City Forcing West Oakland’s Alliance Metals to Close on August 20, But Supporters Argue Recyclers Have No Safety Net


City Forcing West Oakland’s Alliance Metals to Close on August 20, But Supporters Argue Recyclers Have No Safety Net

Oakland officials, neighbors call the decades-old center a nuisance. Advocates worry customers will soon be the latest victims of gentrification.

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Beyond Cap-and-Trade: Many Environmentalists Say California Will Improve Climate Policy If It Reduces Emissions at Source

Gov. Jerry Brown has so far been unable to muster two-thirds of state legislators to vote to extend the program beyond its current 2020 expiration.


Survivor, Oakland City Hall: Power Struggle Led to Expulsion of City Clerk from Closed Session

Her removal fuels controversy, division among staff, councilmembers.


The Legal Gray Area of Marijuana Concentrates


Letters of the Week of July 20, 2016

Readers sound off about Black lives and eucalyptus.

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Black Lives Matter Now: Short Essays by Express Readers on Racial Injustice in America

We invited East Bay residents to share their thoughts and words. Here's what they had to say.


Alameda Poised to Become Next California County to Ban Fracking

While there is no immediate local threat, activists view county ban as part of broad strategy leading to statewide prohibition.


Three Days in July: On Why Racial Justice in America Shouldn't Require Debate.

By dismissing Black Lives Matter and other protest groups as leftist agitators, police undercut their higher aspirations to truly serve and protect all.


Time for White Americans to be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

On Black Lives Matter and this country's 'Original Sin.'


Why are Oakland's City-Worker Unions Making it Harder to Fire Bad Cops?

Amid national uproar over police brutality and a local sex-crime scandal, Oakland’s largest city-employee unions are lobbying to weaken powers of proposed police commission.


An East Bay Pimp Trafficked Her Daughter. And the Man that She Turned to For Help Exploited Her For Sex.

Oakland police, the Alameda County DA and his employer, BAWAR, ignored her complaint.


East Bay Environmentalists at Odds Over Future of Eucalyptus Trees

Two often likeminded, eco-friendly contingents debate whether to cut or preserve forests.


Letters for the Week of July 6, 2016

Readers sound off about oil and OPD.


Thousands of Black Lives Matter Activists Shut Down Oakland Freeway, Vandalize Police Headquarters

Activists promise additional protests despite police killings in Dallas.


Stopping a Climate Change and Pollution Nightmare in the East Bay

Tar sands is the oil industry’s newest threat. Local activists want to put limits on refinery emissions to halt this dense and dangerous crude from coming to the Bay. But are the regional air district and state government on board?

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