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Re: “Access Denied

I was interested in when first introduced to Dogtown Oakland. But within weeks comments appeared from the newly arriving gentrifiers about suspicious street people... this is West Oakland for gawd sakes and people walk on the street... and... OPD Officer XXX showed up wagging his tail around. Holy crap. Is it possible to have a civilian only communication forum in this country? Why must OPD and BPD and government or NGO or gawd knows what "organization" infiltrate and manipulate the self organization of the public commons by the public?

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 04/26/2016 at 11:24 PM

Re: “Oakland Housing Rights Activists Face 8.5 Years in Prison

"Yes the system sucks, bay area housing prices are obscene, banks are greedy and not to be trusted, but it's all we have..."

Just as i said, we are captives to adolescent tyrants that invented money to be a pyramid scheme for the 1%. We can't come up with a better, more equitable system? Why is that? Is it possible that those with money, who somehow manage to acquire tens of times more than others even though they are not 10x smarter or have 10x more hours of work every day than ordinary working class, use that money to buy lots of homes and lots of politicians and lots of lawyers to extract even more money from common working class folks? Your response is self serving postmodern gibberish that is really wearing thin. People are becoming aware that the invention of money invented debt, which institutionalizes class structure, that enforces capitalism's, Profitalism's, pyramid scheme. Yes, a better social contract is possible if people like yourself decide to actually start creating it along others rather than acting as a Mr. Smith, Blue Pill Cop enforcing the oppressive tyrannical system of the 1%. They sell you a cure to a disease they create and you have swallowed it whole, bro.

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 03/18/2016 at 1:00 PM

Re: “Oakland Housing Rights Activists Face 8.5 Years in Prison

The first squatters in the Bay Area were white Europeans who stole everything from Ohlone indigenous tribelets and enslaved the native residents. I recently had an exchange with a diehard Marxist that concluded the argument with "possession is 9/10ths of the law". Ah, how the arguments always go to the "powerful" adolescent mind. Sad that we as a society cannot jointly decide to make available housing for all and be a true civilization that deserves the be called such.

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 03/18/2016 at 11:36 AM

Re: “Will Oakland Lose Its Artistic Soul?

After reading the article and the comments, having lived in Oakland as an artist and activist for 15 years and seen the repeating cycles of capitalist boom and bust for 50 years in NYC, LA, SF and now Oakland... getta grip... the system, the 1%... their government-musical-chair-movers ... serve only as a filter to screen the 99% from realizing that we will never have an equitable society until there are no more "representatives" of the people. there are just people. Every conflict here is the 1% trolling for profit. The artists move in to a cheap digs from Bust years, create a beautiful artist communal experience like Art Murmur hinted at, then the MoneyChangers come in with developers, bureaucrats, banksters, planners, media, inspectors, police, and pr to move-in, dismantle and cash-in from the drooling Plutonomy (top 20%: CitiGroup) who can't wait to "be there". The artists who just want to make art scurry off to another Bust place and repeat. Wherever there are bureaucracies, whether art commissions or police commissions, the issue is the same, they represent the political power of the 1%. Wanna real society? Take away all the 1%'s power to run self-serving oligarchy and creatively design a society run by everyone equally, serving everyone equally. Yes it is a revolution.

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 03/02/2016 at 1:49 PM

Re: “Eviction and Rent-Hike Complaints Skyrocket in Oakland

Sigh, Hubris? Oh come on now AlwaysReading! That "economists", a non-scientific branch of the capitalist religion, BELIEVE that rent control negatively influences "the supply and quality of rental housing everywhere" is political propaganda to leverage public opinion against regulating the housing market of the bottom 80%. This is the age old argument of capitalists vs socialist, one trying to make excess profit via capital pyramid scheme, the other merely trying to provide themselves and the bottom 80% a survivable reality. The capitalists BELIEVE that each person should fend for themselves within the parameters of the pyramid scheme, meaning whoever comes out on top of the free-for-all is winner, and losers just pay the consequences. Well the losers, the bottom 80% living paycheck to paycheck, would like some amount of family security amidst the free-for-all waged by the 1% at the top of the pyramid suite. While that same 1% has lobbied themselves deregulation to loosen up their free-for-all since the New Deal secured small layers of egalitarian protections for commoners from the Robber Baron late 19th and early 20th century, renters have found themselves victimized without rent control.

You cite Krugman, who is no progressive, and contemporary "economists" who as a group are about as objective as Exxon environmental scientists. The best money can buy for one another and their club. Ever heard of "degrowth" economists? Of course not, because they are banned from the club because they do not espouse socialism for capitalists, which is the current paradigm running the world's economy. Since Volker reset the capitalist free-for-all into Bubble Mode via Reagan and the ME-ME-ME mantra, social safety nets for the many have been jettisoned in favor of profit for-the-few at any cost. Your rhetoric falls flat when the Bay Area is suffering a catastrophic rental bubble resulting from Silicon Valley largess. I saw video of one real estate broker saying, in essence, well 'if you can't compete with the super-intelligent class, too bad, they deserve to live here, not you."

I am sorry capitalists, but your religious dogma that tries to promote financial ladder climbing success as meritorious superiority, isn't in sync with the history of human evolution. EVERYTHING was once free for humans birthed on earth. Only you coneheads have managed to dupe the masses into allowing your RENTIER entrepenuerhoods to continue. Wanna take away safety nets? Wanna automate work via robots and leave most without job or income? Wanna funnel up every cent we have, every month as it comes in, in exchange for a tent and some gruel? You may think this some fun, irrelevant exaggeration by commoner sloths but brother, but your free ride ain't lastin' much longer and if i were you i'd find the first Virgin Martian freighter out to Elysium Planitia asap because your greedy shadow loot will have vaporized itself by 2020 and you won't be welcome here anymore.

btw is a good summary of the rent control argument:…

...and yes, it is constitutional for regional areas to regulate protections for the majority of people from your capital driven PREDATOR hunting expeditions...…

...and boo hoo in NYC because you can only raise rents by 3%/year while this is higher than the bottom 80%'s COLAs for the the last 30 years, and even though there's still a 5% vacancy rate...…

.. "A recent study by The Federal Reserve Bank of New York finds that "rent inflation is consistently higher for lower-cost housing units than it is for higher-cost units."" And no protection needed huh?...…

...and btw, high rents and low vacancies are caused by population influx and young monied siliconites invading SF, not rent control...…

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 11/19/2015 at 9:22 PM

Re: “Eviction and Rent-Hike Complaints Skyrocket in Oakland

Every city in this country needs rent control with maximum increases at an accurate CPI. I've listened to Dominic's argument above since my real estate broker father preached it in the 60's and it's just as wrong today. There is no truth to it. Rent charged should have a relationship to when the building was purchased and the cost born at the time by the investor. Real Estate booms feed longtime exploitative landlords with a Gold Rush mentality. People's housing should not be a vehicle for the 1%'s Casino Capitalism. This is exactly the kind of financial speculation that keeps the bottom 90% living paycheck to paycheck and the 1% holding all of the People's Capital for their own greedy use. Without OUR government sanctioning Banks to print money with fractional asset lending, collecting the principle AND the interest, the 1% would not have this monstrous financial empire feeding them profits and making commoners homeless. We need Public Banks serving everyone with reasonable rates and asset based lending. We need government that protects the 99% with things like rent control. Want to speculate and gamble? Go play the horses or go to a real casino.

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 11/18/2015 at 2:59 PM

Re: “Creating a 'People's Budget'

This sounds like a good first step. But this process is restricted to the limited revenues that the politicians, representing the 1%, are allowing to trickle in. They would love to offload this task to the people so it's not their problem anymore and YOU will be to blame. First we need REVENUES.

Participatory Budgeting must be coupled with a People's Tax Assessment so that We the People can raise our own tax revenues needed to have a REAL budget and a sustainable Public Commons. I took a Proposed City Income Tax idea to City Council in June of 2011 which would have mostly (91% of revenues) taxed the top 2% (based upon Census data) which in Oakland is the top 6% of households (hiding up the hills they are). This went on deaf ears of course as "the State doesn't allow city income taxes". Right. So your job, if you choose to actually do it is... GO TO SACRAMENTO AND CHANGE THE LAW!!! Of course, deaf ears.

If anyone is interested here is a copy of that plan to use... you are quite welcome to use it... it's just a rough cut start but shows clearly that the top 2% have lots of disposable income that they should be sharing instead of strangling our Public Commons...…/Oakland_proposed_income_tax.pdf

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 09/09/2015 at 3:31 PM

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