Letters for the Week of September 26, 2012 

Readers sound off on Curt Young and the definition of liberal.

"Moneyball 2.0: The Pitching Whisperer," Feature, 9/12

A Tough Stretch Ahead

A handful of games left and the A's have a really tough stretch ahead. Around now, a lot of these rookies who have played all year should start to hit the wall. Yet they have done so well since June 1 that they have a tremendous amount of confidence as a team. The only downside I see is that, with Beane and the A's making a run on cheap pitchers, perhaps soon others will follow suit and their price will go up, never to come back down again.

Mark Fritzel, Oakland

"'Liberal' Doesn't Always Mean Liberal," UC Berkeley Student Guide, 8/22

Top-Down Environmentalism

Many on the left seem to be unaware that a lot of things being done in the name of climate change are of a bamboozling nature. Cap-and-trade, smart grid, and smart growth are top-down initiatives benefiting the controlling corporate elite, which have had no input from the average citizen. We have a right to question — and need to question — these initiatives that will have a huge impact on our lives and environment. The most important thing we citizens can do to avert environmental pollution, destruction of our heritage, and unchecked development is to keep control over our own local land use. Big business cloaked in climate-change-mitigating-environmentalism is taking advantage of a panicked citizenry. We don't need Robert Gammon guilt-tripping for the opportunists. The title "Liberal Doesn't Always Mean Liberal" is so true, but for the opposite reason from Mr. Gammon's premise.

Vivian Warkentin, Berkeley


In our Sept. 19 restaurant review, "The Kitcha-Pizza Connection," we misstated MLK Cafe's address. It's 3860 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Oakland. And our Sept. 5 feature, "Radioactive Isle," misidentified an official from the Department of Toxic Substances Control. His name is Ryan Miya — not Ryan Lee.


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