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Re: “Police, City Clear Out 'The Village' Homeless Encampment in North Oakland

How can the children and community enjoy safe parks, when the majority of them are being overrun by what has now been refered as Homeless? Kids and adults alike should feel safe at public parks and im sad too say, thats just not possible with the hoarding of trash and the urine & feces odor over powering the parks and then the needles and other unhealthy materisls left laying around, not good... and lets be honest some of the adults at our parks allday and night watching kids as they play makes me uncomfortable as a parent. If you get my drift. Lets ju add t be serious, this is not a good look and im sad to say it well only g r ow worset if nothing is done to detour it. I dont have all the answers but, allowing our parks to be taken over by individuals who've burn down all there bridges or are not reachable or understan d ing enough to know parks are for kids and nieghbors to enjoy and parks have rules, and 1 rule is the parks close at 10 pm. There not to be used by anyone 24/7... id like to know what happened to the park rangers and how about letting the park staff go back to gardening and park maitenance & beautification, and not cleaning up continuously behind what has been labeled homeless incampments.... Hello there parks

Posted by david (dawuad) dickens on 02/02/2017 at 9:49 PM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

Youngdahl makes even less sense than usual with this editorial. As any one can see from thinking about it, and reading the story below, UBER providing rides WITHOUT surge pricing SUPPORTS the protesters by giving them a means to get to JFK. If you wanted to get to JFK from NYC and back with regular taxis on strike how would you do it???…

And as noted by other letter writes, the diatribe to block UBER from moving to downtown is even more ridiculous. There hasn't been a major company
moving to Oakland since Pandora, and now they are laying off. Think very high salaries, benefits and community donations - they don't come from pizza shacks, coffee houses and tattoo parlors.

Posted by Scott Law on 02/02/2017 at 4:05 PM

Re: “Police, City Clear Out 'The Village' Homeless Encampment in North Oakland

Scary there got to be a better way all that energy wasted cause it's easy to build a child's clubhouse, use energy to join with the city for clean living. Damn so sad.

Posted by Shelly Deluigi Coburn on 02/02/2017 at 4:03 PM

Re: “Police, City Clear Out 'The Village' Homeless Encampment in North Oakland

Oakland please clear out another homeless encampment @ E 12th Ave. and 14th Ave. It's so disgusting and such a health hazard.

Thank you.

Posted by Matthew Lee on 02/02/2017 at 3:28 PM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

I can't delete Uber. Because I never installed Uber. Because Uber was obviously, from day one, composed of and patronized by sociopathic douches. But sure, I'm glad to see everyone else finally realizing this.

Posted by Jef Poskanzer on 02/02/2017 at 1:29 PM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

The author of this story definitely doesn't know anything about running a business or how it impacts the local community when they setup shop there.
Stay ignorant my friend.

Posted by Robert Hope on 02/02/2017 at 12:39 PM

Re: “Congresswoman Barbara Lee: We Must Keep Fighting For Reforms to End Gun Violence

translation: I will fight the fight while I whine and dine off from taxpayers for almost the last 20 years

Posted by Matthew Lee on 02/02/2017 at 11:26 AM

Re: “Major Paint-Manufacturing Corporations Still Owe Oakland More Than $100 Million Over Lead

Why are interim controls allowed to cover lead such as regular paint, when treatment of lead is available for the same low cost as a can of paint??

Posted by Paul Barthel on 02/02/2017 at 10:53 AM

Re: “Congresswoman Barbara Lee Discusses Trump's First Week As President

Barbara Lee has always been all talk but yet no action. What has she ever accomplish during her tenure as congresswoman? NOTHING

Posted by Matthew Lee on 02/02/2017 at 9:41 AM
Posted by Matthew Lee on 02/02/2017 at 8:18 AM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

Hi, my name is Brian, I live in Oakland and I drive people around the Bay Area in my car by using the Uber app. I am an independent contractor and I know what I am doing , being my own boss, driving when I want, I pick up and drive every single ride request I get. East Oakland, West Oakland, Rockridge, Emeryville to Hunter's Point. I am my own boss. I love it. If the company 'Uber' was treating me unfairly, I would leave. I feel they are treating me fairly, I work about 50 hours a week and make $800-$1000. Except this week, so far. Last week, Lyft spread some untrue rumors about Uber with that hashtag above on Twitter and many people fell for their lies. When Uber dropped 'surge pricing' at JFK airport, it was so they wouldn't be seen as profiting over the protesting the refugee crisis. Lift did the same thing. If I had been asked to stop giving rides for that one hour of time, I certainly would have, but I don't know if every driver using the Uber app. would have. The CEO of Uber doesn't support Donald Trump, he said over and over again, he will talk to anyone, anywhere to help our cities deal with out of control growth and how to best serve our future transportation needs, Donald Trump is the president, if he asked me if I wanted to meet him and talk things out, I would do that too, but that doesn't mean I 'support' Trump. Elon Musk is on the same advisory board, some times leaders have to take the meeting, even if it's with Trump. Certainly not like the CEO of Lyft has done (google it, see link above, redundant). I like what I'm doing now, I'm a real person, not a PR hack, I just want to drive and meet people and take them where they want to go. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Brian Brady on 02/01/2017 at 10:44 PM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

All of you kicking Uber to the curb; I'm not a fan of Uber, Lyft, etc. If I need a ride and Uber of Lyft is convenient, I'll use either. But with everything going on, and then to selectively choose information about the protest that fits your view, twist it, and say that Uber is evil is simply stupid, and a symptom if why Trump is where he is. Uber simply lifted surge pricing, which, given the situation, is logical as who wants to make protesters going to a protest pay additional money? Furthermore, they announced this AFTER the taxi strike was over. Also Lyft (of which Peter Thiel is a huge investor) was up and running during said strike. Yes the Uber CEO is on the advisory board for Trump's tech team. But do all of you really want a board with that kind of power have no representation of someone who has real tech interests in mind? And if you look at social media now, the right is kind of twisting this and making Uber out to be a victim of the left's propensity to be offended by the smallest things, and suffer their wrath. How stupid is that? Bottom line, this is simply a shiny metal object that has been thrown into the air, while Trump and team blow up the world while you're busy with that shiny metal object.

Posted by Mike Beltz on 02/01/2017 at 9:49 PM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

No surprise here. Birds of a feather flock together and Trump & Kalanick are identical twinsin thought at least.

The Village Idiot made it to the White House by doling out tit-for-tat answers to everyday problems that may sound reasonable in principle, do long as one doesn't go looking for further details.

On being told that people were crossing the border illegally, a four year old's solution would likely be to build a wall. Air Force One costs too much? Cancel it! The F-35 costs too much? Put out a bid to convert F-18s to F-35s! Russia is building up its nuclear stockpile? Build ours up too. Terrorists might come here disguised as political refugees? Stop all entry from Muslim countries (excrpt the ones where I run a hotel). The list goes on and on.

Coming from a 4-year old barely capable of recognizing cause-effect relationships and just beginning to comprehend how one action can negate another, those impulsive, 120-character, simplistic solutions would evoke a chuckle for their navet.

Coming from the POTUS those same answers not only expose a lack of fundamental knowledge that a 70-year old adult is expected to know (i.e. ignorance) but also an inability to consider second order or multiple effects of an action (incompetence), especially when the link is not physixally visible or if the effect occurs remotely or is substantially delayed.

The latter revelation should be alarming simply because the POTUS doesn't get to say, "Oops, I got my lines mixed up! Let's re-do that shot. Take two!" la pre-taped TV show mode.

Likewise, Kalanick'a simplistic business model of being the dispatcher / communications service of random taxicabs (and a man-in-the-middle money grabber) ran into trouble when he began calling it a car service minus cars and drivers.

A few years ago, he was embarrassed by having the practical realities of the world revealed to him by city administrators, effectively exposing his failure to envision the evolution of the business including consequent issues. A half-drunk Kalanick went off on a rant at a speaking event in which he indicated to the guests that he should retaliate against his critics by blackmailing them with data Uber had collected from their trips!

Such an impulsive resort to unethjcal behavior might be rare even from a peon uneducated in ethics and lacking knowledge of more appropriate means of dealing with detractors. Coming from the Founder/CEO, his tirade merely revealed him as an immature kid whose half-baked, ultra-simplistic idea for a business model had gotten thus far merely on the backing and applause of equally short-sighted and greedy pundits on Wall Street.

Kalanick's thin-skinned handling of criticism, especially when it reveals incompetence, is remarkably similar to Trump's. Likewise some of Trump's aides. At least Kalanick doesn't tweet out his responses at 3:00 AM.

Keeping the birds in a holding pattern by withholding a landing clearance may be a good thing until their plans are clarified and show more maturity.

Posted by Pete Pereira on 02/01/2017 at 8:07 PM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

Why anybody feels the need to defend Uber, even in part, is beyond me. Try to understand, this is not about Uber, this is about the role that their management and their money, and if you use Uber, your money, is playing in providing support to the Trump administration's policy's across the board against immigrants, women's rights, peace, economic equality. You want to convince us that Uber shows a pretty face at times, save your breath, BP had the prettiest commercials up after the biggest oil spill in history in the Gulf and gave multi millions out to convince everyone they weren't so bad. Likewise, our good neighbor Chevron loves to give out grants and tell us how they invest in all kinds of great projects while they make their many billions poisoning the earth and its atmosphere. That is what big business is today, flashy ads selling their good persona while their bad souls work against most of us. So don't fool yourself that you have to be politically correct by being fair to Uber. In there world, and the Trumputin's world you don't have to be fair unless they catch you.

Posted by Steve MIchael Birnbaum on 02/01/2017 at 4:33 PM

Re: “Congresswoman Barbara Lee Discusses Trump's First Week As President

I am yet to see what Barbara Lee has ever accomplished besides talking and giving interviews to a receptive and fawning press. Oakland has continued to have increased crime, poor schools, numerous out of wedlock births, and increased poverty for the African American community. What has she done for the African American people -- NOTHING. She is all talk and no action. Nothing creative. Nothing of value. Yet, the un-thinking electorate votes her in year after year. What a shame.

Posted by Jerry Udinksy on 02/01/2017 at 4:28 PM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

Note that Lyft also continued to serve JFK during the strike, and also turned off their surge pricing.

Historically surge pricing has been reviled in times of need; in fact I saw many comments before Uber's announcement re: turning off surge pricing saying how gross it would be for surge pricing to be ON during the strike. It would have resulted in Uber making *more* money on the backs of the strikers, not less.

I am not here to defend Uber beyond this. It just galls me when folks I generally agree with lose their critical facilities when it suite their world views. :(

Posted by Drew Beck on 02/01/2017 at 4:18 PM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

@Dan De'Ata, UBER hasn't done anything to bring downtown Oakland back to life. Maybe you haven't noticed that their building hasn't even opened yet? Kinda hard to revitalize if you're not even present and when they do open they will most likely dodge taxes like they do everywhere else. Some revitalization!
Downtown Oakland has seen great things happen because of the arts, artists, and galleries. Then guess what happened? They're being pushed out to make way for tech companies and the high end restaurants that cater to their employees. The New Oakland completely disregards all the intrepid artists and working and middle class people who've been here for decades. And calling people "knucklehead" for disagreeing with your views? Pure genius.

Posted by Vincent Blafard on 02/01/2017 at 4:02 PM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

Some people have praised with loving kindness Uber for making a financial decision that no doubt benefited them because of the perks and tax breaks they would receive. They have to admit it was not because the company counted how many Oaklanders were using Uber. But if they seriously worried about the city's economy, why are they not protesting all the Federal dollars that Trumputin will retract from Oakland for being a sanctuary city?

Posted by Steve MIchael Birnbaum on 02/01/2017 at 2:21 PM

Re: “Congresswoman Barbara Lee Discusses Trump's First Week As President

I might be in congresswoman Lees district ,but she doesnot represent me.I am not in agreement with Ms lee never have and never will

Posted by Jim Zigenis on 02/01/2017 at 2:20 PM

Re: “Time To #DeleteUber In Oakland

How could anyone possibly oppose one of the largest injections of revenue and jobs our city has seen in decades? There are many more constructive ways to address concerns such as this besides running Uber out of town...beginning with engaging in a dialog with company leadership (which, by every indication, they are more than willing to do!)

Posted by Alison Mundy on 02/01/2017 at 2:02 PM

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