(s) and the system in general seem to be avoiding that designation.

Given the general tendency the reporter has demonstrated to inflammatory language in regards to this issue, I can only conclude the reason for anyone NOT calling this statutory rape or child sexual abuse is that she WAS in fact a young adult (over the age of consent) making disciplinary action FAR more difficult within a legal framework (always keeping in mind the core of the complaint against OPD is UNLAWFUL activity) than had she in fact been a minor (As has been consistently implied).

2.) Returning to the idea of UNLAWFUL activity as core to the complaint (or denial of contractual or legal rights) by part of ANY government agency (OPD, city council or those otherwise functionally a part of city, county, state or federal governance at ANY level); Surely this is NOT being advocated by the author... Nor inciting mob mentality... Is it?

There MAY well be legal issues (read as UNLAWFUL issues) with the "suggestions" presented... And I suspect that EBX is well aware of them and has chosen not to mention them in favor of incitement, especially given the possibilities of point one.

Posted by Bruce Ferrell on 07/25/2017 at 3:34 PM

Re: “Young Professionals Only? Housemates Accuse Landlord of Rejecting Subtenant Applications in Hopes of Vacating Rent-Controlled Unit.

I just "love" all the references to "communism" and "Marxism" in these comments. Kevin Smith's four comments on EBX are anti-affordable housing. He either doesn't live in Oakland or he's a landlord. Mike Mitchell, another deranged right winger who hates the working class. Keep it in yer pants, boys. Your Ayn Randian vision of America is on the losing end of history.

Posted by Vincent Blafard on 07/25/2017 at 3:00 PM

Re: “Court-Appointed Monitor Who Oversees Oakland Police Department Could Have Blocked Controversial Promotions — but He Didn’t.

How do we contact Robert Warshaw to let him know that we want him to:

deny promotions, discipline and demote the two high-ranking officers who mishandled the departments internal investigation of the Celeste Guap sex-crimes scandal.

Posted by Kin Folkz on 07/25/2017 at 11:29 AM

Re: “Why Private Security Patrols Are Not the Answer

I agree Claire they didn'thould have uniforms, the good guys don't hide. There are members of society who delve in believing they are the police. Not all of them are responsible, what if neighborhood watch individuals have - themselves recently just got out of prison? There does need to be transparency for these 'wanna be' street thug 'private security gangs'. Certain members of society who may have had fed. connections have tried to play God and I have seen there mk ultra stuff first hand (Snowden was a patriot). Bottom line here is with great power - comes great responability. Those who wear the uniform and are legit have my respect and be responsable. They have had professional training also. I personally think tasers should be an important tool. The ones who wear the badge dont have to hide as they are 'guardians' with pro weapons training to de escellate. The warrior vigilante types could have a hidden agenda and often times do-gangstalking and they do get paid.

Posted by faniel on 07/25/2017 at 10:46 AM

Re: “Court-Appointed Monitor Who Oversees Oakland Police Department Could Have Blocked Controversial Promotions — but He Didn’t.

One might suppose that compiance director Warshaw would defer to the new Police Chief and her bosses, the Mayor and her City Administrator. This would imply that there is a well-thought-through plan for OPD reform.

Warshaw is simply out-of-touch, he doesn't know that city hall has no plan
at all for OPD reform.

We all know this, don't we? Or maybe we don't so we keep the same incompetents in city hall.

Posted by Hobart Johnson on 07/25/2017 at 9:12 AM

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