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Re: “Eight Independent, Foreign, and Documentary Films to Break Through the Blockbuster Blues

Other than "What we do in the shadows" was a horrible film about self absorbed... Oh wait, it's a metaphor about millennials. Of course our writes found it exciting. Bleh!

Posted by Bruce Ferrell on 06/25/2016 at 10:40 PM

Re: “#LibbyLeaks: Oakland Mayor Launches Investigation Against City and Police Whistleblowers

Senor Boom-Boom knows not of what he writes: "Same story as reported by a real journalist, not a muckraker."

Senor: Although "muckraker" may seem to be a nasty term to the journalistically uninitiated, its meaning is laudatory.

To wit: "The term muckraker was used in the Progressive Era to characterize reform-minded American journalists ...the modern term is investigative journalism, and investigative journalists today are often informally called "muckrakers."

The story as stated here is just that: investigative journalism or muckraking.

Posted by Hobart Johnson on 06/24/2016 at 9:58 PM

Re: “#LibbyLeaks: Oakland Mayor Launches Investigation Against City and Police Whistleblowers

Same story as reported by a real journalist, not a muckraker.

Posted by Terry Boom on 06/24/2016 at 2:37 PM

Re: “Choakland: An Exploration of Oakland's Pro-Sports Meltdowns

Doesn't say the swept, says they cruised to the title. Also, every A's fan remembers the HR by McGwire. Bottom line, that was a crushing series loss which was the main point.

Posted by Bud Sniff on 06/24/2016 at 1:23 PM

Re: “#LibbyLeaks: Oakland Mayor Launches Investigation Against City and Police Whistleblowers

The "women in charge movement?" What century did that comment emanate from, Mr. Patton? I didn't vote for Ms. Schaaf, whom I refuse to refer to as Libby, but I don't find fault with her as a woman or for the fact that she named the militaristic, occupying army culture that allows a majority male force to pass around a girl and brutalize with impunity, for what it is.
No one mayor nor police chief made this mess, although Jerry Brown can be said to be more responsible for the Riders than anyone, and no one person could possibly know how to fix it. By the way, what's your manly solution?

Posted by Pamela Drake on 06/23/2016 at 10:21 PM

Re: “Badge of Dishonor: Top Oakland Police Department Officials Looked Away as East Bay Cops Sexually Exploited and Trafficked a Teenager

Investigating leaks? Wait! When did reporting a crime become a crime?

Posted by David.Hicks on 06/23/2016 at 10:21 AM

Re: “An East Bay Queer Artist-of-Color on Orlando's Horrific Nightclub Shooting

Did fights ever go home with SmokIe &n the other women in my town not really but with the air game gO|Ñ ·· I cant" tell if they´´ doθ° something but I didn't {t₩Ø··åÑŶ¥·_mÅÑ} fåL$Ë m¡§Г€pïÑ __M¥$ëLF ___·know what it was so in conversation anonymously walking up on them at the gas station or a platonic PLAŒ °ñ the street somewhere and they see me (ŶêLL ÖÜ-!-💨 sMOKE)}· want me to stay out mŷ mouth by the¡Г ·· instruction smokey/SMOKIE -¥μ°° you better say and tell these men ___ that you do something nasty like lå©_ weEÊ d°θ🅾⭕ figHt cuzz__dÅ¥* __ d¡DÑ cÅLL. ME THE )B)*₩°Гd but I couldn't say that so-NATüRAL¥ ï+ __**ANgered the women in that instance however it was still nothing that they could do to me number one {¡ ÇÜdN_dÜet+} they couldn't make me admit ·2 something that I didn't d°o it wasn't going on in my liFE. sÖthat's not the same as my life &_ [₩haT ï T🈂rÖ₩!❗öF|= ____.2mE|N .. their life briefly my mind goes___ & jüMP$ to a job where I find men comparing me the watch of me doing my daily technique in job work why they 💡fight VISÜÅ|$__  *** argument I shouldn't have to go through this but I had to go through it because I went through it -and it's over now I'm not at work ÑÕ·m[°]Г£ ____but in comparison I think another story needs to be written and further elaborate on this cross-section of my friends ({åCTION$} vS-__--_I actually see who wanted to fight `me' about smoke you better admit  to° some of these men-me'ñ··· ₩ walking around here accusing us... ""I say /¥€|| _ŵHŶ¥b:!@ I didn't do thi¡μ $μ¡+you dID "¿❓❔ dOÑt-Fü©_k!Ñ_·· ç[°]mPA|® mee__ wHI-!~ çHE₩ __ #!@$? I didn't exactly loSE my friends they just went another way however this boss at the job and comparison with people on ,the j,ob thing is añ separate but buT  same yeah that's the thing I got to say and write it out because it's all right I👀 probably caÑnÑñ explain to myself why the hell d°θ⭕oØ y ฯ which might explain why they're all on your side !man

ñEZ__pG. Ñê❎-!- pAGË
WriteABOUT it smoke 💨talk it out calm yourself dÖwn. /¡kÊ_dÅ¥__ \å₩§å¥ __.. ··like ➕hey
do in Anger Management lie t° yourself and tell you that

Posted by godsmokie on 06/23/2016 at 9:54 AM

Re: “#LibbyLeaks: Oakland Mayor Launches Investigation Against City and Police Whistleblowers

Hey Libby, the latest trend and laws clearly trend toward encouraging and protecting whistleblowers, not singling them out for ridicule and punishment. Once again you are so over your head, you are running out of oxygen. Men have always said that one of the down sides of the women in charge movement is that they tend to react first on emotion and not logic in crisis. Your responses to this OPD leadership issues both publicly and privately give credence to that assertion. I do not know whether that position is true or not, but you seem to be publicly angry and more focused on ending the "macho male" environment than taking the appropriate time vetting your decisions and following the law. You do even more damage by these knee jerk 2 day solutions that keep piling up. You also lend credence to those folks who women have been trying to disprove for years.

Posted by Gary Patton on 06/23/2016 at 8:41 AM

Re: “Yelp Extortion Allegations Stack Up

This site promotes negative reviews and is destructive to small businesses. They hide behind legal loopholes to promote negative reviews to encourage (extort) business owners into advertising. The site is unethical and could be compared to a parasite of the internet. Do not trust this site and look for alternative ways to leave reviews, unless you want to leave a 1 star review and abet in Yelp's unethical activities. 0/5 stars for yelp

you can review yelp here.

And here is a goof Forbes article about yelp.

Posted by m jackson on 06/23/2016 at 8:36 AM

Re: “#LibbyLeaks: Oakland Mayor Launches Investigation Against City and Police Whistleblowers

to Chantelle L., I just want to say that before you came to Oakland, It was spoke of A lot, publicly. They even put the pictures of Johns and pimps on billboards and announce it in the news your name to deter you from soliciting. The reason why is hasn't been so in your face lately? Well, while human trafficking is serious, so is the 17 year old girl that was killed in Oakland two weeks ago, and the 16 year old girl killed last week. oh yeah, how about the 30 year old girl killed a couple of months ago, or the 8 year old girl who was killed at the sleepover, Who cares about who CELESTE GUAP IS SCREWING......WHO KILLED MY NIECE? NOSY, GOOD FOR NOTHING BUT SOAKING UP SOAP OPERA WORTHY NEWS TOWN DON'T CARE ABOUT THE REAL DEAL. SO SHE HAD SOME FUN WITH SOME BADGES, SO WHAT. FIND THE KILLERS, NOT THE WHORES!

Posted by Raushanah Lewis on 06/23/2016 at 4:19 AM

Re: “#LibbyLeaks: Oakland Mayor Launches Investigation Against City and Police Whistleblowers

Calling OPD "her embattled police department" is such garbage. Is EBX shilling for Jean Quan? This is Jean's embattled department as she was the mayor in charge when Guapgate actually happened. The city admin had to put out a press release stating their investigatory intentions because YET AGAIN EBX was clearly about to spread some plausible but nonetheless bull crap version of the facts. By quoting Kaplan y'all basically showed your hand guys.

Posted by Matt_Chambers on 06/22/2016 at 6:20 PM

Re: “Choakland: An Exploration of Oakland's Pro-Sports Meltdowns

These columnist like N. Miller, write any crap they want without checking the facts!!!

Posted by Paul Merr on 06/22/2016 at 6:12 PM

Re: “#LibbyLeaks: Oakland Mayor Launches Investigation Against City and Police Whistleblowers

What I often question is if Oakland has been known for years as one of the top places in the nation for child/human trafficking, why has it never seemingly been of huge concern for the city and OPD? In my few (six years) of living here, I've never heard it about it from more than the non-profits that work directly with the victims themselves. Now it's a big deal (as it should be), as some of the fullness of despicable behavior is revealed (thank you EBX, Celeste Guap, other victims and folks) that come forward to investigate and speak the truth! Shame on man. I can't even add "kind" to the end of that. All politicians and people in positions of power should have grave consequences if they are not working for the people at large. Transparency is a must and provides quicker feedback for proper change.

Posted by Chantelle L on 06/22/2016 at 6:09 PM

Re: “When Landlords Target Tenants in Rent-Controlled Buildings

I moved to Oakland in 1977 and have been a landlord in Oakland since 1984. Some of the proposed changes in the rent ordinance will result in a continual decline of older rental property such as what I own.
I've had tenants challenge my earthquake retrofit efforts in order to keep their rent substantially below market. Does the City want owners to not retrofit their properties and create a potential disaster for the low and moderate income folks who will die, be seriously hurt and/or lose their homes in the next earthquake like those folks in the Marina in SF and Northridge in So Cal?
The bad guys, as discussed in this article, should be punished but no matter how the current rent ordinance is changed, the only way they can be punished is if tenants continue to take their bad landlords to court.
Lots of the current discourse is about newer properties that can charge very high rents and are NOT subject to the rent controls. Nothing can be done about that, unfortunately. The rest of us landlords continue to charge much lower rents than are charged in Berkeley and San Francisco. It's time that housing issues are addressed with a comprehensive analysis and not knee-jerk responses to particular bad guys that I hate, along with most all tenants.
As for the speculators who are screwing with everyone, I encourage tenants to take these folks to court and make their lives miserable.
This is from an old civil rights activist who marched with King and spent some time in Alabama's state prison system for that honor. Don't punish the good women and men who are landlords because there are a few total a-holes. Please

Posted by Mark Evan Slafkes on 06/22/2016 at 6:03 PM

Re: “#LibbyLeaks: Oakland Mayor Launches Investigation Against City and Police Whistleblowers

This effort is completely against every good government practice, a huge waste of resources, AND anti-worker.
Thanks for writing this, and I hope that there is an official investigation into their retaliatory efforts.

Posted by Gabriel Haaland on 06/22/2016 at 5:43 PM

Re: “#LibbyLeaks: Oakland Mayor Launches Investigation Against City and Police Whistleblowers

Remember the old saying, the cover-up is worse than the crime-enough!

Posted by Pamela Drake on 06/22/2016 at 4:51 PM

Re: “#LibbyLeaks: Oakland Mayor Launches Investigation Against City and Police Whistleblowers

Who could have predicted that instead of trying to solve the problem the powers-that-be in Washington, er, Oakland resolve to capture, er, discover and punish Edward Snowden, er the leaker(s) instead?

Posted by JP Massar on 06/22/2016 at 4:45 PM

Re: “The Truth About Medical Marijuana Card Privacy

If I got pulled over the officer smelt weed and I handed it over and he gave it back and only cited me for a speeding ticket because of my mmj card. Now is the record that he did see me with marijuana on record?

Posted by the name of chanps on 06/22/2016 at 4:16 PM

Re: “Choakland: An Exploration of Oakland's Pro-Sports Meltdowns

Wow! That hurt! Like the TRUTH always does! :)

Posted by V. SONNY SONIÁ on 06/22/2016 at 3:14 PM

Re: “Badge of Dishonor: Top Oakland Police Department Officials Looked Away as East Bay Cops Sexually Exploited and Trafficked a Teenager

EB EXPRESS' sustained interest in the Coast to Coast Crisis of Confidence in U.S. Law Enforcement is very much appreciated. The situation with 3 Police chiefs being fired in 9 days in Oakland and the remarks of Mayor Libby Schaaf as illustrated in your independent reporting cited in Philip Lewis's MIC article carried by Yahoo News would be stronger with some broader context on the Musical Chairs being played with PD's from True Blue sea to shining sea. Also, across the bay as reported in May 2016 when SF Police Chief Suhr was asked to step down.

Don't stop at the Oakland jurisdictional line with your multi-faceted coverage of the shuffling of deck chairs on Chiraq as EB EXPRESS's one-time sister alternative news weekly the CHICAGO READER uncovered and dug deeper than the corporate-captured national broadcast news media into the 25 year CHICAGO POLICE TORTURE CASE and RECENT SETTLEMENT OF CIVIL SUIT that excluded so many victims during the years of cover-up, WHITE-OUT and silence. The Abu Ghraib and Gitmo years in Mid-western U.S. Law Enforcement formed a continuum with Richmond, Indiana Police Chief Daniel Mitrione whose role as a U.S. POLICE EMISSARY (read: torture consultant) and support operator in OPERATION CONDOR's circa 1970's Uruguayan theater of State Terror was well-documented by former NY TIMES war reporter A.J. Langguth in his book HIDDEN TERRORS that was rarely cited when Spokane Torture Consultants to the CIA Mitchell Jessen & Associates were exposed in THE SPOKESMAN and from there to a NY TIMES cover story post 9-11-01.

See Portland, Oregon's own alternative press weeklies the WILLAMETTE WEEK and PORTLAND MERCURY's coverage of the serial removals of rock n' roll band-member Mike Reese's resignation as Police Chief followed by his rapid revolving door into the role of high-paid lobbyist for the PORTLAND BUSINESS ALLIANCE selling the militarization of police equipment and procedures, followed in April 2016 by the month-long suppression by Mayor Charlie Hales' of replacement Portland Police Chief Lawrence O'Dea's DUI off-duty shooting of a fellow police official while sage squirrel hunting in Harney County.

As in Watergate the Cover-Up is the real story eclipsing the Dick Cheney Deja Vu (except the New Portland Police Chief shot his hunting buddy in the back not in the face like Chicken-Hawk VP Cheney).

For my time-line, arbitrary though it may be, the awareness of a CRISIS IN CONFIDENCE in U.S. LAW ENFORCEMENT dates back to THIS AMERICAN LIFE's (Public Radio X-change dba PRX) September 2010 re-cap of the NYPD OFFICER ADRIAN SCHOOLCRAFT imprisonment in a mental institution of a conscientious whistle-blowing beat patrol officer who had the temerity to call attention to the HORRIFIC OUTCOMES OF MAYOR BLOOMBERG's STOP & FRISK policies and the NYPD's various Police Chiefs' cooking of crime reduction numbers after instituting counter-productive patrol officer quotas for race-based STOP(S) & FRISKs.

We cannot cut and paste online links to other news reporting but do search for THIS AMERICAN LIFE's audio archive of its SEPTEMBER 2010 broadcast titled: "RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT" and the VILLAGE VOICE expose on the PATROL-MAN ADRIAN SCHOOLCRAFT case where a police officer whistle-blower was committed to a state psychiatric facility just like in the COLD WAR industry's exposes of LAW ENFORCEMENT AS USUAL BEHIND THE SOVIET, CHINESE and CUBAN COMMIE CURTAINs.

So many more recent incidences and so little space and time to shape them into a long-form piece of journalism that is used as a Fourth Estate Check and Balance rather than to sell the latest in tax-avoidance schemes or off-shore investment opportunities. Get curious and look for yourselves. Start with what's left of the alternative press. Not perfect, but way more fruitful than the corporate-captured mass media indoctrination via its relentless WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION...

Beware the Neo-Liberal political solutions that amount in Billionaire Oligarch Mayor Bloomberg-stye or Boss Trump-style or Goldman Sachs Private CONsultant turned Presidential Candidate Madame Hillary Clinton-style to MARKET-BASED SOLUTIONS FOR MARKET-CREATED PROBLEMS....

Keep on doing EB EXPRESS!
(cc Creative Commons) Mitch Ritter
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Nike-Town, Intel-Land LLC
Pheudal Phiephdom of Phil, Ka-Ching
In Anti-Trust PERP-E-tuity Throughout the Unverse

Posted by Mitch Ritter on 06/22/2016 at 11:52 AM

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