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Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media

As long as capitalism is the medium we are all forced to swim in, the media will service the concerns of capitalism. The bottom 80% are largely irrelevant to the 1%. The media serves to mindwipe/bamboozle the top 20% (and those still treading water to the top) who have skin in the game and a boss with a scowl for unbelievers. The Chronicle is an infamous liar and spin master. I stopped subscribing in the early 2000's after seeing the SF papers I knew as a kid in the 60's sliced, diced and colored into skimpy, spin-oblivion. The last futile objection i wrote to the Chronicle comment page was just a few years ago as they had ANOTHER anti-Climate Change article placing the Exxon paid climate lackey s from Colorado as an equal to the 98% of the scientific community that knows Climate Change is something humans must combat.

The process of their spin, tweek, flip and lies is the following:

Place the pro-system spin in the headline. Use descriptors within the body that cast the story in a pro-capitalist light. Take the most important article information and place it in the last paragraph with qualifiers. Throw occasional outright lies about facts within the body of the text. And bury any article with truly important information for voters that might make them want to change capitalism or the system. This formula dupes people who scan headlines (this is done by all corporate media could call it headline inversion technology). It confuses anyone who reads the stories but doesn't know the facts outside of corporate spin. And it infuriates and depresses anyone who loves journalism as a tool for society to monitor and self improve from the citizen level.

Until we find someway of having widespread journalist media collectives working together for their communities to help inform a better world outside of capitalist profit objectives, we will be getting what we have now: the worst of it all.

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Posted by Sandy Sanders on 10/23/2014 at 2:13 PM

Re: “Jerry Brown Fails to Live Up to Rhetoric

Jerry had everyone on the left ecstatic when hosting KPFA's We the People. It included eco-intellectuals like Fritjof Capra and other radical thinkers that had me cheering his possible run for Oakland mayor. Then the developer love affair and a 180 degree spin on what should have been a Green Party Platform candidate and we've got a rightwing neo-liberal embarassment on our hands. Just more of the same old, same old, 1% guilded cloud group driving us off the Titanic cliff of greed to oblivion. Universe help us!!!

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Posted by Sandy Sanders on 05/29/2013 at 11:38 PM

Re: “Cops' Violent Past to Be Kept from Jury

So Jeff, the problem here is the police are nearly immune from charges and punishment. Look at Mehserle, caught on numerous videos killing an innocent citizen but gets off with a slap on the wrist, with similar info excluded from the court case. This happens repeatedly and the system is biased because of these evidence exclusions in courts. They do not operate on common sense or rationality. This bias is intolerable, unjust and allows police to act like thugs at their discretion without recourse. This is why OPD has sanctions. Get the bad cops punished and this stuff stops. Isn't that why we have police and courts for criminal justice?

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Posted by Sandy Sanders on 03/21/2013 at 10:33 AM

Re: “Alcohol and First Fridays

Oh also... what is more dangerous than alcohol is pushing too many people into too few blocks like they are intending with 27th to Grand Av only. The month they did that before was way too crowded, noisy and uncomfortable. Maybe they should close off the surrounding streets to auto traffic and let people flow out from Telegraph and let it expand some more naturally.

Posted by Sandy Sanders on 02/25/2013 at 12:46 PM

Re: “Alcohol and First Fridays

Art Murmur/First Friday is a PARTY by citizens, for citizens and of citizens. When will the powers-that-be realize that instead of pre-emptively shutting everything down, shutting down the people's freedom to assemble and have fun, they do their jobs and respond accordingly to situations as they develop. Like Whitney mentions above, arrest those overly intoxicated and let everyone else enjoy themselves, like would have been done 40 years ago. The shooting is the result of poor people, involved in crime, carrying and using guns to do their "business". Tax the rich, redistribute wealth and restore schools and public services that make life survivable for everyone. Outlaw handguns and close the streets to traffic where drivebys might occur. Let the local businesses provide services, shut City street vending of alcohol (which never occurred pre-February).

In this modern era the trend of politicians is to LOCKDOWN freedom to pre-emptively eliminate police from having to do their job while being civil to citizens exercising their rights to assemble, have fun or or even protest. Their every approach is to foreclose rather than facilitate. This is not their job. It is their intolerant and greedy system which keeps the 99% from free expression within citizenship rights. Alcohol was not the cause of this problem. I have been an artist presenting free art and art for sale at this event over the years, but I am now afraid the City will use this tragedy to establish a belligerent police presence and screw up a perfectly citizen self-organized, wonderful organic event.

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Posted by Sandy Sanders on 02/25/2013 at 12:20 PM

Re: “OPD Takes More Steps Backward

So Benjamin, did the protesters do what you say they did before OPD badgered them with off road vehicles, motorcycles, and row upon row of riot geared cops with batons and weapons? Did Occupy marchers head for one of their coffee and doughnut hangouts, or one of their community picnics or maybe a police parade and confront them with riot gear and weapons threatening physical injury for their peaceful assembly? Come on man. Occupy is trying to awaken society to a path away from Casino Capitalism for the 1% while OPD is being used by that 1% as an enforcer for their corrupt oligarchy... while you are used by (or are) the 1% to perform enforcer-light duties here for free.

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Posted by Sandy Sanders on 05/04/2012 at 1:39 PM

Re: “OPD Takes More Steps Backward

May Day actions by OPD were nothing short of open warfare on citizens. They started off their day of riot on us just before the noon rally at the Plaza with unprovoked tear gas. A row of officers in riot gear provocatively faced off on the west side of Broadway, a couple blocks north of 14th while we marched boisterously but peacefully south. Then I saw a small storm trooper band of cops march diagonally all the way across Broadway, through the march, from the west side to the east side of the street. They tackled protesters to the ground, or beat them with billy clubs, pulling limbs as they pleased. And do you know what they were charged with? Obstructing an officer. Obstructing an officer?

I saw similar illegal actions by police in NYC during the 2004 Republican National Convention where white shirted captains, leading a few officers, cut through marches to grab protesters randomly and violently tackle them to the ground. So now it appears tactics such as this are sweeping across the country in an attempt to terrorize participation in Occupy or any dissent against this corrupt government. In Oakland these tactics are coupled with the illegal firing of can-be-lethal weaponry that almost killed one protester, has put others in the hospital, and has permanently damaged the hearing of one young woman. Random assaults and badgering goes on all the time at the plaza. People are arrested for a crazy quilt of rinky dink, trumped up charges. One young man has been charged with 4 felonies and 4 misdemeanors for throwing two near-weightless seed pods in frustration at cops on J28 (that'll teach ya!).

In the morning while traveling downtown I saw private security of all types in vehicles, CHP vehicles and officers everywhere and security looking types in unmarked vehicles sprinkled all over town. At night OPD was like a teenager's Side Show spectacle with dozens of CHP cars streaming high speed, single filed, lights and sirens going screaming through the streets around Broadway and Telegraph. Phalanxes of riot geared cops ran across all lanes of traffic north on Telegraph chasing and tackling anyone they could get their hands on. It was truly insane. I don't have any other words for it. After the Dignity March came from Fruitvale everyone one was peacefully enjoying themselves, eating excellent food from occupy kitchen and socializing. Then once again an OPD band of thugs "snatch & grab", without a dispersal order, and then more tear gas and then the spectacle described above.

What I saw and experienced on that day has forever changed my perceptions of what we call the "police". After 61 years on this earth and seeing what has been done by police forces since CointelPro, it is quite clear they have one induce fear and terror in citizens in an attempt to maintain the existing corrupt order of the 1%. And they have been quite successful at it.

This article quite clearly points out the rule breaking, the feigning of ignorance, the establishment of phoney investigations and panels, and the empty rhetoric by politicians that keeps OPD a rogue band of thugs terrorizing anyone who dares step foot on our public streets. One day soon the public will awaken to this reality and see the full spectrum of horrors that the 1% force feed us, and they will join us in the streets to take back our society for the 99%. We will create a real direct democracy of justice, love and equality for the 100%, whether the 1% like it or not.

4 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Sandy Sanders on 05/03/2012 at 10:50 AM

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