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Re: “East Bay Environmentalists at Odds Over Future of Eucalyptus Trees

Talking about two things. Yes, Eucs are very flammable. However, a crown fire will not kill the tree. It will regenerate. But that doesn't mean they are not extremely flammable.

Posted by Mike Yarmouth on 07/07/2016 at 12:24 PM

Re: “East Bay Environmentalists at Odds Over Future of Eucalyptus Trees

Thank you for this article. Sierra Club does not seem to know that almost all fire, like the 1991 firestorm starts in grasslands, which is most of what we will have left when the FEMA plan is finished.

Not one tree is scheduled for "restoration." While our native trees are dying, the magnificent Eucalyptus, Acacias, Monterey Pines are thriving in the drought. Eagles and raptors prefer Eucs for nesting.

EBMUD and others know that the most flammable tree her is the native Bay Laurel, while Eucs are fire resistant and there are plenty of photos showing them standing after firestorms destroyed houses from fire started by arson in grasslands.

Monsanto and Dow will benefit from planned herbiciding for years.

The issue really is, the way things are now scheduled, our rare and beautiful East Bay Hills wilderness parks and public land are being clearcut and poisoned, and we will be left with highly flammable grasslands. And the only real reason is money.

Posted by Bev Von Dohre on 07/07/2016 at 12:05 PM

Re: “East Bay Environmentalists at Odds Over Future of Eucalyptus Trees

There are several studies of soil moisture in the eucalyptus forest. A study in the Presidio reported an average of 19% soil moisture in the eucalyptus forest year around. A study of ants in the eucalyptus forests in San Francisco reported 16 inches of fog drip in the driest months of the year and soil moisture of 15%. Harold Gilliam in his book about the climate of the San Francisco Bay Area reported that fog drip in eucalyptus and Monterey pine forests in the East Bay hills was measured at 10 inches per year. These are published studies that anyone can read.

When all else fails, there is also common sense. Do you really think that a huge pile of wood chips with no tree canopy above it is going to be more moist than the shaded forest floor? I doubt it.

All leaves have stoma that take up moisture from the air. That capability is not confined to native plants.

Posted by Millie Trees on 07/07/2016 at 11:18 AM

Re: “East Bay Environmentalists at Odds Over Future of Eucalyptus Trees

There are several studies of soil moisture in eucalyptus forest resulting from fog drip. A study in the Presidio found soil moisture in eucalyptus forest averaged 19% year around. Another study of ants in San Francisco's eucalyptus forests reports 16 inches of fog drip per year and 15% soil moisture in the driest months of the year, August and September. Harold Gilliam in his book about the climate of the San Francisco Bay Area reports 10 inches of fog drip measured in eucalyptus and Monterey pine forests in the East Bay. All of these studies are available for people to read if they wish.

Then, there's always common sense when all else fails. Do you really think that a huge pile of wood chips with no tree canopy is going to be more moist than the shaded forest floor? I doubt it.

Posted by Millie Trees on 07/07/2016 at 10:52 AM

Re: “East Bay Environmentalists at Odds Over Future of Eucalyptus Trees

"And, even if the eucalyptus was flammable, Gescheidt says, it's better when alive, and adding fog drip to the soil, rather than being a pile of wood chips."

That statement is 100% total bullshit. Eucalyptus is extremely flammable...that's a fact. Fog drip barely penetrates the soils, the native vegetation take in the moisture through stoma in the leaves. Jackson Demo Forest has done many scientific studies on frog drip.

Posted by Mike Yarmouth on 07/07/2016 at 9:35 AM
Posted by Saul Goode on 07/07/2016 at 8:58 AM

Re: “LocoL is Fast Food with Heart and Soul

Well, Sam, he already had the space and has been operating there since well before Uber decided to move there. That area serves a lot of people, not just the new white folk. I applaud Patterson for learning more about the community he serves, closing the pricey destination Plum restaurant (yes, Plumbar is still there, a scaled back version with more affordable food), and trying something that might actually appeal to the broader base of customers in that area. As to the "he is only employing people to help make his profit" ...well, yes. But a lot of hot Oakland restaurants are not at all concerned with employing or training people in the actual community, or providing healthy, tasty, affordable food. Could he change his business model and do more? Maybe. But he could have bailed on Oakland entirely and instead is is doing something.

Posted by Leigh Costain 1 on 07/07/2016 at 8:06 AM

Re: “Altered State: Marijuana in California

I believe that it should be a requirement that all city officials and police chiefs throughout California should see this display so that they can have the unbiased truth about this plant and how politics have steered public opinion on this issue,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Posted by Michael Kim on 07/07/2016 at 8:00 AM

Re: “East Bay Environmentalists at Odds Over Future of Eucalyptus Trees

This is a good, well-balanced article. I was in that protest. I believe the Sirra Club board has become infested with nativists.

Posted by Pam Portugal Walatka on 07/07/2016 at 7:54 AM

Re: “LoBot Gallery, Mainstay of Oakland's DIY Art and Music Scenes, to Shutter at End of Month

As an artist and a former resident of Oakland, I'm sickened by what's happening to the rich culture and the creatives that are being displaced by gentrification.

Licita Fernandez

Posted by Licita Fernandez on 07/06/2016 at 8:15 PM

Re: “LocoL is Fast Food with Heart and Soul

Why all the hate? I tell you what, when someone, maybe you Sam, can open a healthy, cheap, profit sharing, community, sustainable, local, unionized, happy happy fast food joint, I will be the first to go. But until then, I'm heading to Local. It's a fantastic vision & we should all support it. And if Patterson & Choi make a few bucks along the way, don't they kind of deserve it? I mean, I hope they do well so they will keep the vision going & who knows? Maybe they will convert to employee owned in the future.

It won't happen if we throw a bunch of hate on them & they fail. So, I say, go!

Posted by andrewdeangelo on 07/06/2016 at 6:58 PM

Re: “LocoL is Fast Food with Heart and Soul

I am very excited to try LocoL but my only question is why is the price for everything in the Oakland storefront one dollar more than everything at the Watts location? I feel as though they are trying to exploit the tech profits of the bay area. A dollar may not be a huge difference to the new influx of gentrification but to the original inhabitants of Oakland a dollar can make a big decision on where they spend their money. Especially if you're trying to feed a low-income family which I feel is their mission.


Posted by Dale Gribbel on 07/06/2016 at 6:06 PM

Re: “East Bay Environmentalists at Odds Over Future of Eucalyptus Trees

The Sierra Club, “invites detractors to ‘see the recovery and restoration happening now before your very eyes!’ at Signpost 29.”
Hmmm. Have they visited Site 29 lately? Here is a photo essay about Site 29. It’s covered in non-native weeds, except where the weeds are brown and dead after being sprayed with herbicide. Take a look:…

Claremont Canyon Conservancy says, “"What I see is a restored native woodland that's coming along. There's no weeds,"
The person who said this is either delusional or he has not been there recently. Maybe both.

“HCN has speculated as many as 500,000 trees would be removed….but the Sierra Club says these numbers wildly overestimate the final count.”
This is yet more evidence that the Sierra Club has not read the project plan or its Environmental Impact Statement. It’s a matter of public record, but Sierra Club can’t be bothered to actually read the plans. OR, are they are making up a less drastic version of these very real plans?

The Sierra Club says, “"This is not about us wanting to have native vegetation, as we're accused of being…It's the best approach fiscally, and for fire vegetation."
Since when does the Sierra Club care about saving money? Aren’t they an environmental organization? Are we supposed to believe it’s just a coincidence that the Sierra Club lawsuit demands the eradication of all non-native species on thousands of acres of public land? Not credible claims, Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club says, “"If you personally don't believe that eucalyptus ... were a major reason for why that ['91] fire was as extensive and dangerous, then I can't talk to you,"
Ah finally, a credible comment from the Sierra Club! Sierra Club members who oppose these projects have been trying to talk to the Sierra Club leadership for years. They refuse to discuss the issue. That’s the main reason why they continue to say fundamental stupid things, such as claiming that native plants are less flammable than non-native plants. Don’t they watch the news? Don’t they see the wildfires that rage all over the West in exclusively native vegetation? Maybe they have their heads in the sand.

Thank you for this fair and balanced article about a controversial issue.

Posted by Millie Trees on 07/06/2016 at 5:43 PM

Re: “Mama’s Royal Cafe Is for Sale

Yeah, great place. But also in the early seventies we got Rockridge Cafe (still going) and the Brick Hut, now gone. Not just Mama's. And wasn't there that little place up Fruitvale? with the small counter and huge omelets?

Posted by Ambierce Brose on 07/06/2016 at 4:43 PM

Re: “Mid-Week Menu: LocoL Expands to West Oakland; Burma Bear and Agave Open Uptown

The owners must not have read or don't care about the reviews of the location on Broadway.I cannot think of a good reason why they would want to open another location when so many people have commented about the food lacking. The taste of the food is basic at best.

Posted by Mari jones on 07/06/2016 at 4:29 PM

Re: “LocoL is Fast Food with Heart and Soul

Michael's comment proves it - Tea Party Republican folks love LOCOL! haha

Posted by Sam Lowry on 07/06/2016 at 3:44 PM

Re: “East Bay Environmentalists at Odds Over Future of Eucalyptus Trees

It's "windbreak," a windbreaker is a light jacket. And if you look at the hills where the Eucs were removed, you'll see very overgrown collection of Oaks and Bays, all closer and more tightly packed than the Eucalyptus. If fire is your concern, the species matters less than the grooming and thinning of your tree cover.

Posted by Dolly Fine on 07/06/2016 at 3:32 PM

Re: “Stopping a Climate Change and Pollution Nightmare in the East Bay

Cap and trade means that folks who live near forests in Maine breathe clean air so Richmond refineries can use those cap and trade credits to continue to force Richmond inhabitants to breathe refinery toxics. And the rest of the Bay Area is subjected to the TONS of toxic emissions from the refineries.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is responsible for air quality here--cap and trade is irrelevant to Air District mission. Let Chevron get credits for reducing greenhouse gases HERE--and then their neighbors can avoid breathing all the other toxins. The Air District Board is made up of elected officials--let them know we want the Board to direct Air District staff that it is past time to put an enforceable limit on refinery emissions in the Bay Area.

Posted by Claire Broome on 07/06/2016 at 3:21 PM

Re: “LocoL is Fast Food with Heart and Soul

Sam-profit is good. The only obligation of a business is to obey the law-health codes, minimum wage requirements, and pay taxes to the minimum levels needed and make a return for their investors. Their menu, their locations, and their slogans is their own business, not the damn government's or these elusive "communities" people proclaim. I'm a teacher- don't eat out much, but like simple and low priced food.

Posted by michael.sagehorn on 07/06/2016 at 2:24 PM

Re: “An East Bay Pimp Trafficked Her Daughter. And the Man that She Turned to For Help Exploited Her For Sex.

Great reporting. Just horrifying situation.

Posted by Amy L. Keyishian on 07/06/2016 at 2:07 PM

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