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Re: “Will the PUC Step in to Prevent AT&T Rate Hikes?

ATT is the current name for Pac Bell, SBC and now ATT. Their mantra is simple, do EVERYthing to squash competition, shift as many costs as possiblle to "regulated" costs to show how expensive is is to maintain those "expensive" land lines and raise rates with abandon.

Oh one other thing, if the government illegally ask us to tap phone without a warrant, as long as we are paid handsomly we will do it and of course when sued (thanks EFF) insist on immunity from Congress. The only person I can see who can prevent this immuinity from occurirng is Nancy Pelosi. Alas she can be purchased also. ATT's liabiliy for this illegal activity could be more than the value of their company.

Oh we have the best telecom service in the world...well actually we dont any more.

If Judge Greene could just see you now

Posted by John M on 05/25/2008 at 12:24 PM

Re: “About Eileen

I don't remember it at all! My room was at the base of the stairs. Although our loft had much liquid running through it from time to time. Thanks for bailing me out of jail once long ago. I think of those days with fondness and wonder. I'm sure someone will write a book about all the antics and characters that ran through New Method. Glad you are well. And who the hell is AMIR? Are we not using his name because of the Bush/anti Iranian forces???

Posted by Jeff on 05/12/2008 at 9:12 AM

Re: “About Eileen

hey my's amir!
thnx. for refreshing my memory about the pee incident
it was in the dark recesses of my mind
but i don't remember being such a vegan nazi!
i am still vegan preferred though..
and i don't call people brothers and sisters (as much)
i learned my lesson..after being almost disappeared
by some phony burning man artists hausmates in s.f. two yrs. ago
mlcm y.z. was the only tru friend who was concerned..
i'm glad ur still alive, much luv
u always had a positive attitude, and sorry i made alot of
foolish moves back then..i remember my first vegetarian dinner
for the haus....buncha vegetables in the oven!
y'all laughed and took bart to pancho villa's en la mission!
i still got anarchist tendencies but avoid anarchists!
met too many authoritarian anti-authoritarians....
i went thru anarchist farm! amir means guardian, prince..
i didn't hate cops, but we had xperienced that mini anti apartheid
riot in bezerkeley...i wish i had kept the front page foto of May 86?
berkeley would've made a nice welcome to u.c.b. postcard..
i did like to poke fun at bart punx...and i was chased and narrowly
escaped a bart police when i jumped the turnstile in west O.
luckily he didn't pull an officer Crabtree on me (who shot some kid in the back
back then)..i think copwatch is a good idea though..(remember listening to the cop radio?...we always heard: black man jumpin fence at Uhaul!)..
and after encountering so many racists,haters, and a-holes; someone needs to check them fools..if not the cops...then community self defense...or somethin
i wish i had joined a gang all these years, or formed a posse
for back up and reason i was attracted to the anarcho-punk mileu, but lack of comraderie in the bay area....
wild west? even when i went to new method ugly american show
this skinhead Preston punched me in the balls so hard during a
cover of Paranoia/ Black Sabbath that tears came out of my eye
and since i was a newcomer, i couldn't really tell any 1
plus it was was his thank u..for letting him
crash on my floor at Barrington Hall, (where he was fukin some
punk girl while 8 other people were tryin to sleep...
and he kept calling her bitch! I couldn't believe he wasn't even shy!)
I didn't know he was a nazi till the ugly amerikan show at new method
too bad i missed out on the Ruthies Inn brawl years later!
I did survive a bashing in the face (10 times) by the infamous orlando
at a hawkwind show in 94...i'm not racist..i've been beat up by white, black, and
brown (just slapped) people, usually men though..just lucky i'm still alive!
after all these years came back 2 skool
way too xpensive, still actin a fool..
much luv, sorry about long essay....yo bro always..amir

Posted by amir on 05/08/2008 at 8:50 PM

Re: “Unfortunate Squabbling Makes This Sad Day for Unions

About the newspaper guild:

If you want to be fair in your reporting, you should follow up another story about how there is a budding effort at the newspapers to keep our publications union free.

Employees wear buttons every day that say "union free."

***One of our biggest concerns: The union bosses at our newspaper may force us to be fired if we don't join the union.

***Another concern: We anticipate that the union bosses will kill our pay raises because that's the typical outcome during negotiations for a first-time contract. We will continue to receive performance reviews. Some of those reviews could easily be quite positive. However, we would no longer actually receive any pay raises.

Knight Ridder and the newspaper guild killed pay raises at the Monterey Herald, and that practice continued under MediaNews.

MediaNews and the Newspaper Guild killed pay raises at ANG during the first contract. People went 11 years with no pay raises.

And MediaNews and the Newspaper Guild killed pay raises at the York, Pa. papers. I believe those pay raises remain dead in York at this time.

And the union bosses who control the workers at the York paper continue to insist that journalists be fired if they do not formally join the union bosses.

Things indeed look ominous for journalists in the East Bay. Journalists must ponder the prospect of union bosses demanding they be fired if they don't join the union, and union bosses enabling the death of pay raises for journalists.

-George Avalos - Bay Area newspaper reporter

Posted by George Avalos on 05/08/2008 at 12:07 PM

Re: “About Eileen

They don't call it P-town for nothing..

Posted by jim galbraith on 05/07/2008 at 2:45 PM

Re: “About Eileen

Good to hear from you Greg!
There's so much I don't remember.
Tell us more stories!
-- Rip (

Posted by Rip Reed on 05/07/2008 at 12:38 PM

Re: “About Eileen

I live in Tennessee and we never do this. We sit in the back of pickups, barefoot and walk through fires not of our doing. We also yell for the home team.

Posted by Apple Patch Diet on 05/07/2008 at 11:26 AM

Re: “About Eileen


Malcolm called me about this...I've told this story many times over the years...but I didn't change the names!
thank god you didn't tell the story about how i drank my own urine (by accident) once...phew!

PS. As he was telling me the story i said 'fridge left, bathroom right!

drop me a line sometime ( K, R, J, R too):


Posted by Joshua Zinn on 05/07/2008 at 10:37 AM

Re: “About Eileen

I'm his mom, only half of it was true.

Posted by Silver Kim on 05/07/2008 at 10:32 AM

Re: “About Eileen

I lived across the hall from them- its all true!

Posted by Malcolm Sherwood on 05/07/2008 at 10:11 AM

Re: “The Supremes Let John Yoo Off The Hook

After reading the full text of the torture memo it is my opinion that Mr. Yoo brings dishonor on his family and name by this tortured interpretation of the law. I find it reprehensible that the University of California would continue to employ such a dishonorable person as a professor. I certainly hope that another Nuremburg court is convened and the war criminals that populated this administration are all prosecuted.

Posted by Tim Johnson on 04/02/2008 at 8:56 PM

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