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Re: “Darwin BondGraham, Ali Winston Win Prestigious George Polk Award For East Bay Express Series on Oakland Police Scandal

It's now February 20 at 11am pacific. I just visited the Polk awards web site. I see no announcements for 2017 and they don't seem to appear on the 2016 lists? What's up?

Posted by Bruce Ferrell on 02/20/2017 at 11:01 AM

Re: “Darwin BondGraham, Ali Winston Win Prestigious George Polk Award For East Bay Express Series on Oakland Police Scandal

Congrats to Darwin and Ali! Their work this year, on the police story, public land and housing and education has been exemplary!

Posted by Doug Appel on 02/20/2017 at 8:49 AM

Re: “I Was Kicked Out of Federal Immigration Court — Because I'm a Journalist

Now I can gripe a bit by the headline and the first line of this report -- because the reporter wasn't kicked out -- the reporter's first paragraph is contradicted by "I then requested the judge to ask the man again if he'd be OK with me staying on those terms. The man seemed OK with this, but I got up and left the courtroom, anyway." (GRRRR). So this headline and article kinda stinks. Reporters - the truth is not such that the ends justifies the means. Don't trick me, especially with an outright lie.

HOWEVER, this whole "media is the enemy" thing really pisses me off! Trump tweeted about it on the same day that this article was posted -- so one didn't cause the other. But the press are our eyes and ears -- NOT OUR ENEMY. If the public can be there, the press can be there and if someone is made nervous by the press -- that's a sign.

Have you ever sat through a public court proceeding? No? Thank God, because it's dead dull boring. It's like watching paint dry. "Due process" is important but not exciting, and so it's easy for the public to bypass observing such public proceedings because we're comfortable with the assurance that someone else is likely watching and if anything urgent or outrageous happens, we'll be alerted by someone who has more time than we do.

Even though they're open to the public, most court proceedings are not even attended by reporters -- but the fact that they can attend is a check and balance to nefariousness such as shortcuts through our rights, deals that ought not be made, and other bad behavior.

Thank you, reporter, for doing OUR job. We need you. We're on your side. We really appreciate it. This weekend, I counted 5 different ways that I pay money for news. It's valuable to me and I don't get mine for free. But please don't funge up the facts. It doesn't help.

Posted by Robb Topolski on 02/20/2017 at 7:14 AM

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