Ellen Cushing

Ellen Cushing

Ellen Cushing is a proud Berkeley native.


Dawn of the Digital Sweatshop Dawn of the Digital Sweatshop All over the world, workers are paid pennies to do menial online tasks in a largely unregulated, multimillion-dollar industry. Welcome to the Internet's factory floor. August 01, 2012
A Man and His Plock A Man and His Plock With Fight Song, San Francisco's Joshua Mohr enters uncharted territory: the suburbs. February 20, 2013
Are American Indian Public Charter School's Test Scores Inflated? There is some evidence that the controversial, and highly vaunted school, may be cherry-picking the best students for admission in violation of district rules. June 13, 2012
Jazz's Mafioso Jazz's Mafioso Adam Theis' Brass, Bows and Beats merges hip-hop, classical, jazz, and electronic. August 19, 2009
Jay-Z and Kanye West Jay-Z and Kanye West Watch the Throne August 17, 2011
The Bacon-Wrapped Economy The Bacon-Wrapped Economy Tech has brought very young, very rich people to the Bay Area like never before. And the changes to our cultural and economic landscape aren't necessarily for the better. March 20, 2013

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