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Issue Archive for the Week of Dec 31, 2008-Jan 6, 2009

News & Opinion

  • Obama Plays Right, The Left Faints

    Amazing isn't it? The Obama administration is pretty much in place and no where - no where - was anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan's name even...
  • Letters for December 31
  • Letters for December 31

    Readers sound off on nonprofit fund-raising, the Matches, ferries, and our ads.

Arts & Culture

  • Cast of Caricatures
  • Cast of Caricatures

    Anjelah Johnson vies with Mike Epps for New Year's Eve comedy supremacy.
  • Fresh Work
  • Fresh Work

    Kala Institute's annual exhibition showcases realism, abstraction, and everything in between.
  • Taking the Funnies Seriously
  • Taking the Funnies Seriously

    Michael Chabon and Jon Carroll chew the fat at the Berkeley Rep.
  • The Aquarium Age

    For the week of December 31-January 6.
  • Senior Sex

    How to broach the BDSM topic and dump a hot stalker.


  • One-Night Stands

    Repertory film listings for January 1-7, 2008.

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Most Popular Stories

  • Goodbye, Mr. Magnus

    Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus is leaving a legacy of departmental reform, officer accountability, and reduced violent crime.
  • Oakland Eyes Affordable Housing Plan in Secret

    The city has yet to release details of a plan that would establish a fee on market-rate housing in order to finance more affordable housing.
  • A Guide to Giving Back in the East Bay

    The region is home to many organizations and charities that fight for the most vulnerable communities. Here are some groups that are worthy of your support this holiday season.
  • The Best Nonfiction Books of 2015

    From racism in America to mp3s, mushrooms, charter schools, surveillance, and climate change, here are our picks for the best works of nonfiction this year.
  • It's Plaid or Nature

    Why you should either shop local or spend time in the great outdoors on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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