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John Coleman, Alameda

Am I Crazy?

I don't frequently make a post and I like just watchin' but I found this turkey fryer and thought am I missing something. I thought these are typically marked around $490 - $550. I was hoping a board member here could help and let me know if I am missing something. Its a 9 Gallon Fryer. Less than $350 greenbacks and FREE SHIPPING! Am i crazy?

infonoBes, Switzerland

Yodeling at McDonalds

Wouldn't you say that it's a sign that you are out of your mind when you start yodeling at McDonalds. They should pull that commercial off the air and put that guy in the psych ward before it becomes a movement and a national security risk. What if everybody starts yodeling at McDonalds? It would be worse than zombies, worse than night of the living dead. It would certainly be worse than panty raids and men stealing women's underwear.

I tried to yodel and before I knew it I was issuing out of control vocal utterances and almost shit my pants. Think of the damage I could do if I was good at it. What if the yodeling at McDonalds commercial was a sinister training tape to teach people how to be insane at fast food restaurants?

I think instead of flu shots they should make everyone go to the gymnasium at the local high school and administer a lie detector test. At least two of the questions should be did you kill your parents and do you yodel at McDonalds. They should have armed guards at McDonalds ready with Thorazine in case someone starts yodeling.

In short I think yodeling at McDonalds is a new euphemism for insanity. Don't be surprised if the next time you visit your shrink he says dude I think you're yodeling at McDonalds and need to make a visit to the hospital.

Brian Schmarje, Davenport, IA

Looking for Adults

Where can I find the adult listings (strip clubs, adult stores, and porn star appearances) online?

The Redmonds, San Leandro


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