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Re: “Thursday Must Reads: Oakland Council Approves Tenant Protection Ordinance; Oakland’s Finances Are Better than Expected

Full disclosure: Sean Maher works for Jean Quan.

"Standard" quarterly finance updates are reports to the Oakland City Council. The reports do not as "standard" include comments by the mayor to a reporter on how she will use the finance results to benefit the poor citizens of Oakland.

The mayor is running...

Posted by Hobart Johnson on 10/25/2014 at 10:47 AM

Re: “A Little Dab Could Doom Ya

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Posted by James Travo on 10/25/2014 at 5:03 AM

Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media

The unfortunate part in this report is that not all the candidates were covered which is a First Amendment Rights issue....The raising of money was brought into question and some of the candidates chose not to ask for any. I chose not to ask for any because everyone I know is just trying to make ends meet. As to who was telling the truth...You have to know Oakland and the players to answer that question.

As a mayoral candidate I was purposely blocked because I told the facts and truth. I forced the discussion from self grandstanding rhetoric to facts in this campaign....There were so many blatant lies being dished out along with credits that were never theirs, but did the papers question this? It is funny to hear my own words coming out of one particular candidates mouth.

The various papers chose to pick who they believed to be the candidates to choose from. They skewed information that could help inform their readers by not being honest and informative. Just like most of the survey's which were biased and misleading!

The other reality that is not being spoken about is who will actually run the Mayors office because the leadership is not really demonstrated by a few of the "front runners". The Chronicle should not be the only paper singled out. All the newspapers are guilty of poor journalism when it comes to informing in an open unbiased setting. To make the assumption that the readers of the various papers can't make up their own minds on who to vote for makes one ask "and who made you the sage on choosing which candidates where viable or not?"

Money and endorsements only means that you have a task master(s) to answer to. It is not the residents or voters who's vote you are asking for on November 4th and then forget about till election time rolls around again in two, four years or a special run-off election.

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Posted by nannystucd6f on 10/24/2014 at 11:53 PM

Re: “Warrantless Medical Marijuana Raids Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Finds

Thanks for the chance to comment here.
I'm convinced that prohibition of marijuana is a premise built on a tissue of lies: Concern For Public Safety. Our new laws save hundreds of lives every year, on our highways alone. In November of 2011 a study at the University of Colorado found that, in the thirteen states that decriminalized marijuana between 1990 and 2009, traffic fatalities have dropped by nearly nine percent—now nearly ten percent in Michigan--while sales of beer went flat by five percent. No wonder Big Alcohol opposes it. Ambitious, unprincipled, profit-driven undertakers might be tempted too.

Actually, most people--and particularly patients who medicate with marijuana--use it in place of prescription drugs or alcohol.

I recently reviewed the Federal Census stats on yearly driving fatalities state
 by state, from 1990 to 2009. All states, 'legal' or not, have seen their death
 rates drop. But on average, those with medical laws posted declines 12% larger
 than the non-medical states. Public Safety Announcements and vehicles with
 airbags must have helped as well, consistently throughout the country, without 
affecting the disproportion between the 'legal states' and those 'not yet, in 

In 2012 a study released by 4AutoinsuranceQuote cited statistics revealing that 
marijuana users are safer drivers than non-marijuana users, as "the only 
significant effect that marijuana has on operating on a motor vehicle is slower
 driving", which "is arguably a positive thing". Despite occasional accidents, eagerly reported by police-blotter ‘journalists’ as ‘marijuana-related’, a mix of substances was often involved. Alcohol, most likely, and/or prescription drugs, nicotine, caffeine, meth, cocaine, heroin, and a trace of the marijuana passed at a party last week. However, on the whole, as revealed in big-time, insurance-industry stats, within the broad swath of mature, experienced consumers, slower and more cautious driving shows up in significant numbers. Legalization should improve those numbers further.

Marijuana has many benefits, most of which are under-reported or never mentioned in American newspapers. Research at the University of Saskatchewan indicates that, unlike alcohol, cocaine, heroin, or Nancy (“Just say, ‘No!’”) Reagan’s beloved nicotine, marijuana is a neuro-protectant which actually encourages brain-cell growth. Research in Spain (the Guzman study) and other countries has discovered that it has tumor-shrinking, anti-carcinogenic properties. These were confirmed by the 30-year Tashkin population study at UCLA.

Drugs are man-made, cooked up in labs, for the sake of patents and the profits gained by them. They are often useful, but typically come with cautionary notes and lists of side effects as long as one's arm. 'The works of Man are flawed.'

Marijuana is a medicinal herb, the most benign and versatile in history. “Cannabis” in Latin, and “kaneh bosm” in the old Hebrew scrolls, quite literally the Biblical Tree of Life, used by early Christians to treat everything from skin diseases to deep pain and despair. The very name, “Christ” translates as “the anointed one”. Well then, anointed with what? It’s a fair question. And it wasn’t holy water, friends. Holy water came into wide use in the Middle Ages. In Biblical 
times it was used by a few tribes of Greek pagans. But Christ was neither Greek 
nor pagan.

Medicinal oil, for the Prince of Peace. A formula from the Biblical era has been 
rediscovered. It specifies a strong dose of oil from kaneh bosom, ‘the fragrant 
cane’ of a dozen uses: ink, paper, rope, nutrition. . . . It was clothing on their backs and incense in their temples. And a ‘skinful’ of medicinal oil could certainly calm one’s nerves, imparting a sense of benevolence and connection with all living things. No wonder that the ‘anointed one’ could gain a spark, an insight, a sense of the divine, and the confidence to convey those feelings to friends and neighbors.

I am appalled at the number of 'Christian' politicians, prosecutors, and police who pose on church steps or kneeling in prayer on their campaign trails, but cannot or will not face the scientific or the historical truths about cannabis, Medicinal Herb Number One, safe and effective for thousands of years, and celebrated by most of the world’s major religions.

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Posted by Onemanonevote on 10/24/2014 at 2:41 PM

Re: “Say Hello to Oakland's Eighth Medical Pot Dispensary

Too bad Michigan`d dispensaries don`t have harvest specials yet.

Posted by Teresa Donahue on 10/24/2014 at 12:26 PM

Re: “A Message to Readers

You might need to be a "certain age" to find relevance in an Alternative Weekly these days, but I believe that EBX still stands out and attracts those that need more than a quick fix of News Issues, and a healthy dose of
"where to go" . That being said, a cautionary flag is thrown when a huge entity bites the dust across the bay. East Bay IS the new frontier. I for one don't like what is happening in SF and I thinks long as we talk, read and fight for what we believe in, the East Bay and The East Bay Express will live and represent our values of freedom and choice.
As a small business owner I am encouraged to utilize this audience (advertise) here and their good taste and freedoms of choice as well. GO EBX!

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Posted by J. K. on 10/24/2014 at 11:59 AM

Re: “Vote Libby Schaaf for Mayor of Oakland

Dan Siegel supports a $15.00 minimum wage, and his campaign helped gather a large portion of the signatures to get the Lift Up Oakland Measure on the ballot. I feel like this article ignores the fact that all the candidates BUT Dan waited until it was politically safe to support it, as they jumped on board fairly quickly together.

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Posted by Ricky Score on 10/24/2014 at 11:00 AM

Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media

Eric Arnold is right on.

One point he makes, regarding Jean Quan and any decrease in crime due to her efforts, is not credible. Yes, Quan makes this claim often and does so in her latest mailer. There is no absolutely no evidence for this. Frank Zimring of U.C. Berkeley, an expert on crime numbers, has spoken out on this, as have many others.

Posted by Hobart Johnson on 10/24/2014 at 9:22 AM

Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media


The point of those stories was to raise awareness about police misconduct issues in Oakland -- not to push for the citizens panel you and some other folks want. We've never advocated for that proposal -- because of the reasons I mentioned. It's a non-starter.

But that doesn't mean the Express has given up on advocating for more police accountability in Oakland. We haven't. We just think that it's going to have to happen without a citizens' panel.

And it can. Police Chief Chris Magnus in Richmond has proved that. When he took over that department, it had a deservedly bad reputation for being a rogue police agency that routinely mistreated local citizens. Now, activists heap praise on RPD. Plus, crime has plummeted to record low levels.

Likewise, Police Chief Sean Whent is making progress in Oakland. Serious police misconduct cases have dropped in the city since he took over. Before Whent, OPD had averaged five to six officer-involved shootings a year. But it's been eighteen months or so since an Oakland cop has fired his or her weapon at a suspect. That's very good news. There's also evidence that OPD is doing a much better job in dealing with protests.

There's still a lot of room for improvement in Oakland, of course. But Magnus has proved in Richmond that you can get there without a citizen's panel.

On a final note, it's worth pointing out that during our endorsement interviews, only two candidates pointed to Magnus and Richmond as providing a good model for OPD: Dan Siegel and Libby Schaaf.

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Posted by Robert Gammon on 10/24/2014 at 9:16 AM

Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media

"it's a waste of time to push the citizen commission idea. It's going nowhere. "

if that's so, then why even bother running stories such as this one (…), this one (…), or this one (…) ?

if what you're saying is, pushing for greater police accountability is a dead end, then i dont see the point in advocacy journalism around this issue in the first place. WRT to the PSOC, there was a proposal on board, it cleared the first Council hurdle, the Rules Committee, before Schaaf shot it down, which means it can't be brought up again until 2016. Kinda sounds like Libby's running interference for OPD, doesn't it?

As the Post reported at the time […], "Gallo said he was asking his fellow council members to put the item on the Public Safety agenda so that “we can accomplish something that is being requested by the citizens.”
Though the city currently has a Citizen’s Police Review Board and Community Policing Advisory Board, he said. “We have to make them more effective.”
“We are not able to accomplish (at present) what we are telling the public these existing bodies are doing.”

In another article about the police review commission proposal, Councilmember Gibson-McElhaney is quoted as saying, "To support police oversight “is a hard vote but a right vote." However, she ultimately joined Schaaf and didnt support the Gallo proposal.

So, there's another clear disconnect here between what the people want and what politicians are willing to give them.

A truly progressive media outlet, however, doesn't conveniently let politicians off the hook on issues they truly care about because it's not politically expedient at this time. I'm not a big fan of union-busting, but OPOA isnt just an average union fighting for basic workers' rights. each officer costs Oakland in excess of $200k/year. They are strong-arming Oakland and obfuscating repeated calls for more accountability and better oversight.

The Express' numerous articles on this subject indicates police accountability is indeed a cause of concern. But apparently, the paper isn't concerned enough to let that stand in the way of endorsing a Mayoral candidate who will NOT push for greater reform if elected, and who passes the responsibility baton to City Hall, a body of which she is part and parcel. In the meantime, how many mothers will suffer the same fate as Jeralyn Blueford? How many more Scott Olsens will we see before something is finally done?

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Posted by Eric Arnold on 10/23/2014 at 11:17 PM

Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media


I'm not disputing that OPD needs more accountability, but no amount of momentum is going to convince the Oakland police union to give up its rights on police discipline to a citizen's panel. In fact, Dan Siegel admitted as much in our endorsement interview. He said firmly that as a longtime labor attorney, he has no interest in impacting the police union's collective bargaining rights.

That's the essence of this: it's not just a police accountability issue, it's a labor issue in a labor-friendly town.

Moreover, neither the city nor the voters have the unilateral power to abrogate the police union's federally protected right to bargain. If the union's most important issue is the discipline process, and apparently it is from what I hear, then it's a waste of time to push the citizen commission idea. It's going nowhere.

I think most of the candidates recognize that fact -- and that's why this is a non-issue in the campaign.

As for public safety being Schaaf's number-one issue, Quan and Kaplan told us it was theirs, too.

Posted by Robert Gammon on 10/23/2014 at 5:33 PM

Re: “The Express Wins Three Awards for Journalism Excellence


We take a more holistic view of journalism here at the Express. Sure, the journalists who reported and wrote these stories deserve accolades, but there are lot of hard-working people behind every story published in our paper.

Without the terrific work of our ad sales folks, for example, we wouldn't have the resources to even publish great pieces like the ones being honored by the SPJ. Likewise, our production people, who lay out and design pages, both news and advertising, are essential to our operation. And of course, our business and IT teams keep us functioning smoothly, as does our circulation department.

Plus, there are the photographers and art folks who help make the stories more compelling, and the editors, who work with reporters on story ideas, and with reporting techniques and story outlines, and then editing, copyediting, and helping lay out the pages.

And then there's our owner and publisher who make it all happen.

So, as you can see, each story and each issue of the Express is truly a team effort -- not just the work of one or two individuals.

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Posted by Robert Gammon on 10/23/2014 at 5:15 PM

Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media

Bob, I read the article, which doesn't disprove the notion that the PSOC would have been a step in the right direction. It states:

"Ideally, an Oakland Police Commission would have the power of the San Francisco Police Commission to hire and fire police chiefs and make decisions on disciplinary matters — but this can't be accomplished until the police union contract expires three years from now."

Okay, that article was written in 2012. Three years from then is 2015. Had the PSOC been approved, it would have created momentum moving forward for the kind of police oversight Oakland currently lacks, which the Express' own reporting has emphasized on numerous occasions.

So pointing out that there are many hurdles to overcome, including OPOA's labor contract, doesn't mean that Quan has been a failure as a police reformer or that City Hall is the biggest barrier to full NSA compliance, as Schaaf suggests. If anything, it suggests that OPD/OPOA itself are entirely recalcitrant, and that any progress made, even on a third try, is significant, especially given that two previous administrations failed to move the bar forward.

With that in mind, if we're talking about police accountability, Quan is surely more committed to that than Schaaf. She wasn't a supporter of gang injunctions or youth curfews and the drop in violent crime occurred on her watch, under Whent. So that has to be counted as a major accomplishment.

I don't get the inference that Mayors are not allowed to make mistakes, especially if they are able to adapt, improve and show measurable results. Do we judge horse races by where they are at at the halfway point? Or where they stand at the finish line? Of course, mistakes were made: Occupy was pretty much a no-win situation for anyone who would have been Mayor at that time, and Quan got hit hard by both sides. The barrage of anti-Quan Chip Johnson columns was also a big hole to dig out of from a perception standpoint. Yet here we stand today, and things are looking better for Oakland in many categories across the board. We may not love Quan's leadership style, but it's simply incorrect to say she hasn't shown leadership and gotten results, even after she stumbled out of the gate.

Anyway, if the Express was truly progressive in its politics, it would have endorsed Dan Siegel, who has in fact made police accountability part of his campaign platform, despite it going against the perceived need for public safety (read = more cops, potential restrictions on civil liberties) as a hot-button priority issue.

Siegel's plan to make OPD more efficient and accountable without increasing law enforcement spending is probably the singularly most progressive notion among any of the current Mayoral candidates (and probably bears further study, should he not win election). At the very least, there are obvious issues with throwing any more taxpayer dollars toward OPD when there are so many misconduct and community relations problems, dating back more than a decade.

So, what i'm saying is, if you're going to call yourself a progressive paper, you've got to stand in there and not cave to pressures to be more moderate or centrist when it comes down to making tough calls politically.

All that reporting Ali, Darwin, and you did on police accountability, or the lack thereof, was revelatory, eye-opening journalism--the very kind of reporting which we often don't see in mainstream outlets anymore (albeit a bit repetitive in some cases). Unfortunately, your endorsement of Schaaf backpedaled on that.

Finally, Bob, given your personal obsession with Don "the Don" Perata, the Express' choice of the one remaining candidate with ties to the Perata machine also seems odd. It doesn't take Carl Bernstein to point out that much of the Chron's apparent displeasure with Quan likely stems from her defeat of that machine, which ended an era in Oakland politics. Endorsing Schaaf seems like a continuation of that era, like jump-starting an old, abandoned vehicle which was once a monster truck. Just saying.

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Posted by Eric Arnold on 10/23/2014 at 4:55 PM

Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media


Read this excellent piece by Ali Winston on why a Citizens Police Review Commission, like the ones in SF and LA, won't work in Oakland:…

This is not an issue of progressivism versus centrism, it's about what is possible. There's just no way that the Oakland police union is going to give up its contract rights on police discipline to a citizen's panel.

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Posted by Robert Gammon on 10/23/2014 at 4:08 PM

Re: “AC Transit Incumbent A No-Show in Campaign

is Joel confident on winning?

Posted by Tony Santos on 10/23/2014 at 4:00 PM

Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media

Bob, i appreciate your response. I haven't studied every single one of Schaaf's positions, but as a former aide to both de La Fuente and Brown, the perception that she was trying to recast herself as a centrist to be more electable certainly seems plausible.

WRT to the PSOC, in the Express' own Op/Ed of 6/24/14 (…), the creation of the PSOC was strongly advocated for.

As that article stated, "The solution we propose protects reforms and best practices by using Oakland citizens — instead of expensive federal court monitors — to oversee the implementation of structural change in OPD policy, practice, and fiscal management. If the city's residents and leaders do not install adequate civilian oversight of OPD, we may find ourselves going "back to the future," with further expensive lawsuits and misconduct settlements after the NSA is concluded.

"These issues are critical. Neglecting the need to create adequate local mechanisms of police oversight for so many years has resulted in massive, prolonged expenses that Oakland simply can't afford. The city council owes it to the residents, its constituents, to allow them to choose in November whether or not to adopt this long-overdue corrective measure."

Numerous articles in the Express on police accountability have underlined the importance of increased oversight around police misconduct. Additionally, the national debate over Ferguson has made it clear this isn't just Oakland's problem.

I just find it hard to reconcile how you could put the Chron on blast for being centrist, and then endorse a centrist candidate yourself. WRT to Schaaf, she's known for being a pro-OPD booster, who touts public safety as her #1 issue. But it's clear that many Oakland residents have valid reasons to fear for their safety at the hands of OPD, and poor OPD-community relations have contributed to difficulties in solving violent crimes such as homicide.

Approving the PSOC would have been a step in the right direction, despite the problems you mention, some of which are out of Oakland's hands, such as repealing the Copley decision. Your own pages characterized the PSOC as "long overdue."

WRT to City Hall, Schaaf was part of the Brown administration, so any failure to prioritize the NSA implicates her as well. She was an aide to de la Fuente under Dellums too. As a Councilperson, she's attempted to take credit for the success of Operation Ceasefire, which was an initiative developed under Batts that Quan revived after OPD and the City Attorney's office sabotaged it to pursue gang injunctions.

But she also hasn't called for serious reforms in OPD's internal culture AFAIK. In her MOBO questionnaire (…), she never once suggests that OPD's noncompliance issues are a result of its own failure to take those reforms seriously. Instead, she says "we must have our officer's backs," but never says a single word, on two OPD-related questions, about holding OPD accountable for upholding its own guidelines or the terms of the NSA. That, to me, is telling, especially because Schaaf calls herself "the strongest voice advocating to rebuild our police department." It is simply not possible to be an apologist and a reformer simultaneously. Furthermore, payouts on misconduct lawsuits typically run into the millions of dollars annually. Surely that money could be better spent elsewhere.

So, my question to the Express is, if you stand by your reporting on OPD and the NSA, and call your politics "progressive," how can you in good conscience endorse Schaaf? That seems to be a huge disconnect.

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Posted by Eric Arnold on 10/23/2014 at 3:44 PM

Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media


A lot to unpack here. But let me start with you're inaccurate labeling of Schaaf as "a centrist at best." Since Schaaf was elected to the council in 2010 (the Express endorsed her for that position, too, BTW), she has consistently voted against the more moderate bloc on the council on major issues. You really should look at her detailed policy positions, from smart growth to demand-based parking, they're progressive. It's also worth noting that she repeatedly clashed with Ignacio De La Fuente, perhaps the most conservative member of the council.

As for her writing Jerry Brown's 10K initiative, that's the first time I've ever heard that claim, but if she did, she gets nothing but praise from me. As I've written repeatedly in these pages, cities like Oakland need to build much more dense housing and grow rapidly in order to help slow suburban sprawl and curb greenhouse gas emissions. Almost every major environmental group agrees with that position. In fact, 10K is way too small in my book. It should be 100K.

The reason we're having displacement is not because of 10k or any other new housing development. In fact, it's the opposite. We don't have anywhere near enough housing to meet demand. That's why housing prices are now too damn high for longtime residents. Landlords wouldn't be able to charge top dollar if there weren't lots of people competing for a ridiculously small supply of units.

The Guardian, unfortunately, never understood that basic supply and demand concept, or it willfully rejected it. Instead, the paper continually raged against urban development. And what happened? Without sufficient housing, prices soared out of control in San Francisco, forcing many low- and middle-income residents out of the city (including many of the Guardian's readers and advertisers). The Guardian's own editorial stances, in other words, contributed to its own demise.

As for Oakland City Hall blocking the implementation of the NSA, I think Schaaf is right on that, too. During the Brown and Dellums administrations, City Hall simply didn't make the federal consent decree a priority. And then during her first two years, Jean Quan made little progress because of her mistakes. She stuck with Chief Batts even though he got nowhere with the NSA, and then she appointed Howard Jordan, even though he was not up for the job. It wasn't until Robert Warshaw pushed her to hire Sean Whent that OPD finally started making progress.

Finally, in terms of a Citizens' Police Review Commission, like the one San Francisco has, we've noted in these pages that such a proposal has a lot of problems. Specifically, because of state laws involving police officer privacy, the commission wouldn't be able to do much of its work in public. In addition, it wouldn't have the ability to fire police officers, because that is an issue governed by the police union's contract with the city. And I don't think the union is ever going to give up that provision. In short, it would be a commission without power that operates mostly in private. How is that progressive?

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Posted by Robert Gammon on 10/23/2014 at 2:43 PM

Re: “Thursday Must Reads: Oakland Council Approves Tenant Protection Ordinance; Oakland’s Finances Are Better than Expected

Hobart: This is a standard quarterly update we do every three months. If you'd like to review the budget documents and staff report, they're online at this page:…

Sometimes good news is just good news.

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Posted by Sean_Maher on 10/23/2014 at 2:34 PM

Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media

As long as capitalism is the medium we are all forced to swim in, the media will service the concerns of capitalism. The bottom 80% are largely irrelevant to the 1%. The media serves to mindwipe/bamboozle the top 20% (and those still treading water to the top) who have skin in the game and a boss with a scowl for unbelievers. The Chronicle is an infamous liar and spin master. I stopped subscribing in the early 2000's after seeing the SF papers I knew as a kid in the 60's sliced, diced and colored into skimpy, spin-oblivion. The last futile objection i wrote to the Chronicle comment page was just a few years ago as they had ANOTHER anti-Climate Change article placing the Exxon paid climate lackey s from Colorado as an equal to the 98% of the scientific community that knows Climate Change is something humans must combat.

The process of their spin, tweek, flip and lies is the following:

Place the pro-system spin in the headline. Use descriptors within the body that cast the story in a pro-capitalist light. Take the most important article information and place it in the last paragraph with qualifiers. Throw occasional outright lies about facts within the body of the text. And bury any article with truly important information for voters that might make them want to change capitalism or the system. This formula dupes people who scan headlines (this is done by all corporate media could call it headline inversion technology). It confuses anyone who reads the stories but doesn't know the facts outside of corporate spin. And it infuriates and depresses anyone who loves journalism as a tool for society to monitor and self improve from the citizen level.

Until we find someway of having widespread journalist media collectives working together for their communities to help inform a better world outside of capitalist profit objectives, we will be getting what we have now: the worst of it all.

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Posted by Sandy Sanders on 10/23/2014 at 2:13 PM

Re: “The Myth of the Unbiased Media

interesting read, but stops far short of telling us anything we don't already know. if you mainly glean your political info from the Chron, you probably aren't a progressive. Not exactly a mind-altering revelation. What i do find interesting is how the EBX describes itself as progressive, and ran numerous cover stories detailing police accountability miscues in Oakland, then endorsed Libby Schaaf for Mayor, despite the fact she is centrist at best (i'm being kind), a moderate with ties to the Perata machine who has tacked left in the past year or so in anticipation of her Mayoral run-- who single-handedly put the kibosh on the PSOC, which would have greatly expanded the authority of citizens to hold police accountable in officer misconduct cases. This type of apparent disconnect is hard to fathom. If the Express thinks there should be greater police accountability, and goes out of its way to tell us that in numerous lengthy cover stories, then why on Earth would it support someone who is on record as saying that "City Hall is at fault for [OPD's] failure to comply" with the Negotiated Settlement Agreement--the federal consent decree mandated in the wake of the Riders scandal--not OPD itself? It's also not clear what Schaaf means by "City Hall"; as a current Councilperson and former aide to Jerry Brown, on whose watch the NSA was instituted, does she include herself as being at fault? Those are questions the Express should have asked in its own summation of the Mayoral candidates. Yet it neglected to. Instead we get an endorsement of Schaaf--who reportedly wrote Brown's 10k plan, a blueprint for gentrification--followed by a navel-gazing article which takes timid pokes at Chron coverage (omitting any mention of their most egregious political writers, Chip Johnson and Willie Brown, on a technicality). The hole left by the Guardian leaves big shoes to fill in local progressive media circles, but the EBX isn't going to get there wearing only one sandal.

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Posted by Eric Arnold on 10/23/2014 at 1:12 PM

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