Nosiest Corporate Watchdog 

Pratap Chatterjee

Each week, Pratap Chatterjee's latest venture publishes new stories revealing the darker side of corporate behavior. Chatterjee, who founded the antimining and oil-exploration effort Project Underground before taking the reins at CorpWatch less than two years ago, has made a career of ratting out corporate misdeeds. In its Oakland offices, he has a set of cabinets full of alphabetical files on every corporation and industry imaginable. In the past year, he has published a damning report on Halliburton; contributed video footage to corporate America's favorite enemy, Michael Moore; and published a book, Iraq, Inc. , on war profiteering in Iraq. He carries a cell phone that rings constantly with calls from activists, journalists, celebrities, and others who offer or seek leaks about corporate misdeeds. In the last year, he has received queries from reporters representing every institution from The New York Times to Iranian national radio asking for his opinion on the Enron du jour. And when he isn't answering those calls or helping disseminate information, he's chasing stories of corporate accountability himself.


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