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Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

Or better the put, the weakness that is dick.

Posted by keepitreal on 06/11/2016 at 4:00 PM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

The power of pussy.

Posted by keepitreal on 06/11/2016 at 3:59 PM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

It seems there is corruption everywhere!

Posted by ToniA5555 on 06/11/2016 at 1:26 PM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

I'm sure if you scratch the surface of any PD you will find similar conduct.

Posted by Meg Brizzolara on 06/11/2016 at 9:52 AM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

This incident is like the many cases of Police brutality, murder and other extreme and illegal behaviors coming to light all over the country. It is clear that cops are just humans doing a job, but burdened by the same shortcomings and flaws as the rest of society. The cases of illegally influenced confessions, perjury, planting of evidence and coercion while on duty is frightening, The off duty behaviors are even more disturbing. More than anything, these events illustrate the level of dysfunction that plagues the criminal justice system. The historical assumption by judges and juries that cops never lie and are beyond reproach is ridiculous. The criminal justice system needs massive reform starting with systems and controls to insure that officers are properly trained and execute their jobs with integrity. Moreover, when they don't their behavior is not covered up but is exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. A friend of mine told me years ago that based on his attendance at law enforcement conventions and parties, they are always totally out of control. Perhaps Denzel Washington's acclaimed portrayal of over the top Police behavior in the movie Training Day was more realistic than anybody ever imagined.

Posted by Gary Patton on 06/11/2016 at 9:14 AM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

Thank you Darwin BondGraham and Ali Winston for your excellent work. We are very lucky to have you as journalists in the East Bay.

Libby's comment that this is about off-duty behavior is just plain wrong. It's wrong in so many ways. The comment makes me wonder: Does she even have a problem with police misconduct? Does she care what's happening in her police department?

Posted by Jennifer Zilliac on 06/11/2016 at 9:04 AM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

Investigative journalism on an important and complex topic. Keep it up!

Posted by markY on 06/11/2016 at 8:04 AM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

And yet the Oakland City Council balks at allowing the people to vote on legislation that would bring even a modicum of independent oversight and civilian control to OPD.

OPD should cease to exist. But barring that, the LEAST the City Council could do is allow the people to vote on the strong reform proposal put forth by the Coalition for Police Accountability. And yet they are poised to either do nothing or pass a milquetoast restructuring proposal that will do nothing to prevent police executions, scandals as described in this article, and continual violations of civil liberties.

Posted by JP Massar on 06/11/2016 at 7:53 AM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

Wow Libby will go to no ends to protect the police. She is in serious denial and as a women I am disgusted at her boys will be boys "this is off duty" sentiment. So its OK to exploit a minor if they are off duty. Wow I am speechless...well not exactly

Posted by Monica Bien on 06/11/2016 at 7:09 AM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

This scandal highlights the low level of ethics and accountability in our police and sheriff departments, demonstrated by the tacit support of those not directly involved.

Posted by Michael Gabriel on 06/11/2016 at 5:30 AM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

Thing is, the EBE is the only paper doing journalism in our town.

Posted by Jan Van Dusen on 06/11/2016 at 12:15 AM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

I wouldn't be suprised if we learn that opd has pimps as police

Posted by Danny King on 06/11/2016 at 12:13 AM

Re: “The Real Reason Why Oakland's Police Chief Was Fired

Bless you for doing JOURNALISM in our town. The is eye opening for srs.

Posted by Mike Woolson on 06/10/2016 at 9:38 PM

Re: “Five Games From the Warriors 2015-16 Season that Foreshadowed Why the Team Will Repeat

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Posted by Margaret E. Ford on 06/08/2016 at 10:10 PM

Re: “The Making of a Police Scandal

I think that this whole thing with Jerry Dewayne Stancill started with me and stems back in September of 2007. I used to live at 330 Peralta Avenue, San Leandro. At approximately 2 AM my neighbors had a domestic dispute and instead of mining my own business I called the San Leandro Police Department and spoke to a female police dispatcher to report the incident which occurred at 350 Peralta Avenue.I didn't know the exact address at the time I called so I gave her my address and advised her that it was 2 buildings down from where I lived in an orange colored fourplex, I lived in a blue colored duplex. 3 dirty cops made entry into my house and ordered me out of my room while they were pointing guns and flash lights at me. I cooperated with there demands because I didn't want to end up like Oscar Grant. They illegally unwarranted forced entry into my place while holding me at gunpoint. I was living alone at the time and after all the rooms were searched illegally the officers eventually made there way out of my house which took approximately 3 minutes. The female police dispatcher called me back approximately 10 minutes later and politely asked me to go outside so I can give these officers the correct location of the incident. I reluctantly went outside and showed them where the incident occurred. In the process I did ask those 3 officers if all that was necessary. They proceeded to the location and completely ignored me. Those 3 police officers then proceeded to 350 Peralta Avenue and politely knocked on the door, spoke to the female resident while she was crying and then left the scene shortly thereafter without incident. Understandably I was very shaken up after all that.

Later on that same day at approximately 8 AM I called back the San Leandro Police Department and once again I spoke to a female dispatcher and I requested to speak to a supervisor regarding the unprofessional conduct of these 3 police officers. Any supervisor will do ie, sergeant, lieutenant, captain etc. I hang up with her and approximately 2 minutes later I received a phone call from none other than Sergeant Jerry Dewayne Stancill. He called me from his personal cell phone. I addressed this matter with him and all he kept saying was "I'm sorry this happened to you" over and over again. There was no sincerity to it, he was just trying to brush me off. At the time I was working as a AAA emergency roadside dispatcher out of Livermore. Stancill then proceeded to offer me a job as a police dispatcher for the city of San Leandro. I respectfully declined. I did advise to him that I know my civil rights and the actions perpetrated by these 3 police officers was a violation of my civil rights. Stancill then took a deep breath and asked me "what do you want". Worried about any kind of blackmail he was attempting to pin on me, I them proceeded to end the conversation.

The following week I went to the San Leandro Police Department administration office and requested the CAD (computer aided dispatch) report regarding the whole incident with me and the incident at 350 Peralta. The CAD report read verbatim that these 3 police officers made contact with me and then I directed them to where the incident occurred which was 350 Peralta. That was all that was written. There was nothing in that cad report about them going into my house and violating my civil rights. No use of force report, no initial police report, nothing. Just a basic CAD report.

I thought that Sergeant Jerry Dewayne Stancill was an upstanding guy. I thought wrong. I saw another Caucasian plain clothed police officer going towards the police department building and I requested of him to ask for Stancill to come outside so I can address this matter of impropriety and false written CAD report. He then looked at me with those Denzel Washington Training Day eyes. I'm not saying that because he's black, it's just the way it was. He took the CAD report away from me and told me that I couldn't have it. I responded by saying that I wanted to show that to the attorney. He declined me. He then went inside the police administration office and yelled at one of the female clerks who initially gave me that CAD report. All I was given was the CAD report identification number and was asked to leave. Stancill was a dirty cop.

Through various recommendations I was referred to Attorney Randolph Hunter Pyle out of Oakland. He came highly recommended. Hunter was hesitant at first to take my case in regards to my civil rights violations and fear for my life and safety but he eventually took it if I advanced him $2500. He wouldn't take it on a contingency basis only on a $250 per hour basis plus the advance. I did just that and gave him a $2500 check and he got the process started by writing up the summary and serving them. In October of 2007 while I was at work my place got burglarized and my collection of firearms were stolen. I unfortunately had to report this crime to the San Leandro Police Department. Officer Steve Sellers was the cop that took the report and then sent that report to Detective Isaac Benabu. I went to Hunter Pyle's office and advised him of the burglary. Hunter then responded by saying and I quote "you don't have a case, it's over" and then walked out of the conference room leaving me completely alone. The following week I received a check from Hunter for the amount of $1250 half of the $2500 I advanced him. Big costly mistake on my part.

I should've learned my lesson the first time when it came to Hunter Pyle. In 2011 I presented a class action lawsuit against AAA Auto Guardian Towing that left a great deal of suspicion into Hunter's conduct. He never deposed the defense and the case settled for way less then what we were asking for. It started out at a little over $5 million dollars and ended up settling for $775,000. He got his one third of it and then some which was a little over $250,000 while me and my 2 other guys which were the class representatives got a little over $10,000 each. I was the one who got this AAA class action lawsuit started. How fair is that. STAY AWAY FROM RANDOLPH HUNTER PYLE AND HIS LAW FIRM SUNDEEN, SALINAS AND PYLE.

Here is the kicker to all of this and everyone is going to love this next part. Jerry Dewayne Stancill got fired from the San Leandro Police Department. Of all the attorneys that handle wrongful termination law suits, guess who he hired? If you guessed Hunter Pyle you are correct. Hunter represented Stancill on his wrongful termination lawsuit and got $2.1 million dollars. $300,000 up front and $60,000 a year for the next 30 years. That all stemmed from me. Do you think I got a dime from that. Ofcourse not!!!!!

If anyone in the news media or reporter or even perhaps any one in the city of San Leandro who has had there civil rights violated by a dirty cop that wants to get in contact with me about all this then by all means please do. My name is Lucas Legakis and I can be reached at (510)563-9364.

Lucas Legakis

Posted by Lucas Legakis on 06/06/2016 at 7:03 PM

Re: “Oakland Rap Legend Mistah F.A.B. Moves Past His Hyphy Legacy and Makes a Different, Lasting Impact on His Hometown

if anyone should apologize, it should be Charlie Pine.

Posted by Eric Arnold on 06/01/2016 at 1:52 PM

Re: “Oakland Rap Legend Mistah F.A.B. Moves Past His Hyphy Legacy and Makes a Different, Lasting Impact on His Hometown

Sorry, not convinced the gutter rapper has changed. Has he apologized for rap that glorifies sideshows, disrespects women, and makes excuses for rapists and murderers? Has he changed his position of defending Lovelle Mixon, the monster who murdered four police officers in one day after attacking a woman that morning? (See The Nation, April 22, 2009).

Posted by Charlie Pine on 06/01/2016 at 8:37 AM

Re: “Oakland Rap Legend Mistah F.A.B. Moves Past His Hyphy Legacy and Makes a Different, Lasting Impact on His Hometown


Posted by Man Child on 06/01/2016 at 12:06 AM

Re: “Oakland Rap Legend Mistah F.A.B. Moves Past His Hyphy Legacy and Makes a Different, Lasting Impact on His Hometown

Beautiful piece, beautiful soul. Thank you. Amir

Posted by amirsoltani on 05/31/2016 at 11:42 PM

Re: “Who's Killing the Plug-In Hybrid?

This comment was removed because it violates our policy against anonymous comments. It will be reposted if the commenter chooses to use his or her real name.

Posted by Editor on 05/25/2016 at 4:22 AM

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