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Re: “Shearer Delight

Well, I know the Simpsons cast are VERY possessive/protective of their respective characters (for example, Shearer made a BIG stink about the episode where Skinner turns out to be a fraud; and I happen to agree).
And the Christopher Guest movies I believe are very improvisational. Plues he's like a standard part of those movies, I'm sure he gets a lot of input from the start.

Posted by taffysaur on 11/23/2009 at 8:03 PM

Re: “Splinters and Skid Marks

gotta agree with the reviewer. the movie is bad - really bad. I am a big fan of the blog but thought that the movie was derivative, poorly shot, choppy from scene to scene and very self-indulgent. It seemed like Tucker was trying to fight all of his fights (feminist vs. misogynist, resentment toward mom, etc.) without much context or reason for an outsider to really care about his journey. i thought the end was very symbolic, as the story he tells the masses is very different from what actually happened.

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Posted by matt on 09/26/2009 at 4:32 PM

Re: “Splinters and Skid Marks

I think the 1st comment by shaftedofadown is Tucker Max!!! I hope not...

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Posted by Bill D'Mare on 09/26/2009 at 12:53 PM

Re: “Splinters and Skid Marks

i only read this because i've been looking at all the other reviews for this movie, and this one popped up. i want to say this: as someone who enjoys writing and reviewing pieces of art or media, there's more hatred in your part about tucker max than there is actual REVIEWING.
Not once in that review did you give a reason as to why the movie was possibly good; thus, causing your credentials to go down because you didn't necessarily refute the opposition. maybe instead of calling someone out for making such a bad movie, you should actually read one of his blogs to see if your information is factual.
he's mentioned that he's from kentucky, and that his real friends are more important to him than anything else. it's highly suggested that you read his story called "the austin road trip" before you say much more because everything you wrote in this seems uneducated.
i'm going to watch the movie to see what the hype is about, and my opinion might change once i've seen it, but no one ever takes a look at the bigger picture. stop being so critical about his personal life and comparing him to Mick Jagger (really?), and judge the movie for what it is. a comedy. if you can't go into a comedy expecting the worst, then you shouldn't be a critic in the first place.
like you said, "The title should prepare us for the worst."

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Posted by shaft on 09/25/2009 at 11:38 AM

Re: “Splinters and Skid Marks

so i guess the whole ending scene was completely lost on you...he was asking for forgiveness and justifying it with a LIE. "what a pussy"? you weren't paying attention. it was just another example of the self-serving behavior that got him into the mess in the first place. i love that there are people like you who hate this movie...i bet the bitchy girl in the bachelorette party would hate this movie too!

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Posted by jeff on 09/25/2009 at 10:13 AM

Re: “Friendly Witnesses

I enjoyed The Baader Meinhof Complex a lot. One of the best films I've seen in the last couple years. It's both exciting and informative, which seems hard to come by these days. Very good film

Posted by Luke on 09/18/2009 at 10:30 AM

Re: “It Will Get Loud

This comment was deleted because it violated our Terms of Use.

Posted by East Bay Express Editor on 09/05/2009 at 7:38 AM

Re: “Hysterical Society

To dismiss this true, tragic, and inspiring (in terms of the courage shown by Sahra and Sahebjam) story as "political porn" and "outrage porn" demonstrates the reviewer's tunnel vision. Obviously, Vance can't see outside of his/her political narrative (what does Dick Cheney have to do with any of this?) to recognize universal injustice. Instead, all Vance can do is bitch about having to watch the gory details of a stoning. What about the women and gay men who have actually had to experience that slow, torturous death?

Vance also manages to trash another good film, "Not Without My Daughter" that exposes the oppression of women under the Iranian theocracy.

Move along. Nothing to see here, folks...

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Posted by Cinnamon Stillwell on 06/30/2009 at 12:24 PM

Re: “Hysterical Society

OK Annie, valid point, except Kelly is apparently well-informed on aesthetic and feminist criticism. However, he is male and so you can also point out that perhaps the negative review was derived from his own masculine viewpoint criminalizing male sexuality within a system that made it easy to do so.

I have to say though that I think each person's criticism is very indicative of the person's POV, and let's face it, literary writers/ theorists and film critics are not film producers.

Every film producer I'm sure is amazed at how this film was distributed within the Hollywood system during a time of recession and conservative tastes...or to even bring this kind of story to the screen is an achievement in itself. One could say it was "politically correct" in all aspects, and probably an Academy vehicle, but simply the fact that this story was adapted to screen from novel to producer to god knows how many rewrites before it was shot and financed- is indeed incredible, because stories with a political slant or the socially conscious art film are big risks in today's market.

However, I respect Kelly's position- which is that from an academic purist's, and psychoanalytical/ literary interpretation of the film from the perspective of someone who probably never had to produce and distribute a film in Hollywood. This viewpoint is just as valid as any other in my opinion because negative film reviews by intellectuals mean that the film was actually interesting enough to analyze.

I have to add though that one can sit there and write stinging words, but to bring people to action through a common vision is something that we should reserve respect to directors and producers who see the project from beginning to end.

Posted by Sierra on 06/29/2009 at 1:34 AM

Re: “Hysterical Society

I'm with Chanta. I haven't seen the film, and it may not be very good. But the reviewer's smug flippancy about the subject matter is clueless and offensive.

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Posted by Anne Agard on 06/27/2009 at 7:27 PM

Re: “Hysterical Society

Very well written and insightful analysis. However, let's give a little credit to the filmmakers. Sometimes "outrage porn" or rather depicting excessive violence is sometimes necessary to raise awareness about it. I gather the producers of this film had a specific political agenda, and to be fair, the story of the oppression that women face in Iran is something Americans know little about, and deserves to be commended in cinema. Not many people are willing to tell stories like this one, and instead we all follow the money trail towards big blockbusters like Transformers II.

This film also has incredible timing with the recent events in Iran, and despite the fact that this film isn't a particular favorite of mine in accordance with my specific cinema palate, I still think it addresses the issues that makes people uncomfortable. It's a little heavy on the politics, bleak in sociology but if you think about it, is reminiscent of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter or even Lars von Trier's Dancer in the Dark.

Overall, it's an incredible film to have produced and actually executed in the face of oppression and I think it's brilliant in capturing the voice of contemporary Iran.

Posted by Sierra on 06/27/2009 at 6:26 PM

Re: “Hysterical Society

Porn? I don't think you can compare the two once so ever! If you knew anything about the injustices that exist in today's world you would not be threatened by this film once so ever. I feel sorry for your cynicism, look around you! How can you be cynical about a film that has every type of pure intention. The woman's story needed to be told and it has made it all the way to Hollywood from a tiny unknown village in the middle of Iran! I am sorry if you felt uncomfortable for 2 hours, but try living in a society where that happens! It does and at least some people are standing up against it. What have you done? The woman in the film is a hero and what are you? A critic!

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Posted by Chanta on 06/23/2009 at 6:27 PM

Re: “Forget About It

Well-written review. In addition, “The Hangover” is a worthy entrant into the “guy movie” hall of fame. It’s got laughs, drugs, tomfoolery, bodily harm, strippers, and a Mike Tyson cameo. The movie is about a trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, and the events of which are recounted as the characters sober up, and look into payday loans to cover the money they spent. Films detailing "lost weekends" spent in Sin City are becoming a genre unto themselves, as the town is noted for a touch of Bacchanalian excess, with tradition extending before Hunter Thompsons' landmark novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Still, there ought to be plenty of payday cash for the producers if receipts match “The Hangover" reviews. For further reading, follow the link:

Posted by Dean E. on 06/10/2009 at 1:42 AM

Re: “Gomorrah and Two Lovers: Tales of Two Cities

If you are going to rip off the New Yorker with comments about how in the original Italian the h was left off Gomorrah, you should at least check your facts. Gomorra is how Gomorrah is spelled in Italian.

Posted by Erik Hetzner on 02/28/2009 at 4:34 PM

Re: “Road to Ruin

Another reason to avoid Valkyrie is that by paying to see that movie, you are basically funding Cruise's criminal $cientology cult. If you think it's "nobody's buisiness what he believes" or "they aren't hurting anyone," you are WRONG. People involved with that cult are suffering (some are even dying) and Cruise uses his fame and influence to recruit and gain political authority for the cult.
That "silly, weird alien cult" is not as harmless as you may think.

1 like, 1 dislike
Posted by Liz on 12/31/2008 at 12:54 PM

Re: “Road to Ruin

I'd like inform you that Scarlett Johansson (actress)actually is a clone from original person,who has nothing with acting career.Clone was created illegally using stolen biomaterial.Original Scarlett Galabekian last name is nice, CHRISTIAN young lady.I'll tell more,those clones(it's not only 1)made in GERMANY-world leader manufacturer of humans clones,it's in Ludwigshafen am Rhein,Rhineland-Palatinate,Mr.Helmut Kohl home town.You can't even imaging the scale of the cloning activity.But warning,H.Kohl staff strictly controlling their clones spreading around the world,they're NAZI type disciplined and mind controlled,be careful get close with clones you will be controlled too.Original family didn't authorize any activity with stolen biomaterials,no matter what form it was created in,it's all need to be back to original family control in Cedars-Sinai MedicalCenter in LA.Controlling clones is US military operation.Original Scarlett never was engaged,by the way

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Posted by Serge on 12/30/2008 at 11:27 PM

Re: “Dueling Mythologies

Correction: I have seen Zaks' "Chess Records," later renamed "Who Do You Love" out of respect and in tribute to Bo Diddley who died in June, 2008 when the film was in its final editing stages. While it is true that there is a Bo Diddley character in the film, played by the great guitarist Robert Randolph, Bo is hardly the focus of the movie. But, at least he is in two opposed to ZERO scenes in "Cadillac Records."

To have excluded Bo Diddley from "Cadillac Records" is not only taking liberty with the truth it is also ripping Bo off again...taking his "just due" just like the Chess brothers took his royalties.

I feel bad for Bo Diddley's family and for his grandchildren, who I would imagine are Beyonce fans. What will they be left with after seeing this film? The producerd, but particularly Beyonce Knowles, Executive Producer, and Steve Jordan, Musical Director, should be ashamed of themselves.

Posted by faith fusillo on 12/13/2008 at 1:19 PM

Re: “Danny Goes to India

The East Bay express should be ashamed of itself to have such a bigot like Kelly Vance write for it. To take a trashy movie made by yet another "them brown people need some civilization" and then to parade it as true and then castigate India using the same as evidence, and make snide jabs about call centers. It will take a lot more than an Obama to take away the racist bigotry in the hearts of those like Kelly Vance or so it appears.

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Posted by aron on 11/21/2008 at 8:50 AM

Re: “Danny Goes to India

Racist trash. Gimme a break. It is the UK and US which murdered hundreds of thousands in a war against an innocent country, simply because they happened to be from another religion. Any one worried about the innocents who died there, because they have no power. Shedding crocodile tears on a silver screen; while simultaneously
causing untold misery in reality, sounds like the man watching the Premier league in the described scene. As far as religious minorities can you name any major civilization in history treated like they were in India? Most of them in them were genocided, holocausted or massilvely enslaved in the West. But go on; enjoy your pop corn with the propoganda while you can, because sooner or later the your targets are going to have their fill of bs directed at them; and fight you with real historical truth. Media Image making , salesman ship and denial make for poor defence against the truth.

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Posted by Vivek on 11/20/2008 at 7:16 PM

Re: “Danny Goes to India

What a peice of hogwash.

1 like, 1 dislike
Posted by ss on 11/20/2008 at 12:24 PM

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