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Re: “Oakland Congresswoman Barbara Lee Refuses to Certify Trump's Electoral College Win

He didn't win. and yet they didn't take into count that there were how many fraudulent electoral college people on that board. That weren't suppose to vote because they were put in there just to vote for him only. I can't believe the way this country is going. Now I can see why people want to leave this country so much.

Posted by Tom Bullard on 01/07/2017 at 12:04 AM

Re: “Oakland Congresswoman Barbara Lee Refuses to Certify Trump's Electoral College Win

Good for you Barbara Lee! Votes suppression is deeply troubling. Hey Thomas French, what are your sources? How reputable are they? Maybe more fake news? I'm curious to know

Posted by Maryly Snow on 01/06/2017 at 9:24 PM

Re: “Oakland Congresswoman Barbara Lee Refuses to Certify Trump's Electoral College Win

She may not have approved the Electorial College results matters NOT as Biden did so she lost again. Biden confirmed the Electorial College and declared Trump the Next President.

Posted by Steven Keeney on 01/06/2017 at 8:33 PM

Re: “The Truth About Medical Marijuana Card Privacy

I recently applied for a Global Entry Pass in San Diego.My interview at the border office was going fine until the agent asked if I used Marijuana.In recent years I had a medical marijuana card but last year I did not renew because I found a source and did not need one.I told the agent that I did smoke at one time for a back problem but I had stopped.He told me that in 1973 I was busted for having a pipe and even though the charges were dropped the problem was my Medical Marijuana Cards and he doubted I would be approved.So beware the Feds know.

Posted by Bk kirwan on 01/06/2017 at 7:32 PM

Re: “Oakland Congresswoman Barbara Lee Refuses to Certify Trump's Electoral College Win

75 percent of America's high-poverty neighborhoods in 1970 still classified that way four decades later. Racial and class inequality is very much alive, "progressive politics" apartheid. Blacks have voted Democratic for almost 50 years are now being driven from their neighborhoods that have been their home for generations. We gave the Democratic Party our votes and they "took us for granted" leaving us living with social tension, unrest, and the worst GUN VIOLENCE AND VIOLENT CRIME . . . A diminished hope and no opportunities while the Democratic Party's upscale hipster real estate speculators prosper. President-Elect Donald Trump wants to enable states with dedicated grants and implementation standards related to diversity, inclusion, and targeted hiring the resources necessary to spur investment in under served black neighborhoods. Stopping gun violence, revitalizing education, creating jobs, replacing substandard housing, and strengthening black families is a mandate we secured for him.

That is, Mr. Trump owes his victory to "predominately black Democratic strongholds" who were convinced to give him more votes than the previous Republican candidates. African Americans (like Todd Elliott Koger) convinced hundreds of thousands blacks to boycott the vote and/or voting "straight" Democrat.

All across America the black vote "boycott" masterminded by Todd Elliott Koger effectuated an insurmountable obstruction for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. There is correspondence to the Trump campaign that outlined "Koger's Plan." The "Thank you for the suggestion" reply. And, President-Elect Donald Trump's verbatim use of Todd Elliott Koger's exact same words during "online videos" and speeches that followed in Michigan, Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and Pennsylvania. Mr. Koger's writings at one point specifically advised that the "Koger Plan" to target the black vote will changed the destructive conversation and slip in the polls that the "verbal fight" with Khizr Khan, a slain U.S. soldier's father had caused in late August 2016.

When the Trump campaign started to collapse in October 2016, Mr. Koger suggested the "need for a writing" to change the conversation again. He suggested that the campaign needed to move away from the "hot mic incident." Todd Elliott Koger's correspondence suggested a "Treaty with Black America." There's another "thank you" from the campaign. And, Mr. Trump almost immediately announced a "Contract with America" and a "New Deal for Black America."

Maybe this is just a remarkable concurrence of events. Maybe Mr. Koger's packaging of Mr. Trump's visual optics and his efforts to communicate implementation of the " Koger Plan" had no apparent connection. Maybe it was just "serendipity" in North and West Philadelphia (Eastern Pennsylvania) and Penn Hills, Allegheny County (Western Pennsylvania) where turnout fell 10 percent in the majority-black wards. Happenstance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (District 15), where turnout was down 19.5 percent. Apparent "fluke" in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, where 75,000 "Motown Voters" decided to stay home. One thing for sure, Todd Elliott Koger's correspondence kept reiterating that "Mr. Trump's only path to victory" was the "black vote." Cities like Boston, Massachusetts' "predominately black" wards had their greatest decline in voter turnout this century.

And, just 50,000 votes in three states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin (the focus of "Koger's Plan") decided the election. The National Diversity Coalition for Trump did send another "Thank You." But interestingly, Todd Elliott Koger and his wife don't even have tickets for the Trump inauguration, its events, nor any job offers . . . .…

Posted by Todd Elliott Koger on 01/06/2017 at 6:37 PM

Re: “Better Living Through Binging: Five Cinema Streaming Options For The New Year

This was incoherent and incomprehensible if you were looking for a meaningful movie review.

Posted by ArtMurphy on 01/06/2017 at 6:26 PM

Re: “Oakland Congresswoman Barbara Lee Refuses to Certify Trump's Electoral College Win

there were more voters in the detroit area than were signed in on the rolls which gave clinton more votes but you won't hear about that.

Posted by Thomas French on 01/06/2017 at 5:43 PM
Posted by Spiros Konstas on 01/06/2017 at 5:36 PM

Re: “Do The Oakland Raiders Have A Leg To Stand On This Postseason? Bet On It.

Nick Miller! My, my, you have come a long way since the "Choakland" article. Those on the bandwagon will be happy to help you aboard! ;) Odds might be against our Raiders but we always battle. Looking forward to playing New England in the snow.

Posted by Neal Adams on 01/06/2017 at 2:33 PM

Re: “Oakland Privacy Commission Approves Surveillance Transparency and Oversight Law

Congratulations to the Privacy Commission for this excellent initiative. I hope that the soon-to-be implemented Police Commission will take a page from your playbook and discharge their duties as effectively! Bravo.

Posted by Rashida Grinage on 01/06/2017 at 2:27 PM

Re: “My Afternoon With E-40: A Day in the Life of the Bay Area's Most Prolific and Respected Rapper

"bosses get complementary everything" - In literate accounts, they get everything complimentary.

Posted by Charlie Pine on 01/06/2017 at 1:51 PM

Re: “My Afternoon With E-40: A Day in the Life of the Bay Area's Most Prolific and Respected Rapper

Great read! I appreciate your intertwined game and journalism writing style.

Posted by Yasmin Rodiño on 01/06/2017 at 11:18 AM

Re: “Oakland Privacy Commission Approves Surveillance Transparency and Oversight Law

Such policies and procedures for oversight are more critical than ever in the Age of Trump. Not that the Obama administration's record on civil liberties and surveillance had any redeeming features, but we can only expect things to get worse come January 20th.

Putting this in place is one single step of a thousand mile journey in defeating what we all know is possible - a ubiquitous surveillance state beyond anything Orwell could have imagined. But it's a good one.

Bravo to those who worked so hard to put this together.

Posted by JP Massar on 01/06/2017 at 9:20 AM

Re: “Sex Clubs for Shy Submissives

I'm a curvy very large breasts 38 yo SWF bisexual looking for a feminine woman or wm couple to play with. I'm a submissive that is looking for someone STD free to join me in some sexual adventures in the East Bay Area. Just moved to the area and am looking for some new friends. Let me know if you're interested.

Posted by Nikole Kendrick on 01/05/2017 at 10:24 PM

Re: “Anne Kirkpatrick Picked to Lead Oakland Police. Here's What We Know About Her.

You say that Broken Windows Theory was used by Brattain in NYC. According to UC Berkeley Professor Franklin Zimring that's not true. According to Zimring Bratton used Hot Spot Policing identified with the revolutionary Compstat computer system (designed by Jack Maple). According to Zimring there was talk about Broken Windows Theory, but that theory was never actually implemented.

You can google Zimring's book on the subject but here are a couple references. The 2nd one is the more detailed, an interview on KQED's Forum:……

Posted by Hugh Morrison 1 on 01/05/2017 at 9:53 PM

Re: “Casey Affleck A Misfit Again in Manchester By The Sea

ONE: Your "review" reads as though written by an illiterate high-school student who is taking college writing for the second time and can only scrape together three banal paragraphs. The movie is an emotional experience with so many layers that it's astonishing you treated like a cable TV drama. You receive a D- from me. I'm nice. I didn't give you an F.
TWO: Michelle WiIliams was underutilized? You can't be serious.
THREE: You should be hung out to dry for the spoiler.

Posted by Carolyn Buckley Cooper on 01/05/2017 at 9:41 PM

Re: “My Afternoon With E-40: A Day in the Life of the Bay Area's Most Prolific and Respected Rapper

Omitted from this puff piece: Youth Uprising, a City-sponsored agency, brokered its youth members to E-40 for a rap video that praised reckless driving on Oakland streets ("hyphy").

Posted by Charlie Pine on 01/05/2017 at 12:23 PM

Re: “As People of Color Disappear from Oakland, So Do My Memories

Michael Sagehorn,
"If gentrification improves the quality of life..." I must ask for whom? Quality of life is not improved if you have to choose between rent and food.

The reason so many black people live in urban areas with poor quality housing is the long history of redlining. Read The Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson. And there is still significant prejudice in non-governmental employment, exacerbated by poor quality education in poor neighborhoods in Oakland, limiting the ability of blacks and other people of color to adjust to skyrocketing rents. There's an old adage in ecology that applies here: when environmental factors change, organisms can acclimate, move or die; species can adapt, move or die. As gentrification changes the environment, long-time residents have to acclimate, move to Antioch or other far-flung suburbs of Berkeley/Oakland/SF, or die from being increasingly crowded into substandard housing.

Posted by Sandy Bredt on 01/05/2017 at 9:52 AM

Re: “My Afternoon With E-40: A Day in the Life of the Bay Area's Most Prolific and Respected Rapper

thanks for letting me know you "giggled" while interviewing a subject. now I know how seriously to take you. tee hee.

Posted by Amy L. Keyishian on 01/05/2017 at 8:31 AM

Re: “Anne Kirkpatrick Picked to Lead Oakland Police. Here's What We Know About Her.

Rather than make comments about appearance, we should applaud that OPD now has leadership. I wish the new chief success in a very challenging position.

Posted by Franklin Arthur on 01/04/2017 at 11:31 PM

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